Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Haldimand "Bridge Sit In"

Today I spent approximately 4 hours standing on the "Dunnville Bridge" with a sign that says "Mr. O.P.P. don't allow "ANYONE" to block this bridge".

The response from the public was overwhelming. Thanks to everyone that honked, waved, offered me coffee, water, and a special thanks to the young mother and her three children for joining me on the bridge for about half an hour!

Thanks to the Four OPP officers that also paid me a visit on the Bridge!

I will be back on the Dunnville Bridge "Thursday June 28th around 1:00pm until about 5:00pm". You are welcome to join me if you wish.

This is not about any issue "except to keep traffic on the bridge flowing freely".

I would ask that if you join, that you are "peaceful", "standing on the sidewalk", "NO stopping traffic" If you want to bring a sign, "PLEASE be RESPECTFUL to EVERYONE".

I repeat that my actions are of a peaceful nature.

I will be back on the bridge "Friday June 29th" at around 7:00am.

Thanks for your support
Donna Pitcher


  1. If I wasn't so busy I would be there: sorry Donna!!!

    Jim smith

  2. Donna email me: I will come out maybe for a moment to get picture's of you for Gary's site!

    Jim smith

  3. Rumours. More Antinative propaganda and rumours

  4. Six Nations day of protest


    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - 05:00

    Local News - The Six Nations band council has planned to distribute information on land claims at the Brantford casino on June 29.

    A convoy of vehicles will roll into the Brantford casino at 10 a.m. For two hours, people will conduct "a peaceful, respectful and educational event," said Six Nations band council Chief Dave General. "But we need to share with our neighbours what our issues are."

    During band council's contribution on the First Nations Day of Action, participants will not block access to the casino but will hand out information sheets outlining high area profile areas of concern with attached values, said General while attending the June 21 National Aboriginal Day in Chiefswood Park.

    Six months ago, First Nations chiefs voted in favour of protests on June 29 to draw attention to First Nations land and human rights issues, poverty and racism.

    General said the day will involve a whole spectrum of direct action from those who will erect blockades to those who want to press their point with education.

    "Violence and anarchy brings nothing to our people but pain," he said. "We've had enough of that."

    Haldimand County OPP Inspector Dave McLean said the detachment will be prepared with personnel and resources for the day of action. He could not comment on operational matters such as surveillance of potential county targets.

    He asked people to respect the right to protest and to recognize that First Nations land claims have been ongoing for a long time. "We are just asking people in Haldimand County to appreciate that and not get too consumed with rumours," he said when asked about county bridges.

    Rumours are very damaging because they upset people and can cause actions that are not wanted, said McLean.

    "Let the day come and go," he advised. "There are so many good people in both communities. Everyone is waiting for resolution so they can get back to their lives."

    Val and Rick Vanderwyk of Caledonia had building community relationships on their mind as they enjoyed National Aboriginal Day activities in Chiefswood Park last week.

    She said they were appreciating the culture that is right here in their neighbourhood. They both felt it was important to recognize aboriginal day.

    "It's part of our heritage in Canada, part of our country's history," she said.

    "These are our neighbours and I think it's important to promote good community relations between Six Nations and Caledonia," said Rick. "And the kids love the rides."
    ID- 588470

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