Monday, April 20, 2009

Haldimand "Pass the Jar Fundraiser for Flood Victims"

"Pass the Jar" will be at Harrison's General store on Rainham Rd. for the next couple of days. So please stop by and drop in a loonie or toonie.

You can also contact me if you would like to make a donation.

Pass the Jar, Not the Buck


It will be easy for employees and customers to make donations to the Haldimand County Disaster Relief Fund.

A donation jar will make its way through business and store doors and on to counters where bills and coins can be slipped in it.

An idea launched by Donna Pitcher, the Pass The Jar will be a challenge for businesses.

She will contact owners to schedule stop-overs and hoped that some will take the initiative to call and book a time that suits them.

During the two days it sits on a counter or a desk within an arms reach of potential donors, the business owner can attach memorabilia to the jar. Just think bumper stickers.

Pitcher hoped that so many business stickers or cards will be stuck on the jar that you won't be able to see into it.

But don't wait for her to show up with it. Book a Pass The Jar stopover by calling her at 905-701-1627.

Pitcher is a member of the council-appointed Haldimand County Disaster Relief Committee and is a member of the fundraising sub-committee.

The committee is operating under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) that was launched in the county after a provincial disaster was declared from Cayuga's bridge to Port Maitland. Ice jams on Feb. 13 caused flooding and significant damage to homes and properties in the designated flood zone.

Every $1.00 collected in the jar will be matched by up to $2.00 by the provincial government. Only 90 per cent of eligible damage costs will be paid out in relief efforts to avoid a surplus of funds.


  1. Pass The Jar will be at:
    Good Looks Hair Design 139 Lock St. Dunnville April 30 & May 1. Our team would like to challenge all Hair Salons!!!!

  2. Thanks Carolyn!

    I spoke with Canadian Tire today and we can now accept Canadian Tire money as well at par!

    Thank you Canadian Tire, Dunnville!

  3. Thanks Monte for the front page story!

    Haldimand passes jar on behalf of flood victims
    Posted By Monte Sonnenberg, SIMCOE REFORMER

    A big old pickle jar is about to get a workout in Haldimand County.

    The jar is the focal point of a Pass the Jar fundraising campaign on behalf of flood victims in southeast Haldimand.

    Between now and the end of summer, the jar will tour Haldimand businesses and industries in an effort to raise money for 64 households and businesses along the Grand River that were damaged when ice jams caused severe flooding. The damage occurred between Cayuga and Dunnville in February.

    The Pass the Jar campaign is the brainchild of Donna Pitcher of Dunnville, a member of the Haldimand County Disaster Relief Committee.

    "We're trying to hit everybody," Pitcher said Tuesday. "Not everyone is going to be able to attend a dance or a bake sale. This is an opportunity to reach everybody. Every dollar counts. This - the nickels, the dimes, the loonies - this is going to be the success of the fundraiser."

    The disaster relief committee is operating under the auspices of the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program. The province will pay $2 toward the flood relief effort for every dollar raised locally.

    The committee so far has raised $17,000.

    Of this, $10,000 came from Bruce Power of Tiverton, which is exploring the possibility of situating two nuclear reactors in the Nanticoke Industrial Park west of the U.S. Steel plant. A Dunnville-area family has donated $5,000 while a Dunnville-area doctor has donated $1,000. Numerous fundraising events are planned between now and next fall.

    The jar's first stop is Harrison's General Store & Service Centre near Rainham Centre. Hosts are invited to attach a business logo or business card to the jar as evidence of its travels around Haldimand.

    February's flooding caused an estimated $1.8 million damage. The province has excluded recreational properties and infrastructure from the relief effort, leaving about $300,000 in damage eligible for assistance. The province will limit its help to 90 per cent of the damage to ensure the flood relief fund doesn't post a surplus.

    For more information on playing host to Pass the Jar, contact Pitcher at 1-905-701-1627.

  4. Great news about the Cdn Tire money, have you got any drop off places yest?

  5. Drop off for Canadian tire money is at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce and the Dunnville Chronicle.

    A huge thanks to Harrisons General Store and to Hessels Farm equipment for hosting the Jar the last week!