Friday, June 19, 2009

Haldimand "Keep Off our Lawn, pair tells Fledgling Caledonia Militia"

It is strange how a story can grow it's own legs. Well this one certainly has.

I wrote an article for the Dunnville Chronicle about the Caledonia Militia. The incident that I was speaking of that triggered these events was Ernie Palmer. He owns property just outside of Caledonia where a smoke shack has been erected. Now I might add that this is a different scenario than the rest of the smoke shacks as this one is on private property.

I know a close friend of Ernies and when I asked about getting a hold of him for an interview I was told that he just wanted to be left alone. He will deal with this situation on his own. So I respected his wishes and never attempted to contact him. Other media outlets did and the story has grown it's own legs. Thank goodness I stayed away from that one. Although I guess I am not a very good reporter for not pushing.

The whole issue of Ernie's property has been, he said she said they said. Everyone seems to have different factual information. So today in a Toronto newspaper everything seems to be crystal clear. There is a picture of Ernie and Powless smiling and hitting their fists together. (I cannot put pics up on my site.)

Keep off our lawn, pair tells fledgling Caledonia 'militia'

Ernie Palmer is okay with Stephen Powless running smoke shop on his land.

Jun 19, 2009 04:30 AM
Peter Edwards
Staff Reporter

CALEDONIA–Ernie Palmer says he's smoking mad at locals who want to set up a "Caledonia Militia" in part to protect him from natives running a discount smoke shop on his front lawn.

"We have the OPP if there is lawlessness," the retiree said yesterday in an interview on his 19-hectare property on Highway 6.

However, he doesn't foresee any need for anyone to protect him from Oshweken resident Stephen (Boots) Powless, 44, one of the smoke shack's proprietors.

"I have found (Powless) a very nice man," said Palmer, who came to Canada from Hungary in 1957. "We have drunk so much coffee we're swimming. ... I have a good dialogue with Boots."

While he didn't invite Powless to set up on his land, Palmer said he respects the attempt to reinforce the assertion that native land claims can't be extinguished.
At one point in an interview on Palmer's lawn, Powless joined in and aimed a squirt gun at the property owner as if taking him hostage, which caused Palmer to burst out laughing.

Powless calls Palmer a friend, but said the area could have a long, hot summer of racial tension if the militia idea catches on.

"I have never run from anyone," he said. "If they come here looking for a fight, they'll get one.

"Hopefully, things remain peaceful," he added.

He said he was willing to leave Palmer's property until he read on the Internet of the plans to set up a local militia.

Organizers stated their right to remove "illegal trespassers" from local properties.
"Trespassers will be arrested and turned over to the OPP," the Internet announcement said.

As for the militia, "hotheads need not apply," the announcement said.

One of the organizers, Doug Fleming, also feels local racial tensions could come to a boil this summer.

"I think people are less resilient," said the 47-year-old, who installs pools and cuts firewood seasonally.

He acknowledged some may have problems with the term "militia."

"It conjures up images of shotguns and rifles," he said. "We're going to discourage (recruits) who are looking for a fight."

The OPP says it opposes formation of a local militia.

Insp. Dave Ross dismissed criticism that the OPP haven't kept law and order, noting the 148 charges laid against 61 people since early 2006, when protests began against a housing development on Douglas Creek land claimed by Six Nations.

"Our role is to act in an appropriate manner to monitor the peace and act in the best interests of everyone involved," Ross said.


  1. This has been a strange case to say the least.

    First the word is that Ernie did not welcome the Smoke Shack and wanted it gone. However, it is odd that the ART/MELT showed up day one if Ernie had not called 911. Why would they show up if there was no call for help?

    Then the OPP said Ernie never asked for help.

    Then the word was that Ernie just wanted to be left alone and would take care of it himself and that it would be settled in a few days.

    Then the militia announcement took place and Ernie was mad because the militia ruined his negotiations with the Smoke Shack owners.

    Then there was a story in the newspaper that Ernie didn't want the Smoke Shack and if he couldn't get them off the OPP would take care of it.

    Then there was a story about a registered letter being sent to Ernie regarding the Smoke Shack.

    Now Ernie and Boots are best friends and everything is great.

    If Ernie has no problem with the Smoke Shack on his property then why are the OPP not arresting Ernie for selling native tobacco on his property since his property is not part of the reserve and as far as I know Ernie is not a native?

    This story is too bizarre to even believe.

  2. Fuuny to watch the rage of the racists turn to Ernie because he chose to be-friend a native man and come to a mutual agreement.

    I thought the racists were screaming about freedom of speech and choice? I see though, you must be like-minded with the racists. That kind of freedom of choice.

    When can Ernie expect the cross-burning on his lawn for being pro-native as Gary McHale likes to call anyone who won't bend to his wishes.

    Caledonia has really slipped into the gutter because it's allowed itself to betting talked into the rhetoric of McHale, Vandermaas, Kinrade and Parkinson.

    and now Fleming.

    so sad.

  3. Ah yes, the four horsemen of the appocolypse.

    Caledonia has become a magnet for every idiot with an axe to grind.

    Even the politicians governing the area seem to have lost control of their town to a small group of troublemakers, come Militiamen.

    I wonder if they accept women to join, like the legitimate militia, the Canadian Armed Forces and the Air Cadets?

    Surreal, Caledonia is a joke and looks barbaric to anyone not living there, that's sad.

  4. Bottom line is that Caledonia and Six Nations have a few issues right now. But the problem is that there are a few people taking advantage of it for a profit and making sure as many people as possible are filled with philthy racist hate and spend their entire existence filling your head with rcist propaganda against natives. It's incredible to watch this crew work. The hatred on the streets of Caledonia against natives I've heard because of this bunch of supremecists is frightening.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Like I said above, it is strange how a story can grow legs.

  6. Someone found this on the internet and e-mailed it to me.


    It seems to be a place to go if you are being faced with a lawsuit by Gary McHale or any of his CANACE followers or if you are facing private prosecution by that gang.


    I just perused this site. Brilliant!

    What it appears to show for anyone who gets sued by McHale is that there is no way anyone can defame him as he has defamed himself for years. I like the concept of this "resource centre" as they described it. I hope they update it with the last few months of new material out there.

    This appears to be a "must have" bookmark on everyone's desktop.

    By the way Donna, your recent articles in the Chronicle have been very good. You're a good reporter and you show balance without too much of your own opinions. Keep up the good work.

  8. Now, this is interesting. Bus loads of non-natives from all over Ontario are coming to Cayuga Tuesday night to counter AGAINST Fleming, McHale and the Caledonia Militia !!

    This is from CUPE:

  9. You may call it interesting, I call it frightening. It seems that McHale, Fleming etal won't be happy until the roads of Haldimand and Six Nations Reserve run with blood. Tuesday, June 23rd just may be the day they have all been waiting for.

  10. I tend to agree with that. I think it's clear that they should now go home to their respective jobs,if any, and leave Caledonia alone. It's becoming abundantly clear that they are abusing the Canadian Flag as a way to cause bloodshed so they can go "See? You all need us!" Send Us your money!

    They are going to keep having their marches until they get their wish. Bloodshed.

    Anyone that can't see what Gary McHale and CANACE are really doing by now has got to be a moron. It's a shame that non-natives from other places have to pour into Caledonia to shut McHale, Fleming, Kinrade, Parkinson and Vandermaas down. God knows, Caledonia residents don't have the guts to stand up to these five retards, so it will be left up to others. And shame on the Cayuga Lions Hall for allowing such a shameful event in the first place. If bloodshed happens, they will have contributed.

    Racism is alive and well in Mississippi, sorry, I mean Haldimand.

  11. Rumours and Propoganda, it certainly works doesn't it?

  12. The Numbers Watchdog has a collection of videos from the Randy Fleming march.

    Their (CANACE's) claim that 50 people showed up isn't backed up by these videos produced by Numbers Watchdog.

    At least five or six people were media.

    What were they (CANACE) doing, counting legs?

    If things are as horrible as they claim, how come so few people showed up, other than the usual suspects with an axe to grind against the OPP for their failings, real or percieved?

    Caledonia is as Caledonia does.

  13. And now McHale is sending out e-mails to everyone begging for cash and to deposit it in his bank accout.

    What kind of stupid moron would ever hand that guy their hard earned cash anyhow? It's bad enough that, going by the Elections Canada website, McHale, Parkinson and Kinrade drew a salary for themselves and claimed some pretty questionable expense amounts. I hope someone spotted this and forced a careful audit. It also lists some of the major donators to his election as well as "loans" to him by Kinrade.

  14. Please keep your comments clean and respectful. I do not want to get into a court case over someone calling people names because they disagree. I do not want to shut down the comments as I realize that this is a hot issue and some do want to comment.

    I will clean up some of the comments and repost them.

  15. Reposted a comment.

    I can tell you one thing.

    If Fleming or any other member of that (deleted)called the (CANACE) ever laid their hands on me or my family, they'd be waking up a month from now in a hospital bed.

    Imagine!..Walking around town with a bunch of Zip Ties looking for any "Indian" to " arrest".

    Good luck with that (deleted)!

    Fleming and McHale have just stepped into a s*** storm they won't be able to get out of now.

    Congratulations (deleted)!

    Watch Dougie run like the chicken crap he really is. He always runs like a coward when someone calls him on his mouth!

    Has anyone ever noticed that? He runs away like a baby and so does McHale. When Clyde gave McHale what as coming to him, McHale ran away and left his wife in the middle of the brawl. COWARD!

  16. Thanks again for your comments. We all need to show a level head.

    It is easy to trash someone else, but when you do that you are no better than the person that you are trashing.

  17. Reposted;

    I love it! Non-natives shutting down his Lions Club (deleted) recruitment drive! Sweet Justice !

    C'mon onto the Reserve for a flag rally McLoser! We'll break some "bread" together and show you some tricks on how to effect an "arrest".

  18. Reposted;

    Thanks for your patience Donna. We understand your concern.

    Yes, it is emotionally charged right now when it appears McHale and his gang will stop at nothing to get the physical confrontation they are begging for. I think most of us are really concerned that full fledged war has been created by Fleming, McHale, Vandermaas, Parkinson and Kinrade and people will quite likely die now as a result of these "concerned crusaders" . It's clear they have a hatred to all things native and they keep pushing and pushing and pushing. How would any of us feel if we were members of a minority who have been historically persecuted, ridiculed, de-personalized, spat upon, humiliated and disenfranchised even to today......and then have this crew care nothing about peace and the economy but rather start a shooting war. The time has come to call these people what they really are.

    And how dare Trainer basically endorse them and suggest violence is the only answer.

    I spoke with someone the other day that said he didn't care how many people now die now on either side as long as he gets to kick the s*** out of a wahoo!......can you imagine?

    I'm afraid this spells the end of Caledonia and it will eventually be emptied out and sealed off by the military. Fleming, McHale, Kinrade, Parkinson, Vandermaas and all their cowardly secret supporters like (removed a few names here)and others will have blood on their hands huge!

    This is so sick I can't even find the words anymore.

    I truly hope the Police round up at least 20 of the main players here including Trainer and toss their asses in jail.

  19. I'm hearing that there is an idea out there to form a huge group to physically block anymore flag marches. Also, a class action lawsuit against Merlyn Kinrade and Doug Fleming by the entire citizenry of Caledonia is being looked into. Probably in the neighbourhood of $10 million dollars.

  20. Thanks for your comments everyone.