Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Haldimand "McGuinty don't Bother yourself coming to Haldimand"

Well we can’t be reminded enough that an "election" is on our doorstep here in Ontario! An "election" that we "all" need to pay close attention to!

An "election" that we "all" need to exercise "our right" to vote, and I would hope in record numbers!

This is a call to all "residents of Haldimand County"; we have the "power" to make a difference. Haldimand residents need to come out in "record" numbers on Election Day.

McGuinty has already demonstrated over the past 17 months that he has no intentions on coming to "Haldimand County" anytime soon! So that means he won’t personally be campaigning here, although he does have a Liberal Candidate in Haldimand/Norfolk….. Lorraine Bergstrand.

Mr. McGuinty has been "very close" to Haldimand County on a number of occasions recently, but he seems to have his "own personal map" of Ontario, and "Haldimand County" is not on his map!

McGuinty is sticking to the "big cities" where the population is higher, and he feels he has a better chance, well Mr. McGuinty I do believe that your "days are numbered", so take that hard earned "vacation" that you seem to think you "deserve" and "don’t waste your time"!

I can’t even think that McGuinty would have a "hope in hell" of being re-elected! But if we "do nothing" his supporters will make damn sure he succeeds!

We need to get involved! We need to remind people of this current governments "broken promises and lies"! We need to spread the news that "we can make a difference"!

The following is a news release from Toby Barrett July 16th, 2007;

Government can't ignore its role during tough times

There's an old saying, 'if you break it, you've bought it.' This rings true locally, as recent government policies have disrupted our economy on our area's sand plain and along the Grand River.

At a time of year when construction and farming should be booming, a shroud of uncertainty has been created. Last week, at a meeting of 40 Haldimand County builders, it was reported some area property values have dropped 20 per cent.

To the west, sand plain tobacco farmers learned that no hope is in sight - with this year's crop 43 per cent smaller than last.

Combined with endless rules and regulations and red tape and forms to fill out, farmers and business people of all stripes are up against an increasingly hostile government. Regrettably, this compounds the trend - closed car dealerships, shuttered downtown’s, and an out migration for work.

On May 29, in the Ontario Legislature, I listed a selection of the local jobs that have been lost under our current Ontario Government. In the Norfolk area, there are at least 284 manufacturing jobs down the drain while government focuses its priorities elsewhere.

In recent years, communities along the Grand River saw impressive growth - economically, and in population. Now, due to the threat of illegal land seizures, construction crews are a rare sight within six miles of the Grand. With no evidence of a government plan to deal with land seizures and occupations, construction crews - and their economic spin-offs - are largely looking elsewhere.

In addition to the failed approach to illegal land seizures, area residents continue to worry about Premier McGuinty's promise to throw 600 people out of work at OPG Nanticoke. I frequently hear people asking why government would take another 600 jobs, after watching economic development slide to a halt.................................................................................

Please read this entire news release at http://caledoniawakeupcall.wordpress.com/

Mr. Barrett says it all, and he has my support! Please visit Toby Barrett on his website at http://www.tobybarrett.com/.


  1. Toby Barret has my support as well Donna. He has always been a hard working, honest man.

    I am wondering where Bergstrand came from, but I also see that she was the only person nominated for the Liberals in Haldimand/Norfolk!

    It wouldn't have looked good for McGuinty if there was no one running here!

  2. Bergstrand has already started attacking Toby, imagine she actually thinks that people are going to listen to her?

    She doesn't have a hope in h..l of evening coming close!

    She should have given up on politics after the last municipal electtion

  3. When I first moved to Caledonia I thought we had a really progressive Mayor in Lorraine Bergstrand. As I voted, I thought it was a waste of time since she had no apparent rival and she was doing such a great job.

    What a difference a night makes. She lost - and she lost to an incompetent I couldn't begin to understand having any place in leadership.

    Now that Lorraine wants to run for the liberals in Haldimand-Norfolk, I'd love to see her get back into the fray. I'd love to, but I couldn't vote for McGuinty and I think many others will see things that way also.

    But I was very wrong the last time ...

  4. Thanks Jerry for your comments.

    I am glad that you vote, as I do believe that it is critical that every person cast their vote at every election. I also believe that if more people voted, things would be quite different!

    I am sure that you would probably agree with the referendum coming in October 2007.

    Please pass the word on, and please take the time to read One Ballot, Two Votes.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my articles and comment.