Thursday, December 27, 2007

Haldimand "An Update on the Petition for a Forensic Audit"

I have been asked by a few people where I have been, and why I have not posted any blogs lately. As I am sure that most will understand that for me family always comes first. It has certainly been a challenging year for myself and my family, but I am still here. Some will not be so happy that I haven't just disappeared, but at the same time, I am sure that some of you will be happy to know that I am still involved in local issues. So here it goes, just catching you up on one issue that is still ongoing.

I will be meeting with MPP Toby Barrett in the New Year regarding the petition that circulated for about a month or so in the late fall asking Municipal Affairs to undertake a "Forensic Audit" on the affairs of Haldimand County.

Toby Barrett will be presenting the petitions to the Legislature on our behalf in February 2008.

Thanks to you, I will be presenting Toby with approx. 1,000 signatures from residents of Haldimand County, that signed this petition in such a short period of time!

I will keep you updated.


  1. I hope that the Minister listens to the residents that signed the petition for an audit.

    Back a couple of years ago a few residents in Dunnville had asked Municipal Affairs to get involved and they were all but ignored.

    I do believe Donna that this time we will see some action. One thousand signatures speaks volumes when you compare this with the last Municipal Election in 2007 just over 16,000 residents voted in Haldimand County, that is about 9% of the voting public is requesting this Audit.

    Thanks also goes to Toby Barrett, if anyone can convince the minister to do this audit, Toby can.

  2. I think the first question should be why Toby seems to yap off all the time but does nothing constructive even to the point of avoiding the topic of Diane Finlay. He beaks off about any Liberal he can but will not say a thing about his Federal Conservatives. (the real problem)

    He's playing political games here. Don't be fooled by his phony antics.

  3. I believe that Toby's priorities are with his constituents. I worked with Toby on his re-election campaign, and I can say from a personal viewpoint that Toby is far from playing what you would call "phony antics". I can only guess that Toby has just as much power with the Federal government as he has with Haldimand County Council....none

  4. You are right Donna. Toby has no power with Haldimand County Council or the Federal government. He also has no power with the majority Liberal government of Ontario. Nor does his party who is lead by a man that lost his seat in the last provincial election.

    The Ontario Provincial PC's are hitting the gutter. Shame really.