Friday, March 27, 2009

Haldimand "First Flood Fundraiser"

First Flood Fundraiser

Posted By KAREN BEST ,
Posted 15 hours ago

A night of great entertainment is a perfect way to begin fundraising for victims of the Feb. 13 flood.

On March 31, Rob Lamothe, Mike Bell and Dave Bell, Silence the Fury and Nate Waldes, all from Dunnville, will perform at the Casbah in Hamilton. They will be joined by Jacob Moon.

Dave Dunham Junior is promoting the show for Casbah owner Brodie Schwendiman who wants to give back to Dunnville in this time of need. A lot of Dunnville bands play in the club and a lot of Dunnville people are patrons of it, said Dunham.

He wanted as many people as possible to show up to raise as much money as possible.

The Casbah is located at 306 King Street West at the corner of Queen Street. The entrance to the upstairs club is off Queen.

Admission is $10 at the door and the show begins at 8 p. m.

For every dollar of show proceeds provided for flood relief, the Ontario government will provide $1.70 through the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program.

On March 13, Municipal Affairs Minister Jim Watson declared a disaster zone in flooded areas from Cayuga's bridge to Port Maitland.

So far the next fundraiser is the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 142 dance featuring True Country on May 2.


  1. "For every dollar of show proceeds provided for flood relief, the Ontario government will provide $1.70"

    Huh?, I thought the province was supposed to be funding $2 for each dollar raised.

  2. The government does fund $2.00 for each $1.00 raised to a maximum of 90%. This is so there are no funds left over. I am not sure why Karen put $1.70.

  3. The Government matches "up to" $2.00 for every $1.00 raised publicly.

    Each case is examined and a figure is set.

    So it may very well be in this case, the figure is $1.70 and perhaps the reporter has that information.

    Can someone confirm? Can someone call the reporter and ask where she got the $1.70 figure from.