Sunday, June 6, 2010

Haldimand "Sweet Dividend"

Haldimand Hydro dividend

By Jim Knisley

Jun 02, 2010

Albert Marshall, chair of Haldimand Hydro, presented Mayor Marie Trainer with a $691,445 dividend cheque on Monday.

The dividend is up 21 per cent from $515,808 paid last year.

Haldimand Hydro is wholly owned by Haldimand County. In the last 10 years it has paid more than $3 million in dividends to the county.

Haldimand Hydro undertook its largest-ever capital works program in 2009. The utility invested more than $7 million in a variety of projects. These included $2.8 million for the smart meter project, and the conversion to 27,500 volts of line sections on Central Lane,

Dunnville as well as lines near Moulton Sherbrook Townline Road. New line was also constructed along the lakeshore and a new line from the Jarvis transformer station to Hagersville was completed.


  1. Great news for Haldimand Hydro, it gives a special rewards to their country. well, I am glad to read this percentage of dividend in last year.

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