Monday, September 24, 2007

Haldimand "Just a Reminder, McGuinty's I Swear"

I originally posted this in August, I felt it necessary to re-post this. Maybe this will assist some people in their decision as to who they are going to vote for on October 10th, 2007.

Haldimand "I SWEAR"

The following is Mr. McGuinty's first speach as Premier of Ontario. This speach was very heartwarming, and uplifting, and full of promises.

Remarks By Dalton McGuinty, Premier Of Ontario
On The Occasion Of The Swearing-In of The Premier and Cabinet

Your Honour, my Lord Chief Justice, distinguished guests, colleagues, friends and those people sitting in the first 30 rows here — family. My first words as Premier are to the people of Ontario. Thank you for the work you have entrusted to us.

Thank you for having given us these important responsibilities. I thank you for all the work you do every day.

We are honoured to work for you because we've seen you work. We've seen you make the kids' lunches, fill out the school forms, sell the chocolate almonds, put in more than a full day at the office or down at the plant, and still manage to get the kids to Brownies or hockey practice — sometimes even on time. Our government will be as tireless as you are.

We've seen you neglect your own needs to care for your aging parents, or make sacrifices to care for your young grandchildren. Our government will be as selfless as you are.

We have seen you innovate and take risks to create jobs. Or do your jobs so well that you help your employers create still more jobs. Our government will work as hard as you do.

We've seen you teach a child to read, nurse a patient back to health, fight a fire, police a community, provide public service, serve in our armed forces or strengthen our province in thousands of ways. Our government will work with you.

You do so much, so well. Government's job is to help you overcome those challenges that are simply too big for you to tackle on your own. And we gladly assume that responsibility. We won't blame you for our mistakes. We will starve cynicism, and feed hope.

A poet once described hope as "that everlasting duty that heaven lays for its own sake on mankind's heart." We embrace this notion of hope being our duty, our obligation, our shared responsibility. Our mission is to build a government that inspires hope in all Ontarians. People have told us they want things done differently.

They want real, positive change. They want us to improve their schools and health care, protect our environment and live within our means.

Today marks a first step in delivering change. There will be a new Ministry of Children's services to deliver on our commitment to ensure that children get off to the best start in life.
A new Ministry of Public Infrastructure signals our determination to provide the tools Ontarians need to compete and win by building roads and sewers and hospitals and schools.

For the first time, Ontario will have a Democratic Renewal Secretariat. Because we believe in public service and we believe in government, we will strive to make government more relevant to the people that we serve.

With that goal in mind, we're moving to make the people's representatives — our MPPs — even more relevant to government. For the first time in Ontario history, every MPP in the government caucus will sit on Cabinet Committees. And those committees will be chaired by non-ministers. In keeping with our parliamentary traditions, decisions will remain with Cabinet. But with this innovation, MPPs will have real, meaningful input into those decisions. When it comes to policy making in our government, there will be no back bench.

Our government will work for all Ontarians and with all Ontarians. That's why I'm so happy to welcome each of you today, and to have you here with us. Together, we will represent businesses and workers, youth and older Ontarians, public and private sector, as well as volunteers. You are all welcomed here, and you will be always.

I want you to know that yours is an idealistic government — one that wants to make Ontario the envy of the world.

We're not naive about the challenges ahead. We're under no illusions, but we do have a vision. It is a vision of working and building and dreaming together. And it is a vision that Ontarians share.

Before closing, I just want to say how proud I am to have my mother with us here today.
I also want to acknowledge the love and support of my family, Terri, my wife, and my children Carleen, Dalton Jr., Liam and Connor. I want to thank them for their particularly leveling influence. When I told Connor we were coming to Queen's Park for my swearing in, his only inquiry was, "is there going to be any food there?"

I want to conclude this, my first speech as Premier, in the same way that I concluded my maiden speech as an MPP in this chamber some 13 years ago. I want to conclude with words of advice written by my late father, Dalton McGuinty Sr. in a letter he sent as the member for Ottawa South to all members of this legislature, at that time.

His words are in paraphrase of a prayer from St. Francis of Assisi:
"Let us remember that when we leave this earth, we take with us nothing that we have received, fleeting symbols of honour, trappings of power, but only what we have been given, a full heart, enriched by honest service, love, sacrifice and courage."

My friends, let our new government govern with a full heart. Let it provide honest service. And let it show as much love, sacrifice and courage as the people we have the privilege of serving. Thank you.

Here are have a few questions that I have asked myself about the last 4 years with our "current" government;

Have they inspired Me? Is Ontario the "envy" of the World? Has this current government worked as "Hard" as you and I? Has this current government been as "selfless" as you and I? Has this current government given me "Hope" for the "future? Has this current government been "accountable"? Has this current government been "honest"?

For those that agree that Mr. McGuinty and his present government have in the past 4 years honoured their commitment to all Ontarians, your job is an easy one come October 10th, 2007.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Haldimand "John Tory comes to Caledonia Again"

Well Mr. McGuinty when are "you" coming to Caledonia? As I have stated on a few other occasions, McGuinty has been a mere "20 minutes" away from Hamilton at least 4 times in the last few months.

Today, John Tory along with Toby Barrett and Mayor Trainer, met with residents of Caledonia, to hear their concerns. This was John Tory’s ninth time in Caledonia in the last 18 months. Tory laid out his plan of action, if he was to be elected Ontario’s next Premier.

The following is a news release regarding "One Law for All".


Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory today returned to Caledonia, the site of the ongoing land-occupation, where he called for new leadership to resolve the current standoff and prevent other illegal occupations in the future.

"For over a year and a half Dalton McGuinty has permitted an illegal occupation to paralyze this entire community," Mr. Tory said, "He has failed the people of Ontario."

The Caledonia occupation began on February 28th, 2006 when a group of protesters claiming to represent the Six Nations Confederacy staged an illegal occupation of a Caledonia area building site. In the ensuing 19 months, vandalism and violence have held the community hostage.

To date, Dalton McGuinty has refused to insist on the rule of law when it comes to illegal occupations. The Caledonia occupation alone has cost Ontario taxpayers $55 million so far.

Similar disputes have since threatened communities ranging from Desoronto, Brantford, Hagersville, the Village of York, and Dunnville. Tory announced today that he would move to protect Ontario communities from illegal occupations by strengthening existing laws.

"I am announcing today that a PC government will amend provincial statutes, including the Trespass to Property Act to address the breakdown in law that results from an illegal occupation," said Tory. This new act would respect the valid interests of each side, protect innocent bystanders, and set a policy framework for police." Tory reiterated his commitments to showing new leadership on addressing the many longstanding issues of Ontario’s First Nations’ communities:

Make it a priority to resolve Aboriginal land claims, working in a spirit of partnership with Aboriginal peoples and the federal government;

Work with Ontario’s Aboriginal peoples to address the deplorable conditions in many Aboriginal communities, by working to meet essential needs in education, health, social services, and infrastructure;

Improve mental health service capacity in Aboriginal communities in partnership with Aboriginal peoples and the federal government; and,

Work with Aboriginal peoples, the federal government, employers and our colleges and universities to promote and enhance access to our college and university programs by Aboriginal students.

He also outlined the new ground rules that a Progressive Conservative government would enforce when confronted with an illegal occupation:

No negotiation with anyone engaging in an illegal occupation;

Oppose any group using an illegal occupation to extort concessions or payments

Insist that the authority of the courts, including court injunctions, are respected and enforced; and,

Use the justice system to pursue civil action against those who participate in, direct, or financially support illegal occupations. "I will stand up and stand beside the people of this province to ensure they are protected," Tory concluded. "For a safe and strong Ontario, leadership matters."

The fact that John Tory came to Caledonia again, proves to me that this is the type of "Leadership" that we need in Ontario. John Tory has laid out a plan, and a solid plan that I believe is in the best interest of "everyone", on the flip side our current Premier has turned his back to "ALL of US", "that is not a plan that we accept"!

I don't think it will be a hard decision come October 10th, 2007 for a lot of residents of Haldimand as to where they will place their "X" on the ballot. I know I will be voting for Toby Barrett, our current and next MPP for Haldimand/Norfolk!

If you still haven’t decided who you are going to vote for here in Haldimand, there are some debates coming up that you may be interested in attending.

Monday September 24, 2007, Agricultural Centre, Kohler at 7:00pm

Monday October 1, 2007, Legion in Dunnville at 7:00pm

You can also click on the to the left, that will take you to John Tory's website.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Haldimand "My Personal Point Of View"

Well after the events of yesterday unfolded in front of “My” eyes, whether on the radio or the TV, for me personally I was over whelmed with feelings of sadness. When I watched the news last night it was like a scene right out of a movie, and I was left with feeling that this can not be happening where I Live!

First I would love to share with you a few readings out of a book that I have called Sacred Moments;

"The Virtue of Humility"

Man is not intended to see through the eyes of another, hear through another’s ears nor comprehend with another’s brain. Each human creature has individual endowment, power and responsibility in the creative plan of God.

"The virtue of Acceptance"

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn…
If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient…
If children live with encouragement, they learn to be confident…
If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate…
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves…

I have said many times on my blog that I have stayed away from taking sides in the Land Claims issues in Haldimand County. We have “All” lived with this one way or another in the past 19 months. Some are very strong on their stand; others are not really sure what their stand is. Regardless we all have a different way of expressing our personal point of views.

I have certainly expressed my personal views publicly, whether it be standing on a “Bridge” for 3 days, writing a blog, or starting a “Petition on-line” to Dalton McGuinty, I have certainly paid the price for all of the above. I have often wondered why I do the things I do, and often say, I really don’t make a difference in the big picture, and say to myself “Give it Up”, but I keep going back for more!

I am very fortunate that I have very close friends and a very close family that have always “supported” me on “anything” that I have done. In saying that I am sure that sometimes they really wonder what the hell I am doing, but they have always been there for me. I am truly blessed for this.

I for one understand the “Passion” that one feels when they are involved in fighting for something, no matter how “big or small”! I also “Respect” anyone who has that passion, and seems to be willing to put their life on hold for what they believe in. Sometimes our “Passion” drives us to go over the line, (I have also been guilty of crossing the line) and we loose site of what the real issues are. So we need to take a breath, a break, and re-focus our efforts. The respectful thing I believe for all of us to remember is we need to “Agree to Disagree” with each other.

The Land Claims issue (in my opinion) seems to now have about “8” sides, and in “My” personal opinion, this issue cannot be resolved when there are that many sides. I also feel very strongly against using “Violence” to make your point, no matter what side you take a stand on.

My personal opinion is that most of us are “Ignorant” to either cultural differences or the interpretation of the Law or the understanding of the issue itself! I am personally guilty of this as well! (“Thank Goodness my comments are turned off”!)

I have stated all along that the solution to the current crisis is the “Responsibility” of “All” levels of “Government”. I say “Crisis” because of the constant “Passing the Buck” and the lack of “Accountability” and the lack of “Responsibility” of “All” Levels of Government. The time is up; this has gone on too long for “All” of us.

Wouldn’t it be admirable if we “All” started focusing on the “Government” and not on each other! We are all “Neighbours” who are mad at one level of the government or another, for one reason or another, whether you are a resident, a protester, a builder etc..etc..

We are “All” “Responsible” for our “Actions” and our “Inaction’s”.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haldimand "Your Help is needed on Domtar Hill"

I have been asked for my assistance by a resident of Caledonia, as my blog is named "Haldimands Unheard Voice" I am only too pleased to help out.

There are many "Unheard Voices in Haldimand", but with your help in a few very simple ways, our "Voices will be Heard".

(1) Please sign this on-line petition that I started last Friday,

(2) This Saturday, (September 22nd) Residents of Caledonia plan on lining the Domtar Hill, this is the main road that goes into Caledonia. I will update this when necessary.

Please meet at the Parking Lot behind the Post Office on Caithness Street at 12:00pm.

The walk will begin through town and proceed on to line the Domtar Hill on Both Sides (What an awesome site that will be, let's stand together Haldimand!)

Please bring a sign (all signs need to be Respectful!)

This is a "Peaceful Demonstration", walking and standing on the "Sidewalk".

There may be a possibility that parking could be provided at the Domtar site right on Hwy# 6, problem is no one knows who the contact person for that site is. If you have any information that can help us out, please advise. If we can park there, we won't need to walk.

Please come out and "Support" your County.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Haldimand "My Day with Toby Barrett"

I spent the the day today with MPP Toby Barrett on the campaign trail. We met in Dunnville this morning around 11:00am and knocked on doors. I was on one side of the street, while Toby was on the other side. The response from the residents was very, very positive. We finished around 5:00pm!

The main issue that residents were concerned about was the on going occupations, and the lack of "Law and Order" in Caledonia.

Toby Barrett is having a "Hog Roast" Saturday September 22, from 1:00 - 3:00. At the Barbeque in Byng. "All are welcome". Please come early and meet Toby.

Here is a News Release from Toby Barrett and John Tory, this news release was "before" anyone was in campaign mode!

For immediate release:
August 15, 2007

Barrett and Tory continue their call – “ONE LAW FOR ALL!”

Brantford: “There is one law for everyone – no one is beneath the law, no one is above the law and no one is beyond the law.”

That was the sentiment of Ontario Opposition Leader John Tory and Haldimand-Norfolk-Brant MPP Toby Barrett in Brantford today as they addressed the ongoing Caledonia occupation during a Brant PC luncheon.

The rule of law is of particular interest along the Grand River – in light of the ongoing Caledonia issues, illegal land seizures, the illegal tobacco trade, people question whether we are all governed by the same set of laws,” stated Barrett. “Upholding the rule of law means working to ensure that all people – in all areas – feel secure that they are protected. To me it is unacceptable for lawlessness to be an accepted fact in any community.”

“Today in Ontario, we do not have one law for all and this must change,” said Tory. “Nobody gets to opt-out. Nobody gets to live beyond the law’s reach and protection. All of this is possible only if the rules of the game are consistent, stable, equitable and fair.”

Tory further reiterated that his “one law for all” policy is focused on three principles.

· No one is beneath the law
· We will do more to protect vulnerable people in our society and guarantee that they have equitable access to justice.

· No one is above the law
· Whether involved in a political protest, a labour dispute or any other issue, there must remain only one rule of law for all. Nobody gets to ‘opt out’ or act as if the rules do not apply to them.

· No one is beyond the law
· We will empower our police services, and give them the manpower and tools they need to fight organized crime and gang culture.

Barrett echoed Mr.Tory’s assertion that Dalton McGuinty’s lack of commitment to one law for all has led to 534 days of tension in nearby Caledonia and set a dangerous precedent for all communities in Ontario by sending a message that potential protests will be allowed to endanger public safety and threaten economic development.

For more information, please contact MPP Toby Barrett at: (519) 428-0446

You can also visit Toby Barrett's website at

Monday, September 17, 2007

Haldimand "My Chat with Lorraine Bergstrand"

This past Sunday afternoon, Lorraine Bergstrand, Liberal Candidate for the upcoming Provincial Election was having an open house, and all were invited. Although I am not a supporter, I felt that maybe I could get some questions answered regarding policing in Haldimand County.

I arrived at about 1:45pm and met up with a few residents of Caledonia that were standing at the Arena with signs, in regards to "Upholding" the "Law". As we were chatting, Lorraine Bergstrand and a few of her campaign people came outside to speak with us.

The first thing that Lorraine Bergstrand stated was that this was a "Federal Issue". I then spoke up and said that we were here asking questions about "Policing". Lorraine went on to explain that Haldimand’s contract is with the O.P.P. and Haldimand County "cannot" tell the O.P.P. what to do. I then asked this question; In saying that Lorraine, the Province is paying for the Policing in Caledonia, so I would assume that the same rules apply, the Province "cannot" tell the O.P.P. what to do, Lorraine’s response; "you are correct"! Well at least that was cleared up!

Lorraine also went on to explain that the O.P.P. were "Preserving the Peace", and that there is a "full investigation" taking place into the incident of last week.

The following is the Oath that an O.P.P. officer swears to;

Oath of Office

I solemnly affirm that I will be loyal to Her Majesty the Queen, and to Canada, and that I will uphold the Constitution of Canada, and that I will, to the best of my ability, preserve the peace, prevent offences and discharge my other duties as a Commissioned Officer, faithfully, impartially and according to law.

Now I see in this Oath the "preserve the peace", but I also see "prevent offences". So in saying that, when the Province has guaranteed title of deed to your property, if someone "trespasses" on your property are the O.P.P. not sworn to prevent this offence from happening?

In simple words, if I trespass on "your" property, you can have me "arrested" according to the law. But this "Rule" does not apply to "all" of Haldimand County? So how has the law changed, or has it? I could test this out myself by "trespassing" on someone’s private property, and see if in fact I would be arrested by the O.P.P. But I am not willing to take that "chance".

Along with some help from a good friend, the following is some information that you may find interesting, I certainly did.

The following information is from the Ministry of "Community Safety and Correctional Standards", judge for yourself, who is who, and who is in Control;

"Statutory Quality Requirements"

Policing in Ontario is governed by the Services Act (PSA). According to the PSA and its regulations, police services shall be provided throughout Ontario in accordance with the following six principles:

The need to ensure the safety and security of all persons and property in Ontario;

The importance of safeguarding the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Charter of Rights & Freedoms and the Ontario Human Rights Code;

The need for co-operation, between the providers of police services and the communities they serve;

The importance of respect for victims of crime and understanding of their needs;

The need for sensitivity to the pluralistic, multiracial and multicultural character of Ontario society;

The need to ensure that Police Forces are representative of the communities they serve.

"Ministry Responsibilities"

To ensure these principles are being strictly adhered to, the PSA empowers the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services to oversee and be responsible for police services in Ontario. This authority includes:

monitoring police services to ensure that adequate and effective protection is being provided at both the municipal and provincial levels;

monitoring police boards and services to ensure they comply with prescribed standards of service;

developing programs to enhance professional police practices, standards and training;

conducting a system of inspection and review of police services across Ontario;

assisting in the co-ordination of police services;

consulting with and advise police boards, community policing advisory committees, municipal chiefs of police, employers of special constables and police associations on matters relating to police and police services;

developing, maintaining and managing programs and statistical records and conduct research studies in respect of police services and related matters;

providing to police boards, community policing advisory committees and municipal chiefs of police information and advice respecting the management and operation of police services, techniques in handling special problems and any other information required by these organizations;

issuing directives and guidelines respecting policy matters;

developing programs for community-oriented police services;

operating the Ontario Police College.

Julian Fantino as the OPP Commissioner reports directly to the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

"The Deputy Minister reports directly to the Minister".

The following positions report directly to the Deputy Minister:

Commissioner of Community Safety
Commissioner of Corrections

Commissioner of the O.P.P.
Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy & Strategic Planning
Assistant Deputy Minister/Chief Information Officer, Justice Technology Services
Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Planning & Services
Director, Communications Branch
Director, Legal Services

Well there you have it. Clear as "Mud"! So the answer to my question above from Lorraine Bergstrand regarding policing is not good enough and doesn’t convince me that the Liberal Government is not the "driver". What I see from the above is a "conflict of interest", and the O.P.P. need to be replaced immediately by a "Police Force" that will "uphold the law".

Haldimand "Petition on-line Update"

I have e-mailed my original blog to so many, I jammed up my e-mail! Thanks to all of you that have passed this information on to others.

Yesterday, I e-mailed my original blog to Premier Dalton McGuinty as a letter on his official site. The return e-mail stated; that someone would get in touch with me soon. Let's see if anyone calls!

As of 1:30pm today, there were 503 signatures on the petition on line "An Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty".

Please keep passing this information around, go to

Thanks to all that have signed, Your voices are being heard.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Haldimand "On-Line Petition to McGuinty"

I feel absolutely "Helpless" in regards to recent issues in Caledonia. I am sure that many of you feel the same way.

It is time that our "Premier Elect" stop dead in his tracks, and prove to the people of Ontario that he is a "Leader". What will it take to convince this man that the "Public" is crying out to his government!

I have been very cautious on my blog regarding the Land Claims issues, as I have always felt that when I voice my personal opinions, I base them on the facts. As I am really not privy to all the facts, nor an expert, I have stayed away from the issue itself. One thing that I have spoken of is "NO VIOLENCE".


I have started a "Petition on line". It is simple and sweet. An Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty. I know it will not solve the problem, but maybe, just maybe, we can send a Strong message to Dalton McGuinty that we need his leadership.

Please sign this petition on line by going to;

Pass this on Please! Please note that I have turned off the comments section on this, Thanks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Haldimand "McGuinty vs Tory"

Well what a day I had today! I don’t know where to begin. So I will start with my stop in Hamilton.

I drove to Hamilton just after lunch to check out the McGuinty due on Upper Ottawa Street. I was not prepared with a sign, as I was just given heads up that he was going to be there. I had no idea what I was going to do when I got there, but I went anyway. Fortunately for me I ran into "two wonderful women" from Caledonia there. They were nice enough to share one of their signs with me. So I stood at the side of the road waving my sign while people honked as they drove by, I felt like I had done this before! A reporter from Quebec interviewed me, but I don’t think much will come of that!

Then I was off to Simcoe for the Toby/Tory due. One of the people that I met there today was Mike Q. the builder from Brantford. He had been to the McGuinty due as well…There was news coverage on CHCH TV, but I only got the last bit of the story. Apparently CHCH TV was threatened if they aired this clip that they would basically be banned from covering McGuinty’s campaign???? If anyone has more information on this and can elaborate, please do so in the comments.

The due today started off with a barbecue. I volunteered with the food table and had the chance to talk to a lot of people. It was quit enjoyable! It was also nice to see familiar faces from Dunnville, Hagersville and Caledonia there today.

John Tory showed up just before 6:00pm and a few hundred of us listened to his speech. I have never been to this type of event, and I can say that I was very impressed with John Tory’s down to earth attitude. I could go on and on about what he said, but I’m only going to touch on one thing that he said today that "I cannot get out of my mind".

"What message would we be sending to Mr. McGuinty if he was re-elected"?

"Well this is what I believe that message would be"

(1) It’s okay that 1 million people in Ontario still don’t have a family doctor, it was okay in 2003, and it will be okay in 2011!

(2) It’s okay that you have so far promised 27 Billion dollars, that you won’t keep, we won’t mind, you did it before!

(3) It’s okay that you turn your backs on us if you don’t want to deal with an issue that is too hot, we’ll let you ignore it, that’s what you have done in Haldimand/Norfolk!

(4) It’s okay we won’t ever make you "accountable" Mr. McGuinty!

(5) It’s okay with us that you have already given away over 32 Million dollars of our hard earned money without documentation, go-ahead give some more away we have more to give!

(6) It’s okay raise our taxes again, we can afford it we will just have to get a second job!

(7) It’s okay we are not asking you to be "open", "transparent" or "honest".

(8) And my Favorite one "It’s okay to lie, we accept that 100%!

Is this what we really want? If it’s not, then we all have a duty on October 10th, 2007! We have the power to stop this insanity!

Haldimand "Welcome our new CAO".

I was very impressed with this week’s article in the Chronicle, by Karen Best. For the entire story visit For those of you that don’t receive this paper, the following are some excerpts that I found very interesting;

"Before he was formally on the job, Don Doyle planned to speak to Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino about policing in Haldimand County. Prior to a Toronto business golf function last week, the soon-to-be CAO said he would leave knowing where the OPP stands on policing the ongoing First Nation’s issue in the county".

I personally find this statement by Doyle as very "profound", as the soon-to-be CAO is certain that he is going to receive information that this county has been unable to achieve in the past. What would be interesting is what conversation would have taken place between Fantino and Doyle, as what legal information would Doyle actually been privy to receive from Fantino, as his position as CAO of Haldimand County does not start until October 2, 2007?

"In an interview with the Chronicle, he was open about his reasons for pursuing a career change. Toronto is a big machine that moves very slowly and is difficult to influence said Boyle".

Haldimand County is a much smaller "machine" than Toronto, but I am sure that we do not move and faster here than Toronto. Haldimand is also a very difficult place to influence as well, just ask some of the residents that live here.

"Attracted by Haldimand County’s spirit and the challenge of the First Nations issue, Boyle is preparing for his new job through research on the Internet including reading about the Six Nations and Haldimand County issues in the Chronicle".

No "pun" against the Chronicle, but newspapers don’t always state all the facts, neither does the Internet!

"As an outsider, Boyle was immediately impressed with the county’s potential in quality of life and eco-tourism. He envisioned linking all towns together in a trail network and stronger promotion of county assets outside the community".

I am interested in what he meant by "county assets outside the community"!

"After reviewing the county’s budget and reserve balance statements, he concluded the county was financially healthy".

I recall during budget deliberations in March, that Councilor Boyko had asked Karen General and Bill Pearce if Haldimand County was "financially viable? Staff said that they would do a report and come back in six months with the answer. I am not aware of any such report ever coming back to council. Councilor Boyko with his years experience, obviously asked that question because he had serious concerns, Boyle who has not even started his position yet, has confirmed that our "finances are just fine"!

"Over his career, he has had only two bad days but he can no longer remember what happened on them".

I am glad that Boyle seems to be a very positive individual, we certainly welcome that kind of attitude.

"Recently Boyle began searching for other opportunities. He applied for the St. Catherine’s CAO job but, when advised of the same vacancy in Haldimand, he withdrew his application and applied to the County".

This also goes to say for Boyle, that he must also be a very optimistic individual as well, most people would not have "pulled" an application unless they were optimistic of their chances at getting a position. We also welcome his optimism.

Don Doyle comes to us from Toronto, with a background in recreation. From 1995 to present Doyle has worked in the Parks and Recreation sector for the City of Toronto.

I would like to extend my welcome to Don Doyle, Haldimand County’s new Chief Administrative Officer. We could certainly use an individual with your talents and qualities in Haldimand County.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Haldimand "Signs.....Signs......Signs....."

Well here we go everyone, 30 days of speeches, flyers, door knocking, commercials, and signs, oh that’s right all those signs! It reminds me of a song…signs…. signs….everywhere……signs. Honestly for me, I would prefer to see an election "without" the signs, as I find it can get quite messy looking! Regardless, this is not my rule, so I also played the "sign game".

Can you tell that I have a "pet peeve" with signs?

As some of you know I ran in the last municipal election here in Haldimand County, and I know all to well of the antics that go on during a campaign period. One of which is my favorite, "the sign game".

The "sign game", I was accused of playing what is called the sign game. All my signs did adhere to the by-laws, and all my signs were on "private property". I will not say this for others that plunked their signs everywhere and anywhere! One election campaign sign was even posted at a graveyard site! I did not "loose" one sign during the whole election. So why was I accused of the sign game, well I will never know the answer to that question!

Each Municipality has their own by laws on signage. These by laws are not only for elections, it is for "All" signage, eg; real estate signs, advertising signs etc. The strange thing that happens during an election, is that all of a sudden the by laws that have been in place, and have not been adhered to, are ever so critical, just because it is an election. So if Municipalities are going to remove election signs because they are in violation of the by law, they should remove "all signs" that are in violation of the by law!

My point that I am getting at here is the Provincial Election is in full gear, and all those signs are going to be appearing everywhere, whether you like it or not. Some where they shouldn't be! The big difference with a Provincial Election is the candidates rely on a lot more volunteers. And the truth be told, many volunteers put countless hours into helping out the candidates that they support. They are doing it out of passion and the belief that their perspective candidate will win the election.

Volunteers for each candidate are fully aware of the rules of the placement of election signs, but in saying that, some do sway a bit from the rules. The job of making sure that "all" signs are in their proper place at "all" times is up to each Municipality according to their by laws. The only request I have of the Municipalities is that they adhere to their respective by laws entirely!

Don’t change the rules because it is election time, it is for only "30" days.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Haldimand "Meet Toby Barrett and John Tory"

Well we are once again on the doorstep of a Provincial Election.

In my opinion this is a very important election, an election that could be a turning point for those of us that live in Haldimand/Norfolk. Our current "Premier Elect" has all but turned a blind eye to many critical issues that we face, and I can almost say with certainty, our current "Premier Elect" won’t be visiting us any time soon!

The proof is in the pudding as McGuinty in the last couple of months has been to Hamilton (a mere 20 minutes away from say "Caledonia") I believe "3" times, promising if "re-elected" millions of dollars in various "funding" ventures to the city of Hamilton. My question to our Premier, is Hamilton more important to you because their population is approx. 503,000 compared to Haldimand/Norfolk that has a population of approx., 110,000?

The way I look at things is that this current government is not the least bit worried about how we vote in Haldimand/Norfolk, as they believe that we cannot make a difference in the "Big" picture. Well my opinion is, they are wrong! "We can make a difference" by doing "one" simple thing. HAVE YOUR SAY AND VOTE!

Now for many of you out there, you have already made your decision as to who is going to get your vote on October 10th. For some out there, you are unsure, and will probably not decide until October 10th. For others, your faith and confidence in Politicians is all but gone, and you have already decided "not to vote". This is where I have concerns, please don’t give up, as if you do, and certain politicians depend on you to "give up", they actually win, don’t forget, their supporters make up the percentage of the votes that get them elected or re-elected!

Let’s put a real "spin" on this election, we need more than 56% of the people to decide how this province will run for the next "4" years. Get out and Vote, tell your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers to Vote! Together we can make "History", let’s get at least 80% of Haldimand/Norfolk out to vote! Imagine the message that would be sent!

So I challenge "you all" to take some time and come out to meet Toby Barrett and John Tory, this is your opportunity to get those answers right from the "horses mouth", no pun intended!

Wednesday September 12th, 2007 @ 6:00pm
Toby Barrett’s Campaign Headquarters
64 Queensway West (Hwy #3) Simcoe

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Haldimand "Forensic Audit"

I haven't written anything for a while, as I have been on the streets of Dunnville collecting signatures for the petition that I started last week. This petition is once again asking Municipal Affairs to do a Forensic Audit of the Corporation of Haldimand County.

You won't need a coffee today, this is quick and sweet.

A very unusual thing happened on the holiday Monday. I found out today that a short dark haired women (unknown) picked up the petitions that were on the counter of the "Coffee and More" in Dunnville. This was not me or anyone on my behalf. So who would do such a thing, as to steal these petitions? We will never know. As of today the petitions are back at the coffee shop, taped to the counter, and will not be given to "anyone" but myself. So whoever did this will not get away with it again! It seems that someone is a bit nervous out there that we may accomplish this task.

I will be going to Caledonia the next couple of days and walk the streets there to collect signatures. There are many people out there that have petitions, so please ask around. We need the support if we are going to make this happen.

The following are some places that you can sign the petition in the Dunnville area;

Ramsey's Men's Wear, Dunnville

Mary Lou's Bulk Foods, Dunnville

Coffee and More Donuts, Dunnville (by the high school)

Harrison's Store, Rainham Rd and Haldimand Road 50

Thanks for your support Donna.