Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haldimand "Pitcher First to File for Elections"

I want to thank Cathy Pelletier for a great article!

For the past ten months I have been writing for the Dunnville Chronicle covering Haldimand County Council meetings and local politics. It has been a great learning experience for me and I am very fortunate that Bob Liddycoat (past editor of the Dunnville Chronicle) had faith in me when he asked me to write for the paper. Thanks Bob!

On Monday January 18, 2010, I registered as a candidate for the upcoming Municipal Elections that will take place on October 25, 2010. I am running in Ward 6 (Dunnville).

Last Friday I met with Cathy from the Dunnville Chronicle and we chatted for about an hour, (of course I could have talked about politics for hours and hours) the following article was in today's paper.

Pitcher First to File for Elections
January 27, 2010

Donna Pitcher was the first to sign up to run in this year's municipal elections.

First to register in Haldimand County for November's municipal elections, Donna Pitcher said it's her love of Dunnville that compelled her to run as a councillor in Ward 6.

"I have always loved Dunnville," said the South Cayuga resident. "I loved my months of being on the Disaster Relief Committee and though we did the fundraising County-wide, we did the bulk of it right here in Dunnville. It just confirmed to me I should represent the people of Dunnville."

After donating building materials to flood victims last February, she decided to join Haldimand's Disaster Relief Committee, singlehandedly bringing 7,000 empty beer cans and bottles to the liquor store during a fundraising bottle drive.

"My car smelled like liquor for three and a half months," she chuckled.

The self-described "family-oriented" leader with a passion for politics has been frequently vocal about issues affecting Haldimand residents, particularly during her 2005 crusade to keep Hydro local.

"Haldimand County discussed selling our Hydro for six months and announced they were putting it up for sale," stated Pitcher. "I collected 3,267 signatures and spoke at Council. Together, we were successful in keeping a strong business in Haldimand where it belongs."

Born and raised in Hamilton, Pitcher co-founded the Hamilton Parks Foundation, a beautification program partnering schools, City Council and employees, and since moving to South Cayuga in 1999, has been president of the thriving Community Hall for six years.

"I think in order to go into this type of work, you have to have a certain amount of work experience, life experience, and people experience," as well as community involvement, she said.
"You can't promise to change things because in reality, you're only one vote. However, I promise I will stand up and be your voice. The first place anyone can make a difference is at the grassroots level."

A firm believer in fiscal responsibility to taxpayers, "I will never put myself above others" if elected, said Pitcher, adding she gained "so much experience" and a broader perspective while covering Council as a freelance writer for the Chronicle the past 10 months.

"When I was going to Council extensively on my own before that, it was different than reporting and interviewing, when you get to hear from the general public," she said.

Married to Ted for 35 years, she's the mother of Melanie and grandmother of two. An outside sales rep for 10 years, Pitcher worked with hydraulics and pneumatics in a job that taught her to routinely handle crisis situations.

"I built and designed power units. I'm the second woman to receive my Fluid Power certification."

More recently, she began her own business, called Pitcher's Cove Welding. "When I get frustrated, I love to bend steel." Donna's Critters, cowboy dinner bells and other steel crafts are the creative result.

When not bending steel or riding Haldimand's roads with Ted on their Harley, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.