Monday, October 6, 2008

Haldimand "Federal Election 2008 Waterford Singer goes Green"


Waterford Singer Goes Green
Johnston Campaign Releases YouTube Music Video

Haldimand-Norfolk, October 5, 2008 – Waterford singer songwriter Stephen Hogg has teamed up with Stephana Johnston’s local Green Party campaign to produce a YouTube video. The campaign introduced the candidate via YouTube at the start of the race.

In the latest ad, the 50-something Hogg belts out the “Climate Change Blues.” He bemoans pollution and the climate crisis while reminding voters to “Put an X beside the Green.” The ad cuts away briefly to a voter marking a colourful ballot.

“I’ve got a Green sign on my lawn and I’m happy to do a little singing to support the Greens,” said Hogg. “We need to be thinking about the future and the next generations.” The video was shot in Mr. Hogg’s kitchen and has a folksy look with plenty of knotty pine and a woodstove in the background. The singer accompanies himself with a bluesy arrangement on acoustic guitar.

The Climate Change Blues video is available on the Stephana Johnston’s campaign website at or at . A downloadable MP3 is also available at Johnston’s website.

Candidate Johnston likes the idea of advertising on YouTube and by the internet, generally. “So many people are on the Internet that it doesn’t make sense to use more paper than we need to.” Johnston notes that the campaign does have printed materials available. “We’re keeping it to a minimum but it’s still important to have informative pamphlets and papers.”

With the election less than 2 weeks away, the Green Party candidate has participated in 3 local debates and has met hundreds of voters at almost all of the local farmers’ markets. Interest in the Greens has risen sharply since Elizabeth May took over the leadership two years ago. Ms. May’s stubborn resolve in getting a seat at the table for the televised leaders’ debates is an inspiration to Candidate Johnston.

“She mobilized her supporters using email and the internet and within 2 days, she got the action she sought. Then, she followed through last week with a superb performance. Imagine what she could do in Parliament in 4 years.”


For further information, contact:
Jim Elve
Campaign Manager
Haldimand-Norfolk Federal Green Party Association


  1. Frank Nightingale will be adding a strong voice to the next federal election campaign after being named Haldimand-Norfolk's Green Party candidate last month.
    The Waterford farmer, professional engineer and management consultant was acclaimed as the local Green Party candidate on Dec. 10.

  2. Thanks for your comment, but Frank Nightingale is not the candidate for the Green Party.