Thursday, January 17, 2008

Haldimand "Gas Tax Petition on Line"

Haldimand County is one of "337" Municipalities in Ontario that have been left out in the cold by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The least we can try and do is ask for an inquiry or public hearing into the collection and disbursement of the gas tax revenues in Ontario.

Each one of us that drive and purchase gas in Ontario pay "14.7" cents per litre at the pumps to the Province of Ontario. The Province in return puts this money into the "general" coffer, and then grants only "certain" Municipalities the "gas tax funding". This needs to be investigated, as each Municipality in my opinion deserves and should demand their fair share.

So please pass this on-line petition to as many as you can, with many Municipalities in the same situation that we are, we can make a difference!

To: The Legislature of Ontario

Whereas; The Province of Ontario currently receives 14.7 cents from every litre of Gas sold in the Province;

Whereas; The Province of Ontario currently allocates these funds for roads,
bridges and transit;

Whereas; Not all Municipalities in Ontario have public transit;

Whereas; All Municipalities in Ontario however have roads and bridges in grave need of repair, and many Municipalities are under great financial burden do to the lack of funding;

Whereas; There are "445" Municipalities in the Province of Ontario, currently only "108" Municipalities receive gas tax funding from the Province of Ontario;

We the undersigned petition our Provincially Elected Legislators in Ontario to commence a Public Hearing into the collection and disbursement of the Provincial Gas Tax in fairness to "all" Municipalities of Ontario.



  1. An update on the petition on line;

    I have been e-mailing Mayors in Ontario the Gas Tax petition, Thanks to Numberswatch, here is a response from the Mayor of Oshawa, at least he is honest.


    ----- Original Message -----

    From: John Gray
    To: Donna Pitcher
    Sent: Friday, January 18, 2008 3:15 PM
    Subject: RE: Gas Tax on Line Petition

    Oshawa receives gas tax funding and therefore it would be ill advised to dilute down our allocation by spreading it across a greater number of municipalities.

    John Gray


  2. The greed that we see from people in this world is amazing. He won't sign the petition because he doesn't want to share his winfall with other communities even though their taxes also contributed to the winfall.

    We need a politician in charge of this government that distributes the benefits of taxes to communities on a fair distribution system rather than political expediency.

    That applies to all politicians. Remember when you are elected to lead the Province or the Country it is to equally represent all residents of the Province or Country not just those that elected you. Otherwise, you are not a leader.

    Lisa Parent

  3. When I started this petition I didn't even think about this situation. I am shocked that this Mayor even responded to my email in that fashion.

    I have sent so far tonight about 250 individual emails. I am really wondering what it takes to get people involved. Signing a petition on line is the easiest thing to do. It is only day two of the petition, so we can only hope that this spreads across Ontario.

    In order to really get the politicians interested, we need thousands of signatures.

    So please pass this on! If you do nothing, that is exactly what will happen "Nothing!"