Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Haldimand "We need to Show the Government the Strength of the People "

Federal Community Liaison, David Crombie will be making a "public" presentation along with other Federal Representatives regarding ongoing land claims negotiations in Haldimand County on Wednesday November 28th, 2007 in the Cayuga Council Chambers starting at 7:00pm.

This is your opportunity to hear first hand information on what is actually going on in Haldimand County. Don't rely on "rumors" or "assumptions", come out and hear the information "first hand".

There have been many press releases lately and I know that a lot of people are really worried about what the government is doing, or not doing.

If you live anywhere in "Haldimand County" and feel that all levels of "Government" play a vital role in the expedient resolution to the Land Claims should attend this meeting.

If you live in Dunnville and have concerns over Walmart, No-Frills, should attend this meeting.

If you live in South Cayuga and are worried about the 4,744 acres of land that the "Province" has should attend this meeting.

If you live in Townsend and are worried about the 1,413 acres of land that the "Province" has should attend this meeting.

If you live in Caledonia and have concerns over DCE lands that the "Province" has should attend this meeting.

If you are a business owner and are concerned over the recent statement by Dalton McGuinty who seems absolutely "clueless" to the fact that business in Caledonia is being affected, you need to know if the Federal Government is clueless as should attend this meeting.

If you are concerned over the "Province's" freeze on Selkirk Provincial Park or Rock Point Provincial should be attending this meeting.

If you are a Builder, Developer, or investor in Haldimand should be attending this meeting.

The County has stated recently we have lost a staggering "24 Million dollars" since the same time last year in development related charges. If any of the reasons above don't interest you, this should! We will all pay in the end on "our" property taxes. We cannot recover these losses!

As Haldimand County "does not" have a seat on the main negotiating table, we have no representation. This is a serious concern, if for any other reason you should attend this meeting it should be to "demand" that we have a representative from Haldimand County at this table. I would suggest that this person could be a "resident" and not a political leader.

I know that many people have been writing letters to council members, but Haldimand County doesn't seem to have any "power" at all. So this is our opportunity to send a "Strong Message" that the "communication" lines need to be open to "ALL". Our locally elected officials are our first line of defense, if they cannot speak on our behalf then we have to do it ourselves.

We live in a very strong community and we have come together in the past over issues like saving the "Dunnville Hospital", saving "Haldimand County Hydro", let's show this government that we are strong, and we demand that "negotiations" are a "Priority" for "ALL" levels of "Government", Get this business done and do the right thing for "ALL" "Parties"!.

Let's Together show the Government that we are Strong and Determined to make them Transparent and Accountable for the betterment of "ALL" involved!


  1. Well said Donna, it is time for our locally elected officials to be put wgere they belong. Most of them promised during the last election that they would make a difference. They have been silent for too long.

    I hope people come out and demand accountablility.

  2. I hope a lot of people show up to this public meeting Donna.

    The government needs to solve the land claims and let everyone get on with it.

    Let's make them accountable, I will pass on the word as well.

    Thanks again Donna

  3. They should be holding this meeting in a facility that will hold more people IMO. I have been in chambers and it doesn't look like it would hold more than about 50-60 people.

  4. I hope the plan is not to intimidate the speaker by your "Strong Message" and "demand".
    I would say give him a chance, he is the new kid on the block so to speak.

  5. My intentions are not to intimidate, they are to get people out to public meetings and hear the facts, and stop "assuming".

    This is directed at all levels of government to get together and solve these issues.

  6. It was good speaking with you Donna in Caledonia this morning. I will pass on the word to try and get people out to this meeting on Wednesday night.

  7. Good attendance tonight, I think if it had been advertised there would have been more people there.

    Good to see the people be able to voice their feelings.

    I hope Mr. Crombie has more meetings of this kind.

    Thanks Donna for advertising this public meeting.

  8. I believe that Mr. Crombie was very sincere. I also believe that he will do a good job.

    Thanks to Mr. Crombie, and thank you Donna.