Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Haldimand "Proclamation is Dead"

I went to the Council in Committee meeting yesterday to follow up on some "unfinished" Council business. Back on February 11th, 2008 Toby Barrett appeared as a delegate at Haldimand County's Council of the Whole meeting. At that meeting Toby presented Council with a document and a petition called the Haldimand Proclamation for Peace, Order and Good Government. Here is the Proclamation;


February 2008

WHEREAS, since February 28, 2006, people across Haldimand County and beyond have been subjected to arson, extortion, barricades, land seizures, occupations, militant protests, and related harassment, intimidation, mob violence and threats to public safety.

AND WHEREAS, the community safety, social and economic life, of Haldimand and neighbouring residents, has declined because of the climate of fear, chaos and uncertainty generated by various acts of lawlessness and related intimidation.

AND WHEREAS, there is a perception, and evidence, of two categories of law, of justice, of police protection, and government action based on one’s race and geographical location within Haldimand County and beyond.

AND WHEREAS, the lawlessness, and the less than adequate prevention and response on the part of police and other government authorities regarding these illegal acts appears to be tolerated, and perhaps condoned, by provincial and federal government policy.

AND WHEREAS, both the provincial and federal governments have legislative, regulatory, enforcement, decision-making and policy-making capability beyond the mandate and scope of Haldimand County.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED, that Haldimand County, in support of all of its residents, proclaim and request, with utmost urgency, that the following actions be taken where mandated at the provincial and federal level:

(1) Restore police patrol, response and enforcement as well as justice, order and the rule of law, including court injunctions, throughout Haldimand County regardless of one’s race or geographical location.

(2) Cease all land dispute negotiations and related actions until extortion, and illegal occupations and protests are terminated.

(3) Budget and publicly set timelines and deadlines to continue to resolve legitimate land disputes expeditiously within a climate of openness, mutual respect, and justice for all affected.

(4) Compensate individuals, businesses and the municipality for loss, insecurity, economic decline, and any other collateral damage stemming from provincial and federal decisions and policy, or lack thereof, that have eroded peace, order and good government in Haldimand County and beyond.

At the meeting in February Toby asked for Council's support and stated that if they wanted to make changes to the wording of the Proclamation that was fine, as this was a draft for Council to consider. Councillor Bartlett stated that he wanted to see some changes, but was not willing to talk about it at that time.

Councillor Boyko asked Toby to give them a week to look it over, well it has been "3" weeks and Council has indeed looked it over.

This item "did not" appear on the agenda so at the lunch break I asked Mayor Trainer why it wasn't on the agenda. She proceeded to write this on a piece of paper, didn't have an answer for me and went to lunch.

Well I called Mayor Trainer this morning to ask if she had mentioned this item to her Council in the afternoon session. Yes she did, and the answer that she gave me in my opinion was "unacceptable". You can judge for yourself.

Apparently as the Mayor and her council state "why bother he has already presented it to the world". "This is not going to happen" states Mayor Trainer. Council in fact wanted to change some of the wording, and I said to Mayor Trainer it is not too late.....she said....."not going to happen". So I guess that is a done deal! Maybe Council needs to learn to stick to what they say, Councillor Boyko said give us a week, and "3" weeks goes by and nothing! Well that in itself is the answer. I do believe if I had not gone to council and asked Mayor Trainer this question, this would have been filed under Haldimand's "unfinished business".

I was quite upset with Mayor Trainer and Council. I said Marie this was an excellent opportunity for our "Elected Officials" to work in "Partnership" with the "Residents". We had not proceeded with getting any signatures on the petition as we were waiting for Council's "Support". This could have been such a "powerful" tool, together we could have been successful in getting thousands of signatures, and in return, maybe some answers!

I don't believe that this was a lot to ask of our Council, to stand up for the Residents, but I was wrong.

This Council sits "silent", while so many have unanswered questions.


  1. Thanks for that update Donna. And thanks for going the extra mile.

    It looks like council had no intentions on supporting this anyway. I was at the meeting when Toby presented it to Council, they were not impressed then.

    It is becoming very clear how this council feels of it's taxpaying residents.

    Shame on all of them for being so disrespectful to the very people that give them their paychecks.

  2. You wonder why the coucil is dismissing this?......read that piece of vile trash again!

    Barrett is one of the most two-faced, irresponsible politicians I've ever seen! His own party should be ashamed of him for suggesting such a petition with wording like that.

    And just a while back he's leading a tobacco convoy to Six Nations?

    Wake up!

  3. Oh please anonymous.

    The truth is hardly vile trash. What is vile is the fact that there is two tier justice in Caledonia driven by the "Framework for Police Preparedness for Critical Aboriginal Incidents" the racist OPP policy that was originally designed to deal with major incidents but instead has become the working model for all policing in Halidmand County where a native is involved in place of the "Rule of Law".

    What is vile is the fact that the Provincial Government continues to take the I see nothing, hear nothing approach to an organization of the Haudenosaunee called HDI that has seemingly perfected the old shakedown routine and openly commits Extortion on landowners along the Grand River.

    What is vile is that the OPP openly state that they are doing their best to restore policing to sixth and seventh line in Caledonia while residents on those streets have no policing.

    What is vile is that DCE is a police free zone for native criminals to go to when they are being chased by the police knowing the OPP nor the Six Nations police are seemingly not allowed to go there.

    What is vile is that we have a Council who were asked to enact a licensing bylaw for Smoke Shops in Haldimand County to deal with the illegal Smoke Shops and they ignore the request.

    No annonymous the proclamation is bang on the mark. You just don't like it.

  4. "No annonymous the proclamation is bang on the mark. You just don't like it."

    You're wrong. I like it fine. Now that it's going to line the bottom if a bird cage. Right where it belongs.

    And Toby Barrett should rsign and go get a job as a burger flipper at McDonalds or sometthing. What a waste of tax payers dollars he is.

    It's pathetic actually.

  5. Thanks for your comments.

    We have many locally elected officials that waste our local tax dollars. But that is just my opinion.

    If you had attended the council meeting that Toby was a delegate at, you would no more of the facts.

    The fact is that this was a draft copy for council to change if they wished. They have had ample opportunity to do something, anything, instead they chose to ignore it and hope it would go away. They certainly did not need to speak to a "lawyer" about this.

    Toby Barrett told council that night that he voted against the tobacco train, (as one councillor called it)Toby actually called the OPP when he realized that they were heading for DCE. So I would say, thank goodness Toby was there!

  6. Sorry Anonymous

    The only one that has consistently spoken for Caledoniia has been Toby Barrett.

    The Mayor and Council are the ones that should resign since they have done diddley squat since they were elected except kiss McGunties slimy little ass.

    Since you can't rationalize who is actually working for us or against us I guess that qualifies you to work flipping burgers.

    I'm neither Conservative or Liberal as I maintain a neutral position but it is clear that McGuinty and his followers do not have our best interest at heart in Haldimand and hopefully most residents don't have their heads in the sand like you or it may be too late for us.

  7. I just read your blog about how big is your wallet, I was so upset I didn't know what to say.

    This council had no reason the just throw out this proclamation. They probably had no intentions on doing anything with it from the beginning.

    I was at the meeting that night as well and I am glad that Toby came prepared as I think council wanted to attack him, and they couldn't because he was smart enough to come with suggestions, more than our council has ever done!

    I think most of council is Liberal and that is why they do NOTHING!

  8. We all need to be more patient. I know this is not easy. It seems there is nothing that we can do but wait until 2010.

    Be assured Donna that many will make sure that this council does not get elected for another term.

    In the meantime I hope the damage they do is repairable.

  9. Toby is a buffoon with no morals or ethics. People are wise to avoid anything he is involved in.

  10. What will council do today when they find out that there is no $56 million dollars coming our way. It will be interesting indeed. Will they decide to start backing up the residents? Or is it too late for that. We do have council members who would not allow their pride to get in the way, or admit that they were wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.