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Haldimand "On-Line Petition asking for Commissioner Fantino's Resignation"

Caledonia residents launch petition for Fantino's resignation



Ken Hewitt and another Caledonia resident want an inquiry into Ontario Provincial Police commissioner Julian Fantino's handling of issues in Haldimand County.

On Dec. 22, they launched a petition which will be distributed across Haldimand County including Dunnville. It demands an inquiry into Fantino's actions and into overall policing based on the "tainted" report from Ipperwash, said Hewitt, who was a key Caledonia Citizens Alliance spokesperson in 2006.

The petition also demands that Fantino be suspended until the inquiry is concluded and be removed from his job if cause if found.

The petition will be circulated across Ontario and will soon be available on the Internet. The petition sprung out of frustration and anger over a recent letter Fantino wrote in support of Clyde Powless of Six Nations, Hewitt indicated.

OPP officers charged him with assault and mischief related to events at the Dec. 1, 2007 smoke shop protest on Argyle Street South in Caledonia."He defies the charges made by his own officers by submitting a letter of support (for Powless)," said Hewitt. "I question why the commissioner of the OPP would submit a letter on a misdemeanour."In the letter filed for a Dec. 5 court hearing on Powless's charges, Fantino wrote that Powless was "instrumental in diffusing serious conflict and confrontation" and has acted as a peacemaker.

In Fantino's letter, which was released last week by Gary McHale, the commissioner said he was making no excuses for Powless's behaviour. Fantino also said the volatile situation and provocation could simply be avoided if McHale and his followers were not in attendance. Three of five paragraphs in the letter mention McHale.

You can read the rest of the article here, Article ID# 136158

Open Letter to the Commissioner Julian Fantino,
(written by Ken Hewitt of Caledonia)

Mr. Fantino, unlike you, I have been involved with the ongoing land claim in Caledonia from the time the OPP botched up the removal of protestors from privately owned land known as DCE. I saw with my own two eyes, protestors pushing back the OPP and breaking many laws as we know them.

I saw the actions of men such as Clyde Powless exhibit very little concern for the people of Caledonia and much less concern for the misguided OPP officers on the street. Who were mostly un-prepared for the situations that they were put into.

I witnessed many occasions when the OPP, confused by the lack of leadership by both yourself and your predecessor Gwen Boniface, both of you allowing the Ipperwash Inquiry to influence your decision making, knowingly violated or ignored your own training and standard operating procedures.

I was thoroughly offended when you came to meet with business leaders through the local Rotary, to listen to you lay blame on the citizens of Caledonia for injuries sustained by your police force in several confrontations.

To hear you justify the lack of arrests made with respect to the many crimes committed by protestors around Caledonia. To hear you continue to use the phrase that you’re only the "meat between the sandwich" yet laws continue to be broken under your watch.

These are laws that have nothing to do with land claims but your fear and your mismanagement has created a fear amongst your officers in knowing when to apply the law and when not to.

On several occasions, to hear you comment on the ongoing costs of policing in Caledonia, and that it is not related to your inability as Commissioner to contain the criminal elements that still continue to exist, but to lay blame on those that choose to challenge you and the government of Ontario, how you have let the community of Caledonia down in what I would call an abysmal failure of leadership.

Most of all, however it is this most recent letter of support that you submitted in defense of Clyde Powless, that has finally brought me to this point in writing you, along with petitioning for your resignation as Commissioner of what was once known as an exceptional police force the OPP.

You were not there that day that Clyde Powless lead the protestors to block Argyle road for a month, you were not there when on his direction, the same road was dug up, you were not there when Clyde Powless and his associates specifically told me three days prior to the hydro station being destroyed, that should there be any resistance from the people of Caledonia, that the services such hydro or water could be targeted.

Instead, you allow your personal conflict with Gary McHale to cloud your judgement, and as such use your position of power to sway the courts in seeing Mr. Powless as a good man, a man who cares about his neighbors, and a man that would do everything to diffuse tense situations rather than the truth as already mentioned.

In football, they call this play the "Flim-Flam"; you have been played sir, and the confidence in your ability to lead and make the right decision without reservation is diminished.

This lack of confidence exists within and without your own police force; it does not only exist in Caledonia, but reaches beyond its borders.

The reality that Ontario will be heading into deficits for the next several years supports the idea of a public inquiry on your actions and those of the OPP and its decisions in the past three years in Caledonia. Up to now there has been a blank cheque and there is no clarity to the costs up to now let alone to the future.

As a taxpayer who must shoulder the burden of these deficits, have the right to call for accountability and the right to call for your resignation.
Ken Hewitt

The following is the petition on line (written by Ken Hewitt);

To: People of Ontario
Petition for Caledonia Public Inquiry


The background for this petition is as follows:

1. Commissioner Julian Fantino has proven through his own court testimony and published documentation that he is no longer unbiased or neutral. Along with native leaders having his personal cell number exclusively; he also uses his position to support them in court against charges by his own police force.

2. Following the flawed results and recommendations of the Ipperwash Inquiry, the OPP and the command decisions made by the OPP have violated and ignored the rules and guidelines as set out by a number of statutes. These include the Criminal Code and the Ontario Police Services Act. In addition the OPP have violated or ignored their training and standard operating procedures. There is documented and electronic evidence that the OPP did so knowingly.

3. The costs surrounding OPP is grossly underestimated. As taxpayers, we have the right to know the true costs of Caledonia. As the province of Ontario enters into years of deficits, how much more money will be wasted on flawed policing and the inability of leadership to change to tactics.

We petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

1. To request the Premier of Ontario to immediately launch a public inquiry into the actions and decisions made by the Commissioner of the OPP Julian Fantino and impose his immediate suspension without pay and upon confirmation of the facts, his immediate resignation.

2. To request the Premier Of Ontario to immediately launch a public inquiry into the actions and decisions made by the OPP with respect to Caledonia over the past 3 years.


Here is the link to sign the petition on line;


  1. "Instead, you allow your personal conflict with Gary McHale to cloud your judgement, and as such use your position of power to sway the courts in seeing Mr. Powless as a good man, a man who cares about his neighbors, and a man that would do everything to diffuse tense situations rather than the truth as already mentioned."

    This is a powerful statement and if this is true, Mr. Fantino you should be ashamed of yourself and you should step down immediately! If in fact Mr. Fantino you have swayed the courts in anyway is absurd and beyond your duties as a Commissioner of the OPP. I find it very difficult to understand how you (Mr. Fantino) have allowed the likes of Gary McHale to cloud your judgement. Is your dislike for this man so powerful that you are willing to loose your career? Or maybe you are looking for a topic for a new book. May I suggest that you sir get together with Gary McHale, between the two of you you could write a best seller and turn it into a movie, this way you will both have your 15 minutes of fame!

    You are both a piece of work and come from the same mold!

  2. I for one disagree with Ken Hewitt and anyone who signs this petition. IMO Commissioner Fantino is doing the best he can do.

  3. An Inquiry is an absolute must in this case. Regardless of what Fantino has done or not done an inquiry is a must if for just one reason, accountability. Millions and Millions of our tax dollars have been spent on talks, policing, etc. with nothing to show for it, not a thing!

  4. Fantino wants accident victims to foot the bill
    Updated 4 days ago

    The Ontario government is rejecting proposed legislation from OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino that would make drivers pay for accidents caused by negligence.

    Fantino's proposed law would let insurance companies off the hook and make motorists pay for accidents in which they were driving aggressively in poor weather.

    The head of the Ontario Provincial Police says at least 40 per cent of crashes are caused by people driving too fast in poor conditions and not paying attention.

    Public Safety Minister Rick Bartolucci is unavailable for comment, but his office says the ministry is not considering any winter driving amendments to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act.

    No one in government would comment on the appropriateness of a top police official taking on the job of elected politicians and drafting a new law.

    The offices of Premier Dalton McGuinty, Attorney General Chris Bentley, Transportation Minister Jim Bradley and Bartolucci all declined to answer questions about Fantino's actions.

    Fantino says his proposal to make drivers pay for being careless and causing an accident mirrors laws on the books in almost every U. S. state.

    This news article says it all, Fantino is a wannabee politician! It is time for him to retire. Making laws and swaying the courts is not his job.

  5. We need an inquiry asap as the path the province has choosen in Caledonia has been the wrong one from the start.
    Opp disgraces itself as long as they hang on to the tainted Ipperwash report.

  6. The residents of Caledonia cannot leave things alone when it is quiet. Why all the fuss now? Is this all caused by Gary McHale once again? Who has seen this apparent letter and endorsement by Fantino, or is this based on Gary McHales writings? A lot of questions need to be answered.

  7. Clyde Powless and his associates specifically told me three days prior to the hydro station being destroyed, that should there be any resistance from the people of Caledonia, that the services such hydro or water could be targeted.

    This needs to be investigated immediately......

  8. For Anonymous
    who states that Caledonia is quiet & why the fuss. Maybe you should spend a little time in the area & than tell us that everything is quiet & peaceful. It is not. We still do not have OPP policing 6th & 7th line. We still have daily tactics being used on homeowners in the area. It is not quiet, you just aren't affected by it, so your life goes on.

  9. This petition and demand for a public inquiry is both a responsible and legitimate response to that which has been allowed to occur in Caledonia. Some say "it is quiet, leave it alone" and yet they for the most part have not been subjected to that which Caledonia has and continues to be. This is an assertion from the people who live and work and try to raise their families here that WE WILL NOT BE WRITTEN OFF, WE WILL NOT GO PEACEFULLY INTO THE ABYSS.... We are Canadians, we are people who pay our taxes, work for the betterment of our selves, our town and our Country and we will not allow those in power to forsake us for their own personal agenda's and for them to take the easy road instead of tackling the issue head on. We did not pick the fight, we never wanted the fight but we have been forced into it simply by a matter of geography... Therefor fight we must, not for the pleasure or the fame or anything else other than our survival as a community and our rights and freedoms as citizens of Canada. For those who sit in judgement of us "trouble making Caledonians" and claim to be so much more enlightened in this issue I would suggest that you don't know or understand a single damn thing... We are a hostage to thugs and criminals, we are abandoned by police and politicians and we are written off by such people as you because nothing that has happened to us has (in your opinion) had any impact upon your lives and loved ones. You fail to see that one simple truth though... If this is allowed to occur to us and we do nothing to challenge and curb it then at some point this terrorism and violence will also visit itself upon you. Ken Hewitt among others is a beacon of hope for those of us trapped in this nightmare and what is more he is doing all of this without burning a tire, blocking a road, committing acts of violence and intimidation or any other tactic that we here in Caledonia have endured while those outside of Caledonia sneer at us as we demand law and order.

  10. The turmoil in Caledonia is a direct result of the failed policies of the Provincial government, as dictated by the severely flawed Ipperwash Inquiry. There needs to be an inquiry into the handling of Caledonia, to ensure that the failures in Caledonia never happen again. Julian Fantino needs to be held accountable for his actions, and if he used the power of his office in an inappropriate manner, then he needs to be terminated.

  11. If a petition is submitted what will Ken and Gary do if the investigation supports OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino.

  12. same thing we will do if a meteor hits the earth and destroys half the planet.... find a way to survive and move forward!

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    The following is a blog that I wrote back in November of 2007.

    Friday, November 9, 2007

    Haldimand "Maybe it is Time for Us to Stop Our Protesting"

    It's not often that I get really angry about a story printed in the newspapers, but this one really peeved me off. A reporter had an interview with Police Commissioner Julian Fantino in Toronto and the article was printed in the Hamilton Spectator on November 8th 2007.

    This story was regarding the costs related to the Land Claims in Caledonia. The real issue for Julian Fantino seemed to be the "so called" costs related to Gary McHale's coming to Caledonia.

    It is not a secret that Gary McHale and Julian Fantino are not buddy's, and it certainly is not a secret that they are in a legal battle with each other, but keep it too yourselves guys! I am really not interested in either one of these individuals airing their dirty laundry in public, nor their "15 minutes" of fame. Take your fight to where it a courtroom!

    Gary Mchale is a "private citizen" and Julian Fantino is the "Commissioner " of the OPP. There is a big difference between the two of them and that should not be overlooked.

    Julian Fantino should know better than to act and speak in the manner that he did in this interview. This was not the first "attack" that Julian Fantino has engaged himself in, and I am sure it will not be the last. Maybe I will be next, or even you, if you speak out or do something that is "out of line" in this man's book!

    In my personal opinion Julian Fantinio is "out of line" for publicly "attacking" "any" citizen of Ontario . His words are "unprofessional", "insulting", "immature", and "intimidating".

    Julian Fantino talks about "stirring things up", in my opinion he is the one stirring things up here, as he is the one who would get the press to print whatever he wanted whenever he wanted!

    Julian Fantino talks about "interlopers" in this interview, it would be nice to have some clarification on this statement, but that is not going to happen. So I will add my personal take on the real message here........"STAY HOME EVERYONE, NO MORE PROTESTING, WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL OF YOU".

    I had another thought as I was writing this article, what if Julian Fantino had the same words come out of his mouth about a "native individual". Now before you crucify me here, I am not being racist, just put a person's name, any name, in the article that I re-wrote below. Julian Fantino would be "crucified", "fired", my point is that Julian Fantino is using Gary McHale's name to send us all a message. "My whole point about this is that we "all" have the right to "assemble peacefully", "voice our opinions", and demand answers!

    It is time for an inquiry!

  14. The following news article was in the Hamilton Spectator in November of 2007. This article was what pissed me off to write the above!

    Says agitators play big role in $32m cost of policing Caledonia November 08, 2007

    The Hamilton Spectator Toronto (Nov 8, 2007)

    The cost of policing the native land occupation in Caledonia has reached $32 million.

    All by himself, the town's infamous "interloper," Gary McHale, has racked up a bill of more than half a million. That's $500,000-plus spent to police his rallies. To shut down his flag-raisings. To watch over his stump speeches. To keep him and some supporters in jail overnight. To deal with a guy who travels from his condo in Richmond Hill every week to "stir things up" in a town that doesn't need to be stirred any more.

    That's the way OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino sees it anyway. It takes Fantino just three and a half minutes into an interview at his downtown Toronto office to offer up, unsolicited, the cost of policing McHale. This is at his fingertips. It takes someone else at the OPP to hunt down the $32-million figure.

    This is Fantino on the attack.

    Anybody who has been following the native protests in Caledonia since February 2006 knows the dispute between self-appointed watchdog McHale, who runs a controversial website critical of the OPP's conduct in the town, and no-nonsense Fantino is nearly as heated as the land-claim issue itself.

    The critic and the cop have been trading barbs and legal threats publicly ever since Fantino stepped in as commissioner one year ago.Fantino says the half-million or so the province has spent to deal with McHale thus far doesn't even cover the cost of backfilling positions in other communities where OPP officers have been drawn from to cover his shenanigans in Caledonia."So the costs, in reality, are probably much, much higher," he says."

    When (McHale) comes to town, when he agitates and creates problems down there, we obviously create a greater police presence," Fantino says.

    McHale, when told of Fantino's comments, had this to say:

    "Half a million? I'm surprised it's not higher." The bookkeeper-turned-activist wonders if the OPP have also taken the time to figure out the costs racked up in Caledonia by highly visible native protester Michael Laughing. He says all it would take to shut down his rallies would be for Fantino to sit down and talk with him. "He could save taxpayers money immediately if he agreed to meet with me," he says.

    McHale has four lawsuits filed against Fantino, OPP union leader Karl Walsh and the provincial police. Two are for defamation of character, one is for false arrest and false imprisonment and another is for violating his charter rights. They total $3.5 million.

    In turn, 22 OPP officers have launched a $7.2-million lawsuit against McHale for defaming them on his website."He can sue all he wants," Fantino says. "Every Canadian can do whatever he wants, I suppose, but that's all mischief making. That's all diverting attention."

    Yes, it is. So let's get past all the dollars and cents of this. The cost of having McHale in Caledonia goes beyond money.

    Each time McHale stages a production in Haldimand County, everyone leaves the negotiating table to deal with his antics. How is this helpful?

    By the way, McHale says he is working on plans for something new in Caledonia, but won't tip his hand.You can bet Fantino won't be happy about that.

    "Things have stabilized (in Caledonia) considerably," the commissioner says, "as long as we don't have these interlopers coming in to create problems."Susan Clairmont's commentary appears regularly in The Spectator.

    I wonder if Fantino considers me an "interloper" as I reside in South Cayuga not Caledonia! It is time for an inquiry! In fact it is long overdue!

  15. Fantino should cut rhetoric
    Posted By
    Posted 2 hours ago

    Some folks can't wait until Julian Fantino's time as head of the OPP ends. But it would come as no surprise if Fantino, master of the knee-jerk reaction and someone who always shoots from the lip -- even if he's in the process of jamming a foot into his cake hole -- opts to run for political office.

    The man's been politicking for years while wearing a police uniform. From his past lobbying for street racing laws to the current proclamation that irresponsible drivers should face charges, Fantino loves to stand on the soapbox.

    This time around, he wants to nail people who don't slow down in inclement weather, as if every driver can magically comprehend the best driving speed for the road conditions.

    Our roadways have posted maximum speed limits, in place for perfect road conditions. It's anticipated people decrease their speed when the weather is less than perfect. The worse the weather, the lower the speed.

    It is very true some drivers travel along at a high rate of speed oblivious to the conditions. They do cause accidents. It is also true some folks go to the other extreme, slowing to a dangerous crawl. Should they also be punished, Mr. Fantino?

    For the offenders, there are already careless driving laws in place.

    Fantino will continue to publicly offer up "suggestions" to provincial politicians for changes to Ontario's Highway Traffic Act. Some, such as the street racing legislation, will be enacted, but others will thankfully fall on deaf ears.

    Perhaps at some point Ontario's top cop will realize you cannot legislate stupidity.

  16. I do believe that MPP Toby Barrett tried last fall to have an inquiry into the Caledonia issue. He also had a petition with a few hundred signatures on it. He failed. What makes you think that this action will make any difference? It is asking the same thing.

  17. There are many OPP officers out there that do their jobs and are proud of what they do (outside of Caledonia). Julian Fantino is not the right person for the job. The Commissioner of the largest police force in Ontario should rise above the rest, the job demands this and he is not up to the duty.

  18. With the millions of dollars that has already been spent in Caledonia alone, this in itself demands for an investigation. Not only into Fantinos actions but those of the negotiators and everyone involved. It is coming into the third year and there is no progress. How much more of our hard earned tax dollars need to spent? What about Haldimand County Council? Did they just not negotiate another contract with the defunked OPP? I can bet that not "one" of our council members will sign this petition.

  19. Hewitt gave himself away when he added his business e-mail address to the petition.

    What's the matter? Business slow? This is a crock of crap and is no better than what McHale does to get a name for himself.
    No way on earth will an inquiry be called.
    Once again, things are quiet so the Caledonia Posse mounts up again.
    It's so tragic that a few idiots want to continually cause more trouble than there is.
    Hewitt should be ashamed of himself.

  20. I find it hard to believe that anyone would not agree that an inquiry needs to be done in regards to Caledonia. I agree with one of the posters when they said that when this amount of taxpayer money is spent that an inquiry should be done. There should be no need for petitions, an inquiry is the accountable way to go, at least be accountable to the taxpayers.

    For the above poster to call anyone an idiot is not called for. We each have our own opinions and we should all respect that.

  21. Give me a break. This is all about Hewitt trying to get on the stage again.

    Caledonia looks like a town of straight out of the deep south because of a few. And the few are idiots.

    Look at the petition so far. Less than 200 signed after what? 3 days already? Nobody cares in Ontario as a whole.

    There will be no inquiry. Book it.

  22. So Donna where is Ken Hewitt? Is he going to make a comment or two, or did you just post this without his permission. This is all bullshit if you ask me, and Donna why do you bother, we had thought you had gone away for good, but you seem to be back again. Get a Life along with the rest of them in Caledonia.

  23. The online petition is meaningless. The only petition that matters is the hardcopy that will be delivered to Queen's Park. Who cares if 200 or 2000 sign the online petition?

    This petition will be taken to many town/cities in Ontario. There are many communities affected by McGuinty foolish policing policies.

    There will be the usually people who post foolish comments in an attempt to discourage people but in the end this petition will be of great concern to McGuinty, Fantino, the Crown and Native Protesters.

    The last thing these people want is for average people to take a stand.

  24. The online petition may not be a legally binding effort however neither was the Facebook petition that was started by the young driver in Hamilton in response to the legislation governing G1/G2/new G drivers... yet that meaningless petition resulted in the legislation being scrapped and re-written... quite impressive for a meaningless effort don't you think.

  25. this is all about continued native bashing. don't kid yourselves.

    Hewitt was quite content to let McHale do all the dirty work and take all the financial losses and legal ramifications, but since McHale has gone silent, Hewitt needs the native haters to get loud again.

    He is a pathetic excuse for a community leader. What has he really done ?

    All this is going to do is start a petition amongst Six Nations people to finally boycott Caledonia for good. And who could blame them when idiots like Hewitt patrol the streets. Haldimand Council should publicly condemn people like Hewitt and their native hating ways.

  26. Jeff Parkinson has signed the petition 3 times and Chris Syrie has signed 2 times.
    So much for Hewitt's petition's integrity.
    Maybe Gary McHale should take over and run it right.

    Is Hewitt just a McHale wannabee?

  27. I'll sign it when Trainer and Barrett sign it and declare their support publicly.

    If they don't sign, it's clear that it doesn't stand a chance.

  28. Donna I have been an avid reader of your blog from the beginning. I commmend you once again for putting up such an important post. Whether people agree or not with this petition it is hard to not agree that Fantino has crossed the line. Thanks for reposting your blog about Fantino from last fall. This is when as far as I am concerned he crossed the line. Fantino is not being responsible nor accountable for his actions. This should have been looked after last year. I find it amazing how people can say the things that they say without putting their name to their post. I think that Ken Hewitt truly cares and is doing what he is doing because he does care. We need more people like Ken and yourself who are not afraid to say it the way it is.

    Keep up the good work Donna.

    p.s I knew that you had not gone away.

  29. I will try to anwser all the posts in one shot here.

    I would agree with the poster who said Fantino is doing the best he can do, if you take in context that he is working off a template that is flawed. The tactics being employed with respect to aboriginal response is obviously not working because where are we today. Moreso is my concern with Fantino pledging his support behind a known agitator in Clyde, which I am told is falling out of favor amongst his own people. That is not just bad leadership but poor decision making on fantino's part.
    I know that you will say that no one has been seriously hurt and that is the standard line, but at what price has the OPP, the taxpayer, the province, the communities, etc had to pay so that no one gets hurt. With that in mind do you think that the protestors are not aware of the tactics that are employed by the OPP to ensure that no one gets hurt. Why do you think it always finds its way back here, even when things get hot in Brantford it still works itself back here.
    I know that Toby did try, and sometimes you have to try again, what is the downside to arriving at a conclusion that might make a difference for everyone. Why are you so afraid of the possible outcome of inquiry?

    My email is the only one that use, if I get some business, I wil be sure to disclose but I am sure that you would agree that there easier ways to drum up business than to draft petitions. Maybe I can actually help Fantino out with his severance or retirement. Yes, things are quiet and my concerns have nothing to do with land claims, but when I hear a Commissioner brag on the air about how many arrests and charges his officers have made over the past several months, to find that he cuts the legs out from under these officers and supplies a letter of support in court, i have a problem with that, regardless of the color of your skin, or background.

    I cannot speak for Marie or Toby but I will ask them to sign it and we will soon find out where they stand.

    To the poster asking why Donna the rest of you who have the gumption to take shots hiding under the protection of an anonymous moniker.....Donna has posted here on HER site to state her passsion, her beliefs, you do not have to agree with all of them as I do not, but it is open for healthy debate. I consider people like yourself at the bottom of the food chain, you give know value to the decency of the human race, but go ahead if it makes you feel good about yourself, being able to sit behind a computer and punch keys and direct your hatred and your conspiracies at those that have the salt to put their name on something.

    When you do want to debate and put your spine back into your argument, by all means, I do not hide.......I am not hard to find.....

    Other than that you cannot provide one possible argument as to why not an inquiry on the actiosn of the OPP, and Fantino. There is absolutely no threat to has nothing to do with land poses no threat on the future outcome of DCE or any othe claim within the other than the cost of performing the inquiry what is the downside......I am sure that most taxpayers would not mind spending anothr cuple of million at this point, given that return we are getting on the money that we are currently spending.........

    Yes the online petition is only a thermometer, the multiple entries are certainly does not hurt having it and having it grow......we hope that it will continue and as most petitions it takes time.......

  30. Hewitt, by your own words, you have proven this idea is stupid.

    The Ipperwash Inquiry recommendations, if flawed as you suggest, should be re-visited. You admit that Fantino is doing his best and I also agree with that. So why do you want Fantino to be fired? Because he said he didn't approve of the actions of Powless but made a submission to the courts reflecting his dealings with him and pointed out some good things?? So what! Fantino has a right to do that does he not?
    You speak of people hiding behind keyboards and yet you didn't have the guts to simply book an appointment with Fantino and ask him face to face to explain his reasoning. Instead, you blind-side the man with this stupid petition in a silly attempt to get your name in the papers once again.

    Did it ever occur to you that it's Fantino's job to try everything in his power to keep an open dialogue going with native leaders so as to be able to diffuse any bad situations that arise? Native leaders tend to only speak with the boss if you've bothered to notice. They go to the top.

    Bullet got arrested, charged and convicted. What's your problem?

    Would it make you feel better if Fantino came to Oshweken, dragged Bullet into the woods and laid the boots to him?

    Funny how you didn't lay any blame on the Government for not settling the claims. Why? Or is that just the Caledonia way. Ignore the bigger issues in favour of bashing cops for not bashing natives. This is why the general populations of Ontario and Canada ignores Caledonia now. It's a bush league town with bush league leaders.

    But go ahead and fill your boots Hewitt if that's what tickles your fancy.

  31. Boy oh boy, it looks like Ken's got wome woman really pissed off!

  32. Ken

    I noticed you said you'd ask Marie and Toby to sign.
    What happens if they say no?
    Will you start another petition against them this time ?

  33. It loooks to me after reading some of these comments that there is no room for some for a good debate. There would be no harm at all in asking for an inquiry. I am not so sure as to the asking for Fantino's resignation. If you don't agree, just don't sign it.

    Ken Hewitt is not being racist nor unreasonable. I would sign this petition if it was a case of an inquiry into everything that has happened in Caledonia.

  34. I agree. If this was an inquiry to basically study the whole thing, identify some areas that could have been handled better and make some positive recommendations.

    But this?

    It's juvenile and stupidity at it's finest and makes Caledonia look really ridiculous. Why not just save the taxpayers some money by calling a press conference and stomp your feet like a baby and throw a big temper tantrum.

  35. This petition has been on line now for four days. I don't see one council member from Haldimand on this petition. What the hell is wrong with them! There should be a second petition asking for an inquiry into Haldimand County's handling of this whole thing for the last three years. This would include every letter, phone call, and meeting attended with the appropriate officials. Talk about finding out who has been doing what. Our council should be accountable as well.

  36. If Caledonia residents want to end this nonsense, the solution is simple.....hold a rally every weekend in Caledonia until they either bankrupt the Province, or at least force the Province into doing some of the things they have been reluctant to do over the past 3 years (like uphold the law). Back 2 yers ago, when the economy was much stronger than it is now, the Ontario government could easily justify the expense associated with their attempted justification of the Ipperwash Inquiry results. Now that economic times have changed, it would be interesting to see how far McGuinty will go with the flawed recommendations of Ipperwash. Much better than a petition, eh?

  37. It seems that the question everyone is concerned with is "how do we move forward from here"? How do we move forward in a way that honors the pain of the past, protects all in the present, and shows a glimmer of hope for the future. At this juncture critical reflection has been called for and seems important. I imagine with all the wisdom of the people of Caledonia and Six Nations we can continue to find respectful ways through this period in time. We can find respectful ways to engage this government.

  38. Ken, when are you going to post a copy of the so-called letter by Fantino, that started this petition by you?

    I'm surprised that it wasn't included with the petition itself.
    And how did you personally get access to it?

    I admit that I find you hard to figure some times and am surprised that you fail to see how your actions often result in further confrontations and that your reasons are more often than not, revolved around your own interest and few associates,

  39. The letter is posted on the internet, it was used in the hearings for Gary McHale. Anyone who is interested in reading can find it there. How I got access to it really is academic, it is what is says that is important.

    The letter will be used to support the petition when it gets to the legislature, there is no need to have it included in our petition to gain signaturs.

    The only confrontations are the ones such as yourselves trying to come up with your own theories on my agenda or those who feel the only way to debate is to take personal attacks rather than prove their points.

    I fail to see how gaining signatures for petition that could force everyone to review how these past 3 years have been managed, right or wrong and how things could be done differently so that our communities do not end up in a head on collision as ours has, could be viewed as confrontational.

    In fact, I challenge you to show me what I have done in the past 3 years that is confrontational. If disagreeing with your perspective is such than I am guilty. Being a part of the first rally that stated I disagreed with your position, than I am guilty. It would seem that whenever someone takes a different position rather than support the natives and their cause at all costs, we are confrontational. I am guilty.

    As for Fantino, he has an ehtical standard to maintain as the Commissioner, and I beleive he crossed that line with this letter of his. My call for his resignation has nothing to do with the natives or its protest, it is strictly on his choices that he has made since taking over.

    My personal interest have always been to be involved in my community.

  40. Thanks again everyone for your comments.

    I was sent an email from an individual just before Christmas. The email is the letter of support for Clyde Powless by Commissioner Fantino. This was apparently used in court recently.

    The email was sent in a format that I cannot simply copy and paste. I will however retype verbatim and post in the next few days.

  41. As you refuse to post Fantino's letter, I will try and locate it myself, even though you yourself have stated numerous times it was the reason you started the petition.
    For you to claim that those who disagree with you are in support of a Native position on the subject shows what your true motives are.

    Ken you were the one whostarted the rallies in the first place, and those rallies led to increasing amounts of confrontation.
    McHale's addition into the mix has further increased this tension.

    Your interest has always been to use your community, same as your buds.

    I challenge you to name one bit of good you have accomplished, throughout this mess.

  42. Ken I read the letter on Caledonia Wake up Call, I was shocked. I agree with your view. The letter showed how Fantino has crossed the line, and he probably never thought that anyone would get a hold of it!

  43. Two Haldimand County Council members have signed the petition. Councillor Grice and Sloat. It is about time that some have come to their senses!

  44. People, and especially Hewitt must be bored that the natives are just minding their own business.
    So, true to form, an effort to cause more animosity is manufactured.
    It's funny to watch Gary McHale try to grab the glory off Hewitt though. Or are they already in bed together?
    Don't look for CHCH tv to be covering Caledonia anymore. Their local news department seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.

    Way to start off a new year Hewitt. More troublemaking.

  45. Fantino's letter supporting Clyde -

    Isn't it amazing that anything any resident does is called troublemaking while it is okay for Native Protesters to block the road for days at a time.

  46. "I challenge you to name one bit of good you have accomplished, throughout this mess."

    Besides running down people who are trying to make a difference, what postive things have YOU done during the past three years?

    If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  47. I can name the most important positive thing he has accomplished since all of this started...

    Despite detractors and fools bent on smearing his name and trying to create suspicion and dislike towards him, Ken has STOOD UP FOR HIS COMMUNITY AND VOICED HIS CONCERNS AND SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY in the face of adversity.

    Mr/Mrs/Miss anonymous detractor are included in the "fool" moniker in case you did not catch that.

  48. Hartless, you clearly need a course in "tact" and diplomacy. I fail to understand how you are still employed you are.

    It frightens me to be quite honest.

    As far as Hewitt? Don't make me laugh. He worries about one person. Himself.

    Is there an election coming up?


  49. I goofed

    the sentence should have been

    ***I fail to understand how you are still employed ~where~ you are.***

  50. "All this is going to do is start a petition amongst Six Nations people to finally boycott Caledonia for good."
    Fine by me. They can start by getting off of DCE.

  51. Thanks again for your comments.

    I usually try to be the last poster, but I have a feeling that I will not have the last word.

    I have a few comments;

    "All this is going to do is start a petition amongst Six Nations people to finally boycott Caledonia for good."

    This petition has nothing to do with the six nations people, so I do not believe that this will happen. This petition is an investigation into all areas of the last three years. As more than one poster stated this should be done regardless, as millions of dollars have been spent on policing, negotiations etc. The government has a responsibility to be accountable to the taxpayers!

    Thanks Ken for this comment; The only confrontations are the ones such as yourselves trying to come up with your own theories on my agenda or those who feel the only way to debate is to take personal attacks rather than prove their points.

    I truly believe that this has been a big problem. If we take all of the "personal attacks" away, what is left? Just the facts. Some do have a tendacy to judge people very quickly, or assume we know who is involved with who, or rather who is in bed with who. Most of the time we are wrong!

    "It's juvenile and stupidity at it's finest and makes Caledonia look really ridiculous."

    There is nothing juvenile or stupid about people who peacfully do what they believe is the right thing. If you don't agree with the petition, don't sign it! As far as this petition making Caledonia look ridiculous, not so, Kudo's to those that dare to speak out and are not afraid of being put down.

    Thanks Dave Hartless for this comment; Despite detractors and fools bent on smearing his name and trying to create suspicion and dislike towards him, Ken has STOOD UP FOR HIS COMMUNITY AND VOICED HIS CONCERNS AND SUPPORT FOR THE COMMUNITY in the face of adversity.

    "Kudos" to all who have been involved "peacefully" in, demonstrations, voicing their concerns, taking a stand, flag raising, speaking to the press, writing a letter, writing a petition, speaking to Council etc.

  52. I would like to know what makes this petition any different than say Toby Barretts Haldimand Proclamation petition over a year ago. Toby was asked by council to come and speak, he did, he came with a petition in hand, he told council that it was a draft and they could change it if they wanted to. Not "one" member of Haldimand County Council would sign the petition!

    When Mayor Trainer publicly admitted that Commissioner Fantino behind closed doors at a Haldimand County Council meeting "bullied" her council, her council refused to back her up.

    Yet this petition is asking: To request the Premier of Ontario to immediately launch a public inquiry into the actions and decisions made by the Commissioner of the OPP Julian Fantino and impose his immediate suspension without pay and upon confirmation of the facts, his immediate resignation.

    I see that Councilor Sloat and Councilor Grice have signed this petition, I would bet that they in fact did not put their signature to this on-line petition. Anyone can sign anyone else's name to an online petition, you only need an email address, in fact with one email address you could sign as many names as you wish. That is why the government does not acknowledge online petitions.

    Until these Council members state pubicly that they actually signed this petition, it holds no weight!

  53. Mr/Mrs/Miss anonymous...
    You fail to understand a lot of things and lack substance in your argument(s), as you can't seem to find the intestinal fortitude to stand behind that which you spout you will be dismissed as non-important. Enjoy the New Year.

    As far as lessons go well I will take them from people who actually have something to teach.

  54. David Hartless you are good at attacking people who think this petition of Hewitt's is a stupid idea.
    You are the one who is fool, a detractor and un important.
    Perhaps it is because you choose to take your lessons from such as coffee-ladies, those who use their flag in a most undignified manner and the likes of McHale and Hewitt.

    You have an unfounded,inflated opinion of yourself

  55. I for one do not believe that any council member has singed this petition. I agree with the above poster, when these two make it public that they signed I will believe.

    As far as some of your posters. It looks like emotions are riding high. The poster that keeps putting down david hartless must have a personal agenda against this man. And they are the ones making themselves look like a "fool".

  56. While I applaud the efforts of people to keep pressure on the powers that be to find a lasting resolution to the issues that continue to inhabit Haldimand County like an unwanted wart (that would include some members of our council), I fear that the only thing that this petition will accomplish is a very little bit of public air time with a dash of panache for a wee bit longer.

    This too will pass into the 'abyss of effort' from/for ordinary people.

    At the end of the day, I'm will to bet that Julian Fantino will still be Commissioner for the OPP until his contractual obligations are completed and that the government at all levels will do what they have done for the last 3 years - ignore the root cause of the problem in some obscure hope that it just goes away.

    I do not agree with everything that Julian Fantino has done. I do not agree with much of what has happened and finds ordinary people doing or trying to accomplish extraordinary things.

    What I do ponder, however, is this: With so much effort spent by so many to derail the efforts of so many trying to keep this train on the tracks while it creeps forward at a snail's pace, will this petition do ANY good toward making a difference? Sorry to sound pessimistic, but the answer is a resounding "no".

  57. With the speed that on-line petitions travel around the country, it seems very telling that just over 300 people have signed this garbage.
    Why does Ken Hewitt wish to mess with another man's job when it's clear that Fantino is succeeding in calming the crisis down. When was the last serious incident? Well over a year now?
    And now Hewitt wants him fired? I think it is quite clear that Hewitt and his ilk are just pissed because they are can't scream and shake their fists and abuse natives anymore. And Hartless? He needs to get some anger management training or something. He's out of control and needs professional help obviously.
    I think Hewitt will probably run in the next election and is only trying to get his name out there again. Maybe he should actually do something constructive for a change instead of just yammering away for posterity.

  58. Speaking of yammering, rather than run down people that are only trying to do what they see is right, why don't you come up with some constructive suggestions for a change.

    This comment was posted by anonymous. I re posted it without the name calling!

    For those that are new to my blog the following is why I started my blog and maybe some need to read this:

    Do you feel that your Voice is not heard? Have you ever written a letter to a local newspaper and were not published because they felt that it was too Political? Or have written a letter, and paid the "Price" for it. Have you had dealings with Council and been ignored? Please feel free to have your say here. Go ahead write that letter, voice your concerns, we will listen to You. I only ask that you are "Respectful". Well let's give it a GO!

    I have only once had to close down the comment section in a blog that I have written. I certainly do not want to do this here.

    We need to agree to disagree on issues and debate instead of calling people names. You are welcome to read my blog, but if you disagree to the point that you must be dis-respectful....please refrain from posting on my blog.......

    I have always been very fortunate that the posters on my blog is what makes my blog work so well. I have ever only had one rule and that is to be "respectful". I don't believe that I am asking for a lot here. So please let's debate not crucify each other!