Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Haldimand "Say No to the HST"

Here are a couple of news releases from Toby Barrett in regards to the HST that McGuinty is going to push through come July 2010.

You can have your voice heard by signing an on-line petition, there are a few of them out there, just google "HST" and you will find them.

If you don't agree with the HST, don't sit back and do nothing, once this is implemented it can not be reversed for "5" years!

Opposition protests HST at Queens Park
Government refuses to listen so opposition stages debate boycott!

Queen’s Park – If Government refuse to hear the voices of those opposed to its harmonized sales tax (HST) then what’s the point of debate?

That was the underlying theme of a Progressive Conservative Caucus all out protest of question period at Queens Park. The empty seats of the caucus of members served as a reminder to a government bent on ramming through the HST of the disdain across the province for undemocratic tactics. Last week, three Opposition members were removed from the House.

“This government refuses to consult on the HST – they have effectively muted the province,” Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Barrett noted this morning. “Today’s protest was a visual display of the code of silence McGuinty is imposing on any opposing voices.”

Currently, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak is doing the job that Dalton McGuinty should be doing by traveling throughout Ontario to hear the concerns of the middle class families, seniors and small businesses who have the most to lose from Dalton McGuinty’s $3 billion HST tax grab

The HST would add eight percent to the cost of many everyday essentials not currently subject to PST, including gasoline, home heating, hydro, haircuts and internet service. Even funeral services would become more expensive. For the average middle-income family of four, it is estimated that the HST would mean up to $2,500 per year in additional sales taxes.

“Clearly, government knows they don’t have the support of the people on this and are doing everything they can to ram it through,” stated Barrett. “In Opposition we’re left to do everything we can to slow this train down before it pulls out of the station!

Barrett stressed that anyone waiting on the sidelines had better make their voices heard now as once the HST is implemented, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to undo. According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the McGuinty Government, Ontario cannot opt out of the HST regime for five years without risk of massive penalties.


For more information, please contact MPP Toby Barrett at: (416) 325-8404,
(519) 428-0446 or 1-800-903-8629

Hey Mr. McGuinty: not so fast!
Panicked government resorts to procedural tricks to ram through hated HST

Queens Park – Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett is asking government “what’s the rush?” as McGuinty and his gang race to force their unpopular harmonized sales tax into law.

Barrett spoke out following a media conference in which PC Leader Tim Hudak decried the use of underhanded tactics to quickly implement the HST and silence debate.

“Instead of putting cotton in their ears, this government should be listening to what the people have to say,” Barrett noted. “To that end, we are calling for full public hearings to discuss this tax on just about everything with those it will impact – just about everyone!”

Today, the McGuinty Liberals introduced a supply bill that includes legislation to formally implement the HST – debate will accordingly be curtailed to ensure passage of third and final reading debate Thursday. Barrett speculated that the blind rush is to prevent any further caving, in addition to McGuinty’s panicked exemptions last week.

“We know this government will not take action until it’s backed into a corner, as we saw an example of last week,” stated Barrett. “It’s time to finish the deal, allow the public their say - stop this tax in its tracks!”

Given the abbreviated timelines if government gets its way, Barrett reminded concerned taxpayers that it is more important than ever to get their names on petitions to fight the sales tax. Those interested in more petition sheets can contact Barrett's Simcoe office for more information.

The McGuinty HST will mean a 13 per cent sales tax on everything from gas to electricity, haircuts and home heating fuel.


  1. Sign those Petitions everyone! This is no time to sit back and do nothing!

  2. One by one, everyone in opposition to the HST at Queens Park should call McGuinty a liar. Then everyone who believe in such, and opposes the HST would have to be thrown out. Such an act would make an even greater statement...


  3. Earp is right on! McGuinty promised that he would not raise our taxes, now he going to implemnet the biggest tax hike we have ever seen. This tax hike will hit the middle class man who is already drained, sign a petion, call McGuinty a liar, but most of all do something!

  4. FYI - "signing" an e-petition is a complete waste of time because the Ontario Legislature does not recognize or accept anything but properly-done old-fashioned paper petitions with real signatures attached. If you are serious about opposing this, you have to do a proper petition (wording and templates available on the Ontario Legislature's website. An e-peition will be ruled out of order and tossed in the bin.

  5. Is anyone suprised at McGuinty's actions?

    This is a man who brought us OHIP premiums almost immediately after the election in which he said he would not raise taxes.

    Anyone who trusts this man might be interested in beachfront property in the Arctic.

  6. During the 2007 election campaign, McGuinty denied that he was considering a combined sales tax. To change his mind on this issue without going to the electorate should be grounds for an election.
    The pressure has to be put on the local Liberal members of the legislature, who will have to face the same voters 18 months after the implementation. It's political suicide.
    It will be interesting to see if Iggy sells McGuinty down the river by voting against it in an attempt to gain favour in Ontario when the Federal funding component of the combined tax goes to a Commons vote.
    If the Federal Liberals vote down the Federal funding transfer to Ontario for the implementation of the HST, it would kill the HST idea completely. It would also trigger a Federal election, and Iggy would become an instant hero to all of Ontario, which at the very worst would probably give Iggy control of a minority government.
    Iggy could make massive gains in Ontario by blindsiding his Provincial counterparts. This is going to get interesting.