Monday, August 13, 2007

Halidmand "Council would you like to Test this Law in Court"?

Thank you to all who came to Council of the Whole meeting tonight. "The House was Full".

Well things did not go well, but I will write about that soon, so please stay tuned in.

In the meantime a resolution was passed tonight, 5 in favour 2 against, a re-written resolution that we did not get a copy of, as the agenda on the table for the public was not updated! Again more on this later...........

I was asked by a few people to post an article that was written by Lisa Parent. This is regarding Privacy, and the Law.

Thanks Lisa, very well written, Kudos to you!

Madam Mayor and Council,

Unfortunately I could not attend today’s meeting as my 101 year old Mother is very ill in Kitchener and I am forced to attend to her rather than the sorry mess in Haldimand County.Up until today I thought I lived in a democratic society where free speech and the voice of the citizens of this country were sacred. Unfortunately today I believe that democracy as we have grown up to know it has ceased to exist.

In fact when it comes to Haldimand County I believe we have entered a period of totalitarian rule where the voice of the people is silenced and an elected Mayor is terrorized by the very Council and staff that in effect work for her.

You gentlemen, and I use that word facetiously, are playing with fire with this resolution you are trying to ram down the throats of the taxpayers of Haldimand County. The Mayor was duly elected by the taxpayers of this County to represent them as their CEO and Head of Council.

You are in effect trying to neuter the Mayor’s role by usurping her relationship with her constituents from her. You are not attacking the Mayor, you are attacking the very people you are supposed to represent by attacking their duly elected Mayor.If you are not hearing from your constituents in your wards you might want to take a look at yourselves and not the Mayor.

At the same time if I communicate with the Mayor it is because I want to interact with her and not you. The first time you become privy to an email or letter anyone sends privately to the Mayor, the County will be in a position to be sued for invasion of privacy.

You Mr. Sloat and those of you on Council who intend to vote “Yes” for the resolution to force the Mayor to share all emails and correspondence with you and staff should be personally held liable for invasion of privacy.

You may or may not be aware but Part VI of Bill C-46 Invasion of Privacy in the Criminal Code of Canada could easily be used to prosecute any attempt to intercept emails sent to the Mayor.

In case you are not familiar with this section of the Criminal Code I will include the link here for you . Before you vote “Yes” to this resolution you may want to take a look at this piece of legislation in the Criminal Code.

To help you understand this section of the Criminal Code read the following:· “private communication" means any oral communication, or any telecommunication (I would suggest this can include emails), that is made by an originator who is in Canada or is intended by the originator to be received by a person who is in Canada and that is made under circumstances in which it is reasonable for the originator to expect that it will not be intercepted by any person other than the person intended by the originator to receive it, and includes any radio-based telephone communication that is treated electronically or otherwise for the purpose of preventing intelligible reception by any person other than the person intended by the originator to receive it;”·

184. (1) Every one who, by means of any electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device, wilfully intercepts a private communication is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.”·

184.2 (1) A person may intercept, by means of any electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device, a private communication where either the originator of the private communication or the person intended by the originator to receive it has consented to the interception and an authorization has been obtained pursuant to subsection (3).”

You see gentlemen this has nothing to do with the Mayor but rather has everything to do with the protection of the privacy of the residents of this County.

Would you like to test this law in court?

As a resident of this County and taxpayer I am fed up with your attempts to circumvent the role of Mayor who was openly and fairly elected to her position in the County.

Lisa Parent


  1. Oh please the House was not full, there were many empty seats, 4 beside us, aside from Mark who required two seats.
    Three behind us, 4 across from us. If your trying to be a politician, your on the right course, you cannot count, nor tell the truth.
    If Marie wants to communicate with you dirty dozen, tell her to get an Account on CWUC like Jeffy, or try Hotmail.
    But hey, you have to trust those you talk too, or use their servers, do you?

    Lisa, jeeesh, I'm broken hearted that your pal Marie is now under the scope.
    How do you like Democracy now???

    Why don't you all go get jobs, get lifes and move on.
    It'll be much simpler on your nerves.
    Kudos Buck

  2. Thanks for the "anonymous" comment "anonymous".

    Like I have said many times in the past, everyone has the right to their own opinions!

    Now to the fact that I said the "house was full", in terms of the council chambers, there is usually only "1" person there on a regular basis, besides the press. So actually the "house was full".

    Amazing how you accuse me of "trying" to be a "politician", as you say I am on the right course, I cannot count, nor "tell the truth". Yet you say "kudos to Buck", who is a "politician", so obviously in your eyes he cannot count "nor tell the truth".

    Actually "our nerves" are fine, we do have lives, and we are moving on with making this "council" "accountable for their actions last night".

    As far as using someone elses servers, if you would like I can give you the information to start your "own free blog", just like the one I have.

    It would be nice that the next time you comment, which by the way you are welcome too, please use your "real" name, as I do.

  3. I forgot to mention "anonymous" the following is the header of my "blog".

    Do you feel that your Voice is not heard? Have you ever written a letter to a local newspaper and were not published because they felt that it was too Political? Or have written a letter, and paid the "Price" for it. Have you had dealings with Council and been ignored?

    Please feel free to have your say here.

    Go ahead write that letter, voice your concerns, we will listen to You.

    I only ask that you are "Respectful". Well let's give it a GO!