Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haldimand "Dunnville Dances for Flood Victims"

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If you're in the mood to get down and boogie, or simply spend a night listening to some great country music, you can do both at The Dunnville Legion on Saturday, May 2, and support a good cause.

The Legion has hosted many successful dances, due in large part to the sound of True Country. Described by Legion Bar Chairman and Ways and Means Chairman Rick Stampfler as "a real super country band," the musicians have a loyal following of country fans, and were already booked to play the Legion on May 2, said Stampfler.

"So I said, why don't we donate the (night's) proceeds to the flood victims?" he added.

The Legion donated the hall, and all profits raised from the $5 admission fee as well as those from bar sales for the evening will be added to the fund to help people whose homes were dismantled during the April 13 flood.

"We'll be having door prizes and a couple draws, and spot dance prizes," said Stampfler.

He and his wife plan to post flyers all over Dunnville announcing the dance, and he anticipates a good turnout, especially "now that the parks and camps are open" for the season.

The band starts at 8:30 and plays till 12:30.

Tickets are available at the Dunnville Legion, Branch 142, located at 305 Queen Street, either ahead of time or at the door on May 2. Call 905-774-5942 for further information

Haldimand "Get your Engines Running for the Flood Victims"

Thanks Cathy for the great article!

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The Haldimand County Disaster Relief Committee has created yet another way of helping Dunnville's recent flood victims, with a new campaign that starts today.

Working in cooperation with Dunnville's Canadian Tire, people are being asked to gather their Canadian Tire money and donate it at one of two dropoff boxes, which are located at The Dunnville Chronicle and the Chamber of Commerce.

Members of the Disaster Relief Committee will collect all the money and bring it to Canadian Tire, where manager Bill McConnell has agreed to exchange it, dollar for dollar, to donate to the relief fund.

Disaster Relief Committee member Donna Pitcher came up with the new campaign. Called 'Get Your Engines Running,' its intent is to help people recoup some of the damages they incurred due to severe flooding in February.

She invites all area service clubs and schools to get involved, in the hope they will engage in some healthy competition to see who can collect the most.

"They can set their own time frame for collecting the Canadian Tire money, and then call me for pick-up," Pitcher said, adding she can be reached at 905-701-1627.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Haldimand "Farewell/Open House for Karen Best"

The Dunnville Chronicle is hosting an Open House on Friday April 24th from 4:00-7:00pm to say a fond farewell to Karen Best.

Karen Best has been a reporter for the Chronicle for some 14 years.

I met Karen back when I ran for Council, but really got to know her when we were fighting to keep Haldimand County Hydro. She did an awesome job of keeping our issue on the front page of the Chronicle for some 10 weeks! Thanks to Karen and the Chronicle for keeping the public informed every step of the way, and helping us achieve our goal. This is just one example of Karen's work and her true dedication to reporting on what the community at large were concerned about!

What can I say about Karen? Well I can start by saying that I will certainly miss her, and I feel very confident in saying that the community at large will miss her as well.

She has covered many issues in the past few years that I have known her and did her best at getting "all sides" of the story. Karen has passion in her writing, some articles she wrote about could down right piss you off and others would make you come to tears.

Just recently Karen helped me promote the Burger Pit fundraiser by standing on a street corner waving streamers at passers by while I held a sign. We had a great time! I kept telling Karen to show off her legs (for the cause of course) and no doubt it worked, she drew a crowd to the Burger Pit! Thanks Karen!

I don't know of to many reporters that would have spent time standing on a street corner promoting a fundraiser.

Karen I wish you all the best in your new career and I will see you at your "Open House"!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Haldimand "Thanks for your Donations"

A huge thank you to Scott at the "Burger Pit". We raised $130.00 last Monday and Wednesday towards the Haldimand County Disaster Relief Fund.

A huge thanks to all the people that made a donation in the jar at the Dunnville Home Show last Friday and Saturday. We raised $240.00.

A huge thanks to Deputy Fire Chief Lyle Merritt and the Firefighters for letting us share their table and the great videos and photos of the flood that they put together!

Every dollar raised makes a difference!

Donations can be made at the CIBC. You can make your cheque payable to the "Haldimand County Disaster Relief Committee. I will update and post the bank account number tomorrow. Or if you would like to contact me to make a donation, you can call me at 905-701-1627.

Haldimand "Pass the Jar Fundraiser for Flood Victims"

"Pass the Jar" will be at Harrison's General store on Rainham Rd. for the next couple of days. So please stop by and drop in a loonie or toonie.

You can also contact me if you would like to make a donation.

Pass the Jar, Not the Buck


It will be easy for employees and customers to make donations to the Haldimand County Disaster Relief Fund.

A donation jar will make its way through business and store doors and on to counters where bills and coins can be slipped in it.

An idea launched by Donna Pitcher, the Pass The Jar will be a challenge for businesses.

She will contact owners to schedule stop-overs and hoped that some will take the initiative to call and book a time that suits them.

During the two days it sits on a counter or a desk within an arms reach of potential donors, the business owner can attach memorabilia to the jar. Just think bumper stickers.

Pitcher hoped that so many business stickers or cards will be stuck on the jar that you won't be able to see into it.

But don't wait for her to show up with it. Book a Pass The Jar stopover by calling her at 905-701-1627.

Pitcher is a member of the council-appointed Haldimand County Disaster Relief Committee and is a member of the fundraising sub-committee.

The committee is operating under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) that was launched in the county after a provincial disaster was declared from Cayuga's bridge to Port Maitland. Ice jams on Feb. 13 caused flooding and significant damage to homes and properties in the designated flood zone.

Every $1.00 collected in the jar will be matched by up to $2.00 by the provincial government. Only 90 per cent of eligible damage costs will be paid out in relief efforts to avoid a surplus of funds.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haldimand "Dunnville Beefs up Flood Relief Efforts"

****Update, Due to an equipment failure the Burger Pit fundraiser is cancelled and will resume next Monday and Wednesday****

Just a note, for anyone that is attending the Caledonia Home Show this weekend Don Ricker has a donation jar at his booth. Thanks Don!

Dunnville beefs up flood relief efforts

Relief application deadline May 19

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Scott Meehan will be flipping homemade burgers to help flood victims and is challenging owners of other Haldimand County eateries to follow his example.

On Monday, April 6, and Wednesday, April 8, he will donate $1 from every burger and fry order he receives at The Burger Pit at 209 Chestnut Street in downtown Dunnville. His contributions to flood relief assistance will be collected from 11 a. m. to 9 p. m. on both days.

"I know it's been tough on a lot of people. Some of my customers were affected," said Meehan. "If I can help, I don't mind."

County personalities including local politicians and Chronicle staff members will provide volunteer labour for this fundraising event. As well, Chronicle employees, who will order burgers and fries next week, are challenging other Dunnville business employees to do the same.
Meanwhile Meehan called upon other food establishments to host their own dining and fundraising events.

Proceeds can be delivered to county offices and will be deposited into the Haldimand Disaster Relief Committee (HDRC) bank account. Cheques are to be made out to the committee. Tax receipts will be issued.

Opening the account was one of the first goals set by Bernie Corbett, who was elected chair of the committee at their March 30 inaugural meeting.

"We're trying to work as expeditiously as we can," he added.

Applications for financial assistance will be available at the Cayuga municipal office, Dunnville satellite office and on line at in local media will outline how to apply for claims. People who filled out survey forms last month are required to fill out formal applications. New applicants are welcome to submit claims too. The deadline to apply is Tuesday May 19.

Over the coming months, the HDRC will hold several fundraising activities across the county to help families and businesses eligible for assistance, announced Corbett in a press release.
Named vice-chair of the fundraising subcommittee, Don Edwards of Caledonia had a variety of ideas.

"We're going to get rolling right away," he told The Chronicle.

This week, Donna Pitcher, who is a member of his subcommittee, talked to Meehan about fundraising ideas and that led to his $1 per meal initiative.

Corbett, Edwards and other committee members will work under Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) guidelines set by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

At the March 30 meeting in the Dunnville recreation centre, Victoria Young of Cayuga was named vice-chair of the claim settlement subcommittee and Brett Kelly of Dunnville was assigned to the job of press secretary.

Other committee members are Donna Pitcher of South Cayuga and Marie Maas of Fisherville and Dunnville residents Joanne Falletta, Ken Egger, and Kim Hessels.

Very capable people are driving relief efforts, said Corbett.

Based on preliminary reports, 60 families and several businesses in Dunnville and Cayuga suffered $1.7 million in damages from the Feb. 13 flood. Those estimates were used to substantiate a county request for provincial financial assistance.

On March 13, Municipal Affairs minister Jim Watson declared a disaster designation in flooded areas from Cayuga's bridge to Port Maitland. The Ontario government will provide up to $2 for every $1 raised in the community.

Tim Ryall , who directs ODRAP, said assistance is not meant to replace insurance so some costs are left to home and business owners. A certain percentage will be covered based on the amount raised by the community. If the amount raised does not cover the community's share of damages, the ministry will provide $2 for every $1 raised. Otherwise ODRAP covers up to 90 per cent of flood damage costs.

Before the committee meets again on April 6, Don Edwards will hold a meeting where he will suggest a No Show Ball. People will be asked to purchase tickets at a price of $125 for example but there will be no event to attend. Donors would receive a token gift such as dollar-store slippers, popcorn and a movie rental plus a tax receipt for their donation minus the cost of the gift.

This type of event, used successfully for an Ottawa Ronald McDonald House, provides the maximum donation for a relief effort, explained Edwards. When a charity holds a dance, it must subtract event costs from admission and can only provide a tax receipt for the difference.

While leading fundraising, Edwards will draw on experience. He operated the West Haldimand Hospital Foundation's Dream Vacation lottery and served as a director and then the board president of Hamilton's Ronald McDonald House. Presently, Edwards is employed as the senior constituent assistant for Haldimand Norfolk MP Diane Finley.

His motive for volunteering for the HDRC was purely a desire to help.

Seeing flood damage in his own community, he realized a lot of people faced considerable devastation and that money must be raised to help them through very tough times made worse by the economy.

"If there's anything we can do to help -that's what the calling is, step up to the plate. They're my neighbours," said Edwards.

The HDRC will also hire a program manager to work in the committee office and act as secretary. His or her salary will be paid by the ministry. In Corbett's opinion, recording meeting minutes is a fiduciary responsibility especially when working with people's money.

"You should be forthright in what you are doing with it," he told The Chronicle. "Funds received will go to recipients."

All committee administration costs will be covered by the ministry and Haldimand County, which will provide office space. When relief work is in its final stages, the program manager and the committee treasurer who will be named by the county will prepare an audit.

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