Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haldimand "Dunnville are there any Unheard Voices Out there"?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? Why should I vote? Will my vote really make a difference? Does my one vote really count?

Have you ever felt like an Unheard Voice?

Well I hope that in the upcoming months I can inspire you to go out and “Vote”, “Change the norm”, and “help you understand that your vote does count. Your voice will and can be heard!

I registered in early January as a candidate for Ward 6 (Dunnville) for the upcoming Municipal Elections that will be held this coming October. For some of you this may be a bit soon to be talking about an election that is months away, but for me it will probably takes months to get the word out on the street that I am running for Council.

I have heard so many people say, “When was that issue discussed”? “How come I never heard about that one”? “When was that open house”? “Why doesn't anyone hold "Town Hall" meetings anymore?

I personally feel that we have a communication problem here in Haldimand County and it is not of our own making.

Our newspapers are weekly, so if you miss reading one paper you can miss very vital information that could affect you and your taxes.

Many of us do not get cable so we cannot access Council Meetings.

Many of us are still on dial up internet (I AM!) and cannot access vital County information because the files are too big and we get timed out.

Most of us are too busy to attend a Council Meeting.

And the most important communication problem is that currently there are no “Town Hall” meetings in the Dunnville area, in fact there are currently no “Town Hall” meetings anywhere in Haldimand County.

Can you tell that I am a big fan of “Town Hall” meetings?

I seriously wonder how a member of council could know what people are concerned about if they do not give residents a regular time and place to have their voices heard. Of course there will be some that will say that it is up to “You” to keep up to date on local issues.

I believe that “Town Hall” meetings are vital and necessary for the community. What harm can a meet and greet coffee night every say three months do?

Your Vote does count! Your voice can be heard!

Please feel free to post any issues that are of a concern to you here.

If you wish to contact me you can call me at 905-701-1627 or email me at