Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Haldimand "Rally for Canada"

This online petition already had over 50,000 signatures on it last night when I signed it. (I was 50,856) I checked this morning and the petition now has 78,275 signatures. I have never seen a petition on line grow so fast!

"Our Right to Vote on the Coalition Government"

'Rally for Canada' in works
Anti-coalition protests planned coast to coast while pro-coalition groups power up online
Last Updated: 3rd December 2008, 4:31am

They were already rallying in Peterborough and online yesterday but come Saturday thousands are expected to turn out for a "Rally for Canada" in cities coast to coast.

A website, , is urging Canadians to protest the Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois coalition pact to topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The site urges people to turn out Saturday on Parliament Hill, Queen's Park, Halifax, Montreal, Kitchener, London, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Matthias O'Brien, 19, one of the organizers, said the protests are part of an effort to save Canada's democracy.

"This is a very bad move on the Opposition part and it lowers our entire country's (democratic) standard," O'Brien said from Hamilton.

He's expecting 10,000 protesters on Parliament Hill, thousands in Toronto and hundreds in other cities.

"I'm hoping that this is going to be a really big rally," O'Brien said. "If we do get a large turnout ... we hope this will tell MPs how displeased (people) are."

In Peterborough, Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro wasn't waiting for the weekend. He called a noon-hour "Rally for Canada" yesterday outside Peterborough's city hall. It brought out about 150 anti-coalition protesters and a pro-coalition rally of about 35.

"We will be holding a rally to stand up for Canada and show the political parties our disgust about this possible coalition government and to show support for Canada, which does not include the Bloc," Del Mastro's press release said. "Stand up to the separatists and support Canada's democratically-elected government."

Not everyone weighing in online and on the streets was against the coalition.

Two websites -- and - urge support for the Opposition.

Make Parliament Work called for cross-country rallies tomorrow and a rally at Toronto City Hall on Saturday.

Defend Our Democracy urged coalition supporters to get friends involved, contact MPs and the media.

A Facebook group "Stephen Harper's Last Day as Prime Minister" was gaining steam, with almost 8,000 members by yesterday afternoon. It calls for Canadians to take part in a "goodbye party" for the PM on Monday, Dec. 8 -- the date set for the vote which could topple the government.

The party has a dress code: "Sweater vests for all."


  1. Thanks for the link to the petition Donna. I could not attend any rally and I wanted to do something. I also posted on your other story.

    This petition is now up to 146,592 signatures. Donna you are not the only one that feels this way, great job covering this and keeping us in the loop.


  2. And whats wrong with the coalition? Its the most interesting I've seen in our politics in years and completely legal. Harper is a manipulator and a liar. Don't believe all the hype that is purposely placed. Harper knows what he's doing, he forced this situation by putting the opposition in no win situation, he will now go on television and tell you that you can't support a coalition of parties that includes the Bolc, they want to leave Canada. By forcing the election he's trying to get a majority. Remember, if you work in manufacturing or any of the spin offs, he hates you, that's why over the years he has given multi-billions to the banks and his power broker buddies and won't consider a deal to help out the manufacturing in Canada, especially Ontario. If this deceiver wins a majority, better watch out. Iain In Mt Forest

  3. The On line petition is now at 195,665 signatures!

  4. This is absolutely outrageous. These party leaders are essentially saying that the votes Canadian citizens cast at our recent election are completely irrelevant. They don't care what Canadian citizens want, they just want power any way they can get it. I've never been a supporter of any one particular party, but these actions are making me VERY anti three parties in this country - who will not be getting my support on any issue. With the economic crisis all around us, they think the best option is to bring down our government and waste millions of taxpayer dollars on another election? Ridiculous!

  5. Bloc role in coalition makes MP 'feel sick'
    McColeman says Tories have plan for economy
    Posted 41 mins ago

    Brant MP Phil McColeman said a Liberal-NDP coalition government would be disastrous for Canada -- especially at a time of growing economic uncertainty.

    "This is a time when the country needs stability," he said Tuesday. "That would just be flushed away."

    McColeman, one of the newest members of the Conservative caucus, said "it made me feel sick" when he saw a partnership between the opposition parties unfolding late Monday.

    He said the prospect of a government headed by Liberal leader Stephane Dion is bad enough. But, the fact that the coalition is propped up by the Bloc Quebecois makes it even more unpalatable.

    "It was gut-wrenching for me when I saw the leaders of the other parties sit down and make a deal with the Bloc, a party whose clear goal is the demise of this country," he said.

    As details of the partnership unfolded Tuesday, McColeman react with disbelief.

    "I just cannot believe this is happening -- the whole idea that we could have a government that would be beholden to the separatists."

    McColeman, who defeated Liberal Lloyd St. Amand in October, said the idea of an unelected coalition taking power goes against his political beliefs.

    "I came to Ottawa, elected, to represent Brant as part of the government.

    "The socialist-separatist agenda being recognized as a viable alternative goes against everything I was elected to represent."

    While the Conservatives have been criticized for not having a plan to bolster Canada's struggling economy, Mc- Coleman said his party is ready to roll out its strategy in a budget scheduled for the end of January.

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  6. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Iain your are right that this is a most interesting time in Canadian Politics, and yes we should not believe all the hype.

    For me anyway, I feel that I went to the polls and already voted back some 50 days ago, and even though you say this coalition is legal it is not what I voted for. In countries where they vote "Proportional" one ballot two votes, is where a coalition government is more apt to arise.

    All parties need to sit down and talk this out, and if they can't a cooling off period needs to be put in place. It seems that pride is getting in the way of all involved.

    So now this is in the hands of the Gov General. She is wise and will make the right decision on behalf of all Canadians! She is non political and obviously right now that is what we need. Someone to put aside all the crap and do the right thing!

  7. Wake up Canada. Parliamentary rules are set and must be followed. The coalition has followed these rules and Stephen Harper is crying because he will loose his cushy job. Asking to have parliament closed until he can offer a new budget is a pathetic plea from a Prime Minister so caled representing Canada. He had his chance and blew it. Let someone else try to get the economy of this country back on track. It's obvious Harper has no idea. If we want to prevent such whining and crying from happening again, I strongly recommend that Parliament issue a new law whereby their are only two parties representing this country, Liberals & Conservatives. All other members must fall into one of these two parties and their will always be a majority government in power! !

  8. If you were able to make it out to one of the over 20 rallies across Canada today, I wanted to extend my personal thanks for making this national event successful.

    You are contributing to the debate they didn't want us to have, making the noise they didn't want Canada to hear and showing your pride in our democracy to those who would dismiss it.

    You are part of this national movement! They heard us today!!

    After you've had a chance to wind down from such an amazing day and grab some hot chocolate, I'd be happy to get an email from you telling me an observation from the rally or your story from the day.

    Send your photos and video too! You can also upload them to our RallyforCanada photo pool at

    In the coming days and weeks, I'll be in touch. The threat of an unelected coalition is still on the horizon and we may have to show our strength in numbers again! Keep checking the for updates.

    My many thanks,
    Stephen Taylor

    PS - If you brought friends and family to the rally today, be sure to have them sign up with our movement at

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  9. One suggestion for you to consider. Not everybody wants to join or belong to Facebook or Twitter. I would like to be able to view the petition and online comments, but I don't want to belong to these social networking websites. You may want to consider a third option as many of the older generation don't like these type of sites. We are overloaded with information and some of the postings on Facebook are too personal and downright silly.