Thursday, March 27, 2008

Haldimand "My Chat with Jim Dover from Haldimand County"

Last Wednesday I received a phone call from Jim Dover, Manager of Human Resources for Haldimand County. This phone call was in regards to my letter to the editor on March 14th, 2008 in the Sachem. The original post was regarding Haldimand County employees that make over $100,000.00 a year.

We spoke on the phone in depth about “Pay Equity” and “retroactive pay”. There was also some conversation about “comparative” Salaries. I questioned Jim on the comparisons of these positions in particular with the Manager of Corporate Services. As I stated in my blog Norfolk and Brant have a higher tax base, yet Haldimand County pays much higher salaries. Jim explained to me that they did not compare these with Norfolk or Brant, the comparison was with Niagara and Hamilton. I didn’t quite get that, but that is what they did.

If you compare Haldimand with Hamilton in population and tax base, there is nothing to compare too. Haldimand population…..42,000......... Hamilton......... population 503,000, but who am I, and what would I know about these issues?

Jim said that he would send me the reports that had the background information on the “Pay Equity”. Well what I received today is a document called the “Pay Equity Plan”, this is posted for all employees of Haldimand County. The reports that Jim was talking about are “confidential” and he could not send these to me. That makes perfect sense to me that these reports he was talking about would be "confidential", as stated that Grades above "14" are "contracted" positions.

As I was reading this “Pay Equity Plan” on page two it states:

Grades 14 through 17 “are not” included in the Non-Union Pay Equity Plan as positions in these grades are considered “anomalies” in that they are contract positions.

Well there you have it! Most of the Managers and Employees that are listed in the $100,000.00 dollar club are in Grade 14 and above, in particular Manager of Corporate Services.

Jim clarified that Haldimand County also did a “salary comparison” of Managers with Hamilton and Niagara, this was nothing more than a Salary increase in my opinion.

Now I am sure that Haldimand County would have liked me to do a “correction” or a “clarification” on my blog, but as you can see, for me this was not possible.

There is a huge difference between “Pay Equity” and “Pay Comparison”. The reasons behind comparing Haldimand with Hamilton are not justified. This council should have seen this and been "proactive" and "fiscally responsible".

I stick to my original story and that is the end of this story.


  1. Well Donna I must admit that you have hit a cord with this county. I am sure you are right that they want you to correct your story. Good for you for sticking to your guns.

  2. What was this Jim Dover thinking about when he called you? Did he not think that you would write something about his phone call, and did he not think that you would do your homework?

    This County is a Joke, but the sad thing is that the Joke is on us.

    And I agree with the above poster, for sticking to your guns Donna.

  3. Donna maybe you should start thinking about what you are doing here. You are not helping out here by posting this garbage. I hope the County legally comes after you.

  4. The unfortunate thing is that there are far too many people like the poster above. It's bad enough burying your head in the sand, but to criticize others who dare to challenge taxpayers are getting screwed. I can't believe there are so many stupid people around.

  5. Taxpayers are being screwed. Our elected council is there to look after county interests and provide good government at county level. To allow runaway wages and to agree with comparison to Hamilton and Niagara, rather than the closest in size, shows they are once again asleep at the wheel.

  6. Thanks for your comments.

    One person's garbage is anothers jewel. You have the choice whether to read my blog or not. As far as the County coming after me, I am certainly not worried about that.

    Our elected council's mandate is for the betterment of all of Haldimand County!

  7. This county is more than a sleep at the wheel, they are irresponsible to the ratepayers. In times of financial strife this county should not be giving any raises to this management team. This was a sad excuse given the fact that this was not pay equity!

  8. I agree that this council needs to take a hard look at our finances. We are not being told the truth, and I will bet on that. 2010 cannot come fast enough for me and I am sure a few others out there. Your poll seems to say it all.

  9. Thanks for your comments.

    I do agree that Haldimand County needs to take a hard look at it's finances. I have finally put together all my paperwork and will be sending in the petitions requesting for a forensic audit.

    As some have said we need to trim the fat, that is a fact with any business, if it is in trouble, measures need to be taken. It is not responsible government if you just place the burden on the ratepayer with no increase in services.