Sunday, June 1, 2008

Haldimand "Have Your Say"

I thought I would do something different on my blog. I would like to hear what you have to say on the issues. I am often called by someone who's letter never gets into the local papers, or when someone simply asks me to post on their behalf. Here is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

If you are going to post a long letter, the best way to do it is copy and paste your document into the comment section. Sometimes you will get disconnected if you have the comments box open too long. Blogger does not have spellcheck.

If you do not have a Blogger account and you want to sign your name, click the anonymous box and sign your name on the bottom of your post.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


  1. I'ts not right in a democradic society to have its local government decide how many, coffee shops, department stores, fuel stations,etc should be in a town. The only requierment is, does this business meet the municipal zoning requierments.All to often we see where a business is being attacked by our county and council because the business owner didn't consult the council and receive consent to open that business. I have started several business's outside of this county and have not once have had a problem with the bylaw officer, or even talked to municipal staff or that area council to open those business's...just complied to its zoning. In this county, council will expect one to seek their blessing,throught them and county staff before any commerce may begin....That is dictatorship!

  2. This is in regards to the Autodrome. I see that there is a public meeting comming in June, is the county going to settle this issue once and for all? The Autodrome has brought dollars into this community for the last four years. The Dunnville Cares group that I do believe was headed up by our past Mayor Lorraine Bergstrand seems to up to this point been more powerful than the County. This is a Federal Airport, was the County in their stopping Mayan Aviation from moving in, renovating etc? It is time that County staff and Council put this issue to bed and let an honest business man who has brought money to this community,go on with business. Currently there seems to be no growth in this county and yet the Autodrome owners have had to put up with this behaviour from this County.

  3. Here is another builder that has had to resort to the courts because of the total lack of leadership our current Liberal government has. I found this article in the Spectator.

    Another developer granted injunction

    The Hamilton Spectator
    CAYUGA (May 31, 2008)

    Another developer has secured an temporary injunction against Six Nations protesters. A numbered company owned by partners Mike Corrado and David Eccles was granted the interim measure on May 21.

    The action names the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council, members of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute, Ruby and Floyd Montour, Hazel Hill and persons unknown as defendants.

    "It's the only legal, peaceful remedy we had," Corrado said.

    The company is also seeking $6 million in damages.

    In a sworn statement, Corrado alleges provincial police refused to remove protesters from his work site more than once, despite his requests.

    Protesters have been at the site several times in the past two months, work has been stopped at times and Corrado and his partner have met with the HDI.

    Work resumed this week. The matter returns to court Monday.

    Haldimand OPP Constable Paula Wright said it would be inappropriate to comment because the matter is before the court.

  4. Ruby and Floyd Montour, Hazel Hill are just Radical Natives!!!

    They will get away with what they are doing till Haldmand County meaning every body says enough is enough!!
    Till then they will do what they do best!!!
    It’s up to us All of us!! Its time to put up or shut up and take it up the pipe!!!
    If Haldimand County decide enough is enough: count me in for I feel like I am all alone!!!

    A good friend of mine said it best: we just need a large number of caring people!!!!
    When the number is high enough: then WE will get our way: till then they will continue to get their way!!!

    jim smith

  5. The first comment I was refering to number of Tim Hortons,or shopping spaces proposed by developers in Dunnville on hwy #3 that was debated by Lorne Boyco and council.I have seen this debate reguarding number of restraunts,movie rental stores,and now coffee shops...the county is interfering with commerce and competion. This is not done outside this county and they have prospered as a result in comparision to Dunnville and this county.

  6. Who's design is responsible for the mess that has been made of downtown Dunnville? And at what cost?

    They took away at least 6 parking spots for some wood and stone? It looks like Hell!

    The posts that are just sticking out of the ground are they going to join these with some nautical rope? I hope not, this is not Port Dover.

    Pam, Dunnville

  7. Pam I any many others agree,... It looks like fuggin Hell!

    What are they thinking ?

    It's time for all of us to demand that they remove all of that shit and repave the roads in the village corridor to make the town usefull again...

    Talk to Lorne Boyko and Ben Lam,.. this is their brainstorm from the BIA.

    It's no wonder that TSC has bailed out of locating near this town.

    I wonder if Ruby and Floyd were even consulted ?

    Dennis,... Dunnville

  8. My problem with this county is a simple one. Why does it take so long to get anything done? I will give a few examples of a few things that have been ongoing for a year or more at least in the Dunnville area.

    The struggles of the owner of the Autodrome. (this is not a race track)

    The big mudcat, why is this not already built? This would be a huge attraction for Haldimand County, has council not heard that this mudcat will be in the world record book?

    I would also like to say that this council seems to have taken a turn in what they promised they would do and not do if once elected. I have often wondered if they actually think we are stupid people. When a resident has a sincere concern they are turned down to speak to council, this is certainly not being accountable to the people.

    Thanks Donna for letting us vent!

  9. It is disturbing that a Official Plan Amendments to a property that is over 10 klm away from me was mailed to me. I called a few people I know to see how far the amendment information was mailed when it is only required by the county to be mailed to nieghbouring property residence.The result of my inquiery was that residence,like myself recieve the same amendment application notice...over 6-10km away....this is president setting... as I have never recieved a bylaw amendment to a property unless it was next door or a directed interest to the county from oneself.I am refering to Official Plan Application file no. op-ha 8/2004...Zoniing Application ,file no z-ha 38/2004 made by 1736032 Ontario Inc.Then I read who the applicant is...the Dunnville Autodrome....The county has gone over the top this time,as I never recieved a zoneing amendment notification for Wall Mart.or No Frills which is just as far from where I live!!!{not that I have any objection their applications} but to the differant treatment of the notification by this county...because of someone...this makes us as tax payers wide open to be sued through our county direction.

  10. Oh yuk ! That big old mudcat statue is coming to town.

    I really doubt that many people will travel from all around the world to see that wonderful tourist attraction.

    Seems like just another of Dunnville BIA's grasp at crumbling straws.

    Well,.. if it must come to our town, where should it be installed for maximum impact on improving our depleted economy ? My suggestion would be to get vic powell to sink a couple of solid concrete pilons into the river bed at the dam and install it in the river,.. so it would appear to be leaping out of the dirty water.

  11. Our council is barking up the wrong tree!

    Nanticoke still being looked at for nuclear power plant: Trainer

    June 10, 2008

    Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer says Nanticoke is still in the running to host a nuclear power plant despite media reports saying it's already been ruled out as a site.

    The London Free Press reported Monday that Queen's Park has narrowed down its choice for a new site to one of two existing nuclear plants, either in Kincardine or at Darlington in Durham Region, and will make an announcement within days.

    Trainer, however, said Nanticoke is being considered "for above and beyond what they're doing this round" and could still be approved in the future.

    "It's always been on as far as looking at it," Trainer said. "It's in the running to be looked at."

    Bruce Power, the private company that owns Ontario's nuclear plants, is in talks with U. S. Steel to buy unused land at its Lake Erie factory in Nanticoke for a nuke plant, she said.

    "As soon as they seal that deal, they'll do an EA (environmental assessment)," Trainer said. "If that proves OK, they'll buy it."

    Haldimand County is pushing for the EA to be done and wants to have something in place at Nanticoke if the coal-fired generating station there is closed by 2014, as Queen's Park has promised.

    The station, blamed by environmentalists for being one of the worst contributors to greenhouse gases, employs 600 people in well-paying jobs and pays the county millions in property taxes.

    Trainer said she envisions a situation in which two of Nanticoke's eight coal-fired units continue running beside a new nuclear plant.

  12. Thanks everyone for posting your Say!