Friday, October 31, 2008

Haldimand "Will We have a Say?"

Well the long awaited announcement is coming today! The announcement that I believe was going to happen about a week before the Federal Election.

CHCH news announced on the 7:00am news that Bruce Power has intentions of building a Nuclear Plant in Haldimand County near Nanticoke.

As we all know our Elected Council in Haldimand County has already endorsed a Nuclear Plant on our behalf. Now some on Council will argue this fact and say all they have said is that they are all for an EA assessment.

Janet Fraser was told by Council that her right to be heard on the Nuclear Issue was premature a few months ago. Well Janet it seems now is the time to apply once again to speak to council on this issue! Will this make a difference?

Haldimand County sent letters to the upper levels of government in support of an EA assessment and the Mayor has said on a number of news releases that Haldimand County is in favour of a Nuclear Plant in Haldimand County.

Bruce Power has always stated that they would not build a Nuclear Plant in a community unless it is a "willing host". Well are we a "willing host" according to Bruce Power? Time will tell.

Let's see now if "Our Voices" will be "Heard"!

Here is an article on the announcement today;

Nanticoke eyed as site for nuclear power plant
Approval process could take at least 5 years
Oct 31, 2008 04:30 AM

Energy Reporter

Nuclear power-plant operator Bruce Power will signal to Queen's Park and the federal regulator today that it intends to build a new nuclear plant in the small community of Nanticoke, next to the massive coal-fired generating station that's slated for shutdown in 2014, the Star has learned.

Duncan Hawthorne, president and chief executive officer of Bruce Power, is expected to announce at an event near Nanticoke, along the north shore of Lake Erie, that his company is seeking a site preparation licence from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

The application would start an approvals process likely to take five years before construction can begin. "I can't provide you with any details at this time," said company spokesperson Steve Cannon.

There's no guarantee such a plant will get built. The Ministry of Energy recently selected Darlington as the site of the province's newest nuclear plant in 20 years, to be operated by Ontario Power Generation.

Bruce Power lost its bid to construct and operate that first plant next to its existing facilities near Kincardine. Sources say Hawthorne is betting that the province will need more reactors.

Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman could not be reached for comment.
Industry experts say Nanticoke is considered an ideal site for a nuclear plant because of its location, lakeside access and ample access to high-voltage transmission lines.

The community is also used to having a power plant in its backyard and is worried about the loss of 600 jobs after the coal plant is shut down – though there would likely be a five-year gap between the shutdown of the coal plant and the first operation of a nuclear plant.

Hawthorne has spent two years courting the small communities in the region. In February, Norfolk and Haldimand counties sent letters to Premier Dalton McGuinty asking for the go-ahead to file for a site application, which triggers an environmental assessment.

Some area residents are cool to the idea of a nuclear plant. "Just because our mayor think it's a good idea doesn't mean the community members do as well," Victoria Smith, 24, told the Star. "I can assure you that's not the case."


  1. There is no surprise here. As a political cynic, I knew it was coming, just not when.

    To all who do not want to live under a tritium umbrella, come to Jarvis on Nov 20th to an energy symposium and have your say.

    Remember, there is an alternative that can compete against nuclear power. That is clean-coal-technology where the fuel is cheap and abundant, sequester the carbon and sell the by-products back into agriculture and manufacturing at a profit, increasing jobs at Nanticoke and community while protecting dairy, fishing, tourism and housing in Haldimand/Norfolk.


  2. Well as the first poster said, "no surprises here"! So much for our transparent and honest council! ARe there still any who trust these people. At any rate, the deal is far from done. Remember when the proposal was made to put a huge chemical waste dump in the South Cayuga area in the 80s? Local citizens kept that from happening! Then in the late 80's a large incinerator for burning Toronto's garbage was proposed for the Cayuga area and once again, a revival of that same citizens' group (H.O.P.E.) stopped any such action. Then just a few years ago when Maple Leaf Foods tried to establish Haldimand County as a home for a large number of "factory hog farms" another group of citizens held them at bay. In a nutshell, if we don't let them build it they won't come. I will be at the energy symposium in Jarvis on Nov. 20th. I hope that so many of us show up that it will necessitate more of the same. Let us not be sheep!!!

  3. In support of this very important cause, remember hope has no teeth. We must be proactive. Rally everyone you can to come to Jarvis on November 20th.Our mission is to have a positive result.There are no barriers to attendance, if our concerns are about health and environment then everybody is effected, and their offspring.And everyone living downwind, including the Hamilton area. This has to be about people and not business. Turn off you lights and be a little more conservant, we won't have the need for another nuclear reactor! We have work to do to be an active part of the solution.

  4. Yes I was refused the opportunity to speak to council about the issue after three requests. I was told it was 'premature'. The council knows we, Grand Erie Energy Quest, do not support a nuclear facility at Nanticoke but they do not want to hear what the citizens have to say. It is time to speak out loud and clear so everyone across the province hears what we have to say. I will also be at the Energy Symposium, and will speak about our citizens' group and our stand on the issue. The Energy Symposium will be a great opportunity to have more citzens sign up. The time is right.

  5. I have been critical of Nuclear Power Plants for a few reasons.

    1) No solution for disposing of nuclear waste with it being stored onsite;

    2) While nuclear produces proportionately more electricity per reactor than other methods the cost to build is enormous, the cost to maintain is far more expensive than any other method of production and when a reactor goes down for maintenance it is down for a long time and they are down regularly.

    With that said if Bruce Power wants to build a nuclear power plant in Haldimand and bring construction and operating jobs to this community and be a catalyst to get our community growing again I'm all for it.

    After all it will be built somewhere and the Naticoke Coal Fired Plant will be decomissioned.

    We will be better off with this in our community than not.


  6. I agree with Lisa comments totally.

  7. Does anyone know where our council and mayor stand on this issue? It appears to me that when they are talking to the media, they are against this proposal, however their previous actions seem to support it. Is this just another example of our "do the exact oppposite of what we say" municipal government? Council cannot suck and blow at the same time (even though they try hard to). Pick a side, and stick to it. This might even be a municipal election issue. How about a referendum within the county as to whether we want it or not. Majority rules. No do-overs. Is there anyone in council smart enough to figure this out? I highly doubt it.

  8. Thanks for your comments, and I am glad that there is a great interest in this venture.

    I will be writing another blog about today.

    I can tell you that I attended todays press conference in Nanticoke. I made a phone call and was invited, and I am glad I was.

    The EA will take 3 years not 5 and the Mayor and Council from both Haldimand and Norfolk that were in attendance today are fully supportive of a Nuclear Plant being built in Haldimand.

    I hope to be posting my story about today's event on Saturday.

  9. McGuinty Government's Energy Plan Does Not Include Nuclear at Nanticoke

    Push For Increase in Conservation and Renewables like Sun, Wind and Water

    TORONTO, Oct. 31

    The Government of Ontario has not encouraged or solicited a proposal to build a nuclear generating station in the Haldimand-Norfolk region.

    Ontario is not looking to build new nuclear facilities at Nanticoke. This course of action is speculative and is being conducted by a private company.

    The McGuinty government's long-term energy plan includes renewing its nuclear fleet but at the same level it's been at for about 20 years. The plan seeks to ensure adequate baseload electricity supply while limiting the future use of nuclear power to today's installed capacity level of about 14,000 megawatts.

    Dirty coal-fired electricity generation is going out of commission as the government closes off Nanticoke's history as a coal burner.

    The McGuinty government believes coal replacement should come from conservation and intensifying its reliance on renewable forms of energy, such as the sun, wind, water and biomass.

    "As we get out of using coal-fired generation for electricity, we're looking for opportunities to replace that as much as possible with conservation and take full advantage of more renewable energy," said George Smitherman, Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. "Adding more nuclear beyond the existing supply of 50 per cent is not in Ontario's plans or in Ontario's interest."

  10. Haldimand County Council has been in bed with Bruce Power for almost two years. Even though Sloat stated that they couldn't and wouldn't get involved with a private company they have. Is this proper proctocal? The county spent tax money on a consultant and sent letters in support of an EA. But when the residents wanted to speak to council they said no as it was premature, well it wasn't premature for their involvement. This council has been playing a dangerous game and it may bite them in the ass!

  11. With the Province out of the mix, what this now means is both the Haldimand and Norfolk councils have taken this issue upon themselves without public consultation. After refusal to hear concerns, this has been totally non-transparent. Lying in the media that there was no information about an announcement. Calling for an $20,000,000.00 Environmental Assessment which there will be no turning away from once implemented.

    This calls for a referendum on the issue and of both councils. Lying to constituencies is unacceptable!


  12. I rely have to respond to the comments made by "Lisa". With all of the downsides you illustrated surrounding nuclear energy how can you possibly say that Haldimand County will be better off with the reactor than without it? There are other ways to create jobs, we don't have to and certainly shouldn't put our own lives and the lives of our neighbours and families at mortal risk for the sake of the almighty dollar! I don't think any more nuclear power plants should be built anywhere, let alone here, period. There are safer, cheaper and more reliable alternatives available and more being thought of all the time. Let's not cut off our nose to spite our face.

  13. I disagree anonymous.

    Life is a calculated risk. Even though there are downsides to the Nuclear Plant, none of the Candu Reactors ever built have had an accident that has put the public at risk.

    Regardless of whether the plant is built in Haldimand or not it will be built somewhere in the Province. That means the costs related to construction and maintenance will still impact our monthly hydro bills in some way. Better to have it in our County than somewhere else since it will generate many new jobs and will be a catalyst for new business in thie community.

    Granted there are other ways to generate electricity that I prefer like wind and wave power along with hydro-electric but this plant will happen somewhere. It is short sighted on our part to want it to be somewhere else.

    I would suggest that we are not at mortal risk from a nuclear plant. If that were the case then the plants in Pickering and near Oshawa would have been closed a long time ago since there are far more people that could be at risk there. I lived in Oshawa for a number of years with two nuclear plants, one on each side of me, and I don't glow yet.

    We are cutting off our noses to spite our face by arbitrarily being against this opportunity.

    Also by the time McGuinty gets around to closing the Coal Fired Plant it may be that an intelligent government might be in power and convert the coal fired plant to natural gas or to clean coal.

    Then we would have two power plants in our County to the benefit of Haldimand County.

    I understand your fears but fear cannot be the basis for a logical decision on this matter.


  14. Regarding Candu; below are two links that are lengthy and informative from a Dr. Greening who worked with Candu reactors.

  15. I would like to comment on the news release posted above from the Province.

    In Ontario there is "no requirement" for a Provincial EA to build a Nuclear Plant.

    The Province has not jurisdiction over whether a Nuclear Plant is built in Haldimand.

  16. The writing is on the wall here in Haldimand. Our council has already given the green light to build a Nuclear Plant.

    Since our council has never been interested in what we have to say, they will do their best to make sure that we are silenced! I bet on that one, and so does Bruce Power!

  17. I heard Donna that Buck Sloat was the moderator at this event yesterday. Is there truth to this? If he did, why did he do this if in fact Sloat has stated earlier that they are not involved with a private company? With they way our council is so secretive, I wouldn't put anything past them!