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Haldimand "Solar-Flexus Ltd talks about Energy Conservation"

The following is a letter to the Editor written by Bill Stewart of Haldimand County and some information on how you can contact him.

Bill’s letter was never printed in the paper and he had hoped that this information would get out to people in Haldimand. So I contacted Bill for more information on his company and the Energy Savings Program. I also did a bit of research myself and what a great program! If you are looking into renovations to make you’re home more efficient this is it!

Thanks Bill for the information and I will post your letter to the editor.

The following is some information on The Ontario Home Energy Savings Program.

The Government of Ontario will pay half of your pre-retrofit audit, up to $150.

After your first audit, you have 18 months to complete some or all of the improvements suggested by your energy advisor to qualify for government rebates.

After your post-retrofit audit, the Governments of Ontario and Canada will each rebate up to $5,000 for your energy efficient upgrades. The more energy-saving upgrades you make, the more money you’ll get back, up to a total of $10,000.

More info at this site:

Thanks Bill for this information; It details the Audit process, and takes you through the steps to get started in the Green Energy Initiative that Canada and most of the Provinces have initiated. The Federal Government site for downloading energy rebate forms, and applications for those rebates, is at:

Bills states; It all makes for a win-win situation for those who can see the future path of energy conservation and the savings on energy expenditures for what is basically, FREE energy. I am really proud of the product and the quality of the individual components that make up a Solar Hot Water Heater unit. The fact that its an extremely low-maintenance system designed for a 25 year life cycle, and that it would probably exceed that expected life cycle by 15 to 20 years because of the quality of it's components.

I can be contacted by the following methods.

Mail: Solar-Flexus ltd.,
1475 Lakeshore Road, Selkirk,
Ontario N0A 1P0
By phone: (905) 778-2267
By email:

I am still working on a website for the business and that may be addressed in the near future. Thanks again, Donna, Bill Stewart for: SOLAR-FLEXUS

I write this letter in response to the article by Bill Jackson on Nuclear Power generation in the January 28, 2009 "This Week"... I attended the Nuclear Power Symposium (open house) at the Jarvis Community Centre, back in November of '08, to gather facts and raise some questions regarding the Nuclear Plant process... I wasn't surprised when, over the course of the presentations, and the question period that followed, the senses of the attendees went from uncommitted, to decidedly Anti-Nuclear... It was pointed out that a million gallons of Diesel fuel are burned in the mining, transportation, and processing of just "one" pound of high-grade Uranium nuclear fuel (the Nuclear Industry "Lip-speak" for "we have created 100 thousand pounds of carbon dioxide to get this one pound of environmentally GREEN fuel.)"Estimated direct and indirect emissions for the Bruce New Nuclear Power Plant Project in Kincardine (approximately 4,000 MW) were less than 0.015% of Ontario's overall emissions."... A bold faced lie excerpted from the"Nanticoke Nuclear Power Plant Environmental Assessment" document (document id #2761) from the Bruce Power website (

The infrastructure needed to build the Nuke Plant would be 10-20 years in construction... The figure of 4 billion dollars, that is being thrown around so cavalierly by the Nuke Industry for the construction of the plant, would only pay for the footings in the overall costs carried over the life of the construction cycle... The real cost would be in the upper 80 billion-dollar mark, and, provide the most expensive electrical energy in the world.

Yes, the Ontario Government would subsidize the costs of the electricity,but, out of the tax-base of Ontarians who will pay for the expensive wages, and monitoring, and fuel mining/production, and storage (on site) of the spent radioactive fuel, and a large, very large, spin media to make even more Nuke Plants seem so "Environmentally Clean"...Yes, I am aware that the other presenters at the symposium offered"Alternative" Electrical Production methodologies, and that many of the alternative methods were very expensive per Kilowatt to produce, but not one was as expensive as the Nuclear industry's "Lobby" would have us believe.

Wind energy presenters made a valid presentation; as well the Solar Industry(of which my business is a part of) made a very plausible presentation. Even the Agricultural Industry had made a great presentation on "Biomass"inclusion to the coal-fired Electrical Generation Process.

The point is, that we need "truth" to come out in the process of selecting choices for electrical generation in Ontario, not "spin" from the Nuclear Lobby...We need to look at the green alternatives in energy and water"Conservation" as well...

What about a Solar Water Heater, that could save 1.5 Kilowatts of energy per hour, during daylight, per household in Ontario?

In July 2008, the state of Hawaii made it "mandatory" for all new construction of houses to have a Solar Water Heater installed... British Columbia started "SolarBC" in the same month to encourage the use of Solar Water Heaters to conserve energy...

Ontario gives a $500 rebate on the costs of purchasing and installing a Solar Water Heater (only about $3000) and the Federal Government gives another $500 rebate with the string attached that you must have an"Energy Audit" of your premises to point out other energy savings and losses...

Very few in the Haldimand area have taken advantage of these incentives, which to me, borders on APATHY regarding knowledge of energy budgeting per household... Green energy choices ARE available, for the homeowner, as cheaper, free, and environmentally cleaner sources of energy,and not the expensively soaring costs of traditional energy sources.

"William J. Stewart,
C/O of Solar-Flexus, Selkirk,
Ontario N0A 1P0
Tel.: (905) 776-2267

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