Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haldimand "Canada's Worst Driver coming to Dunnville"

Dunnville's worst driver

Residents of Dunnville should keep a closer eye and pay more attention to the road while driving this summer, as a motion was passed in council on Monday to allow an amendment to a current Dunnville bylaw to allow filming to begin of an automotive documentary television series called "Canada's Worst Driver."

Kyle Plas, planner, came to council asking for the amendment to the Town of Dunnville zoning bylaw to permit additional uses which are considered to be beyond the scope of what is currently allowed.

The filming will take place in and around the Dunnville Airport for roughly six weeks and will consist of the assembly of props and road courses needed to conduct the driving tests the show is known for in order to rehabilitate some of Canada's worst drivers. Plas, and his proposal, ensures that the filming will take place only during daytime hours with one driver on the course at a time, easing any concerns of excessive noise levels and all cars used would be like any other street legal car seen on the road.

"This is good for Haldimand County," says Councillor Buck Sloat. "This is good business, it brings a lot of attention to Haldimand County - as a matter of fact, I think my mother- in-law is going to be filmed on this one -it's just good for the county because it is very popular."

Coun. Don Ricker says, "I want to give kudos to the property owners for allowing this to and bringing this to the county." Coun. Ricker proceeds to read an email sent to him by a representative at Proper Television [a private Toronto-based business with about 50 employees who produces shows like Canada's Handyman along with Canada's Worst Driver] thanking Haldimand for allowing the filming of the show to go ahead. Coun. Ricker also extends his thanks from Dunnville CARES for properly explaining the process and keeping them in the process stating they have no objection to the filming.

Coun. Sloat says, "This is a very positive thing for the county." He explains the sense of pride the county could feel when seeing their town not only on television, but on a widely- recognized show.

The show is set to be filmed over a period of 16 days during the months of June and July. Before filming begins, there will be a small crew who will be assemble and disassembling the courses and production areas. The 75 member crew will also be staying in Haldimand County until filming is complete. The series will be aired on the Discovery Channel this fall.

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  1. good news for the local economy, I wonder how co-operative the county really was in this venture, i heard that the owners had a lot of trouble with the county, but is in an election year and some will hang on to others coat tails and take the glory!

  2. Congrats to the owners of the airport for bringing this to our town!

  3. Thanks for your comments. This is great news for the local economy. I am not sure of the details of the problems, but my understanding is that they are cleared up now.

  4. Unfortunately, for whatever reason (selfish/greedy?) for bringing in this TV show to town, it is going to inconvenience local businesses, some to the point of having to SHUT DOWN entirely during the filming. Nice way to support local businesses.