Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Haldimand "Frustrated in Haldimand County"

Well I was all settled in to write an article regarding Dalton McGuinty’s blatant disregard for the residents of Caledonia/Haldimand County, but something else has come to my attention that has just plain peeved me off! I should probably just turn off this damn machine and do something constructive, as I truly believe that you should never voice your opinion when you are upset.

Yesterday there was the "big" announcement regarding speeding up the process of Land Claims in Canada, which I wanted to believe has given "ALL" a glimmer of hope!

My definition of "ALL"; every one of all people!

Then comes an article that was published in The Expositor out of Brantford that took that glimmer of hope and literally flushed it down the toilet! The article is called "It doesn’t give me hope".

This article was published "Today" and was an interview with Janie Jamieson who speaks for those who have occupied DCE for the last 15 months, and Mohawk Chief Allen MacNaughton of Six Nations.

Well it seems that Ottawa’s proposal yesterday to overhaul how land claims are handled isn’t going to change anything in Caledonia/Haldimand County according to Six Nation’s protesters. Janie Jamieson states this recent announcement doesn’t give her much "hope".
Six Nations Chief Allen MacNaughton also shares Janie Jamieson’s views.

There were two statements made in this article that have provoked me to write this article, please read the following excerpts;

(1) Over the course of the 15-month occupation, Six Nations protesters temporarily shut down a railway, blockaded the town’s main thoroughfare and "KNOCKED OUT the community’s HYDRO", SHE ADDED! (That was an admission of guilt was it not?) We’re kind of up in the air as to what statement we can make on June 29th.

(2) It certainly won’t deter anyone from setting up road and railway blockades planned for June 29th the "day of action" declared by aboriginal leaders frustrated with the slow pace of land claims, Jamieson said!

You can read the entire article that I found posted on

First thing that I would like to state is that I would hope to God as I am writing this article that the OPP have already arrested Janie Jamieson for her admitting that it was them, the protesters that knocked out the Hydro last May!

If she blatantly gets away with this statement admitting that they were responsible for Knocking out the Hydro, we need to demand the Government to bring in the RCMP and replace the OPP in Caledonia "IMMEDIATELY" as June 29th is approaching!

The next issue would be June 29th the "day of action". Up until I read this article I had hoped that "WE" were finally seeing the light at the end of the Tunnel!

I am now fearful of what will take place on June 29th, if Janie Jamieson has no fear of admitting to the public that they knocked out the Hydro, how far are they willing to go to prove their point! I am thankful that school finishes on June 28th, so there won’t be any children traveling on school buses that day.

I believe that the Natives have made their point perfectly clear to all of us in the last 15 months, and most would agree that the government has procrastinated on the Land Claims Issues. I have said on many occasions that all levels of government have failed, but I thought in my heart that headway was being made.

I am truly disappointed and bewildered at how this issue in Haldimand County will ever be resolved.

My understanding of the negotiation table is that both sides need to work hand in hand to solve an issue, we have been told on many occasions that the talks are going well, so who is lying to "US"? Well it seems perfectly clear to to me from this article that only one side is even trying. "If I am wrong, please someone correct me".

As summer is approaching and all levels of government are going to be enjoying "their" summer holidays, we in Haldimand County will not be. Maybe it is time that every resident in Haldimand County demands a rebate on our property taxes! Let our local elected officials here in Haldimand County fight that one out with whomever they wish!

I will be forwarding this article to as many levels of government I can find, to as many OPP officials that I can find and the RCMP…..Well you get the point. Please feel free to send my article to whoever you wish as well. We need to demand all levels of government to "cut short" their holidays and deal with this serious issue in Haldimand County.

Donna Pitcher


  1. Let them: hope they do!!

    Jim Smith

  2. It is very important that the natives make an all out attack on Canada on June 29th. We need the support of all Canadian's to combat aboriginal terrorism, and this is the only way we will get it. All Canadian's should get a taste of what the people of Caledonia have been living with.

  3. Elizabeth HutchisonJune 13, 2007 at 4:32 PM

    And so we the forgotten victims, continue to weep. My son came here this morning to pick up my grand daughter. She had a sleep over. He arrived around 8:45 and commented: "There's no motion in this town. No movement. A town holding its collective breath. If you guys can't take a deep breath soon, well, you'll simply expire!"

    For me what is so numbing is that we, as a county, we who pay taxes, work, raise our children, volunteer, we were so expendable. Of no value. Collateral damage.

    Our health, mental and physical, of no value. Our sense of security, of no value. Our investment in our future, of no value. Our ability to teach our children right from wrong, of no value. Our Rights as Canadians, of no value.

    We have been tossed aside. We are refuge. Our politicians have long since written us off and any utterance from them is simply to keep the rabble sedated.

    We have been forgotten, but we will not be forgotten. Elizabeth Hutchison

  4. Anonymous said...
    It is very important that the natives make an all out attack on Canada on June 29th. We need the support of all Canadian's to combat aboriginal terrorism, and this is the only way we will get it. All Canadian's should get a taste of what the people of Caledonia have been living with.

    Right on!!!
    jim smith

  5. Dear Donna,

    Very well said. I guess the laugh is on all the Landclaim Terror deniers who wrote into VoiceofCanada to ask me - with wide, innocent, disingenuous eyes - how I KNEW it wasn't residents who destroyed the power station(!), and why I refused to print their revisionist, 'the sky is green' bullshit!(pardon my language!)

    I guess we owe Janie Jamieson some thanks; now, at least Fantino can't blame it on the 'outsiders.' Plus, it will help the OPP to decide who NOT to arrest.

    Man, I'm sure glad the illustrious OPP managed to arrest all those would-be flag-raisers; after all, we wouldn't want to 'provoke violence' from the peaceful criminals on DCE. I can't decide who I'm more disgusted with - the lying criminal terrorists or the armed security guards who protect them at taxpayers' expense.

    LONG LIVE THE TORONTO POLICE FORCE!!! (do you think they'd consider coming to Caledonia???)

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Lead Investigator - The Ipperwash Papers

  6. I agree Donna, I will offer a room for free to any politician out there that wants to have a nice quite vacation in Caledonia. I doubt that they will take me up on that one, but in all seriousness things are not looking very good for Haldimand County.

    Maybe the Government needs to purchase all of Haldimand County! But they will have to pay each of us for our future losses as well!

    Frustrated in Caledonia

  7. LONG LIVE THE TORONTO POLICE FORCE!!! (do you think they'd consider coming to Caledonia???)

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Lead Investigator - The Ipperwash Papers

    Been here you want there pictures!!

    jim Smith
    You will like my email address please reply!

  8. Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 14:43:10 -0400 (EDT)
    From: Canadians 4 Aboriginal Rights
    Subject: Chinta Puxley

    Roger Gillespie

    I have followed Chinta Puxley's stories carefully because she does have a strong tendency to slide in subtle things that bias the article and the reader. For example, she is the author of the line "barricades that split the town in half". When contacted, she denies her ill-intent and is rude, so I have contacted her bosses at CP, and she has been more careful since, but today she shows her true colours again. ::)

    She will interview somebody, supposedly about one thing, and then slide in innuendo about something else and lead them to answers she wants. Sometimes if they don't say it outright, she will pretend they did ... as she did in this case: It was not a quote, but she makes it appear so by putting the "she added" at the end.

    I do not trust this author, because of my personal experience with her. If she was making 'mistakes', she would own up and correct them. Instead, she argues that it is 'correct'. [b]Chinta Puxley is not 'making mistakes' she is intentionally leading people to believe that people said things they did not say.

    Having talked to people who have been interviewed by her ... here is how it goes ... in the middle of a conversation about an entirely different topic, she will throw out a serious allegations. The interviewee, being intent on the other topic, will ignore it or not address it fully. Puxley prints this as an acknowledgement, admission, or implied quote - i.e., she implies that they said what she in fact said herself, simply because they chose not to address it in the middle of another topic of interest.

    She interviews people under false pretenses. I don't know why anyone would agree to be interviewed by her.

  9. Donna,

    It is good news ... for the other claims in waiting, and thus for the WHOLE country. But it may not make a difference to those with negotiations in progress. If negotiations break down,or in places where they have already broken down, it may help. However, the legislation won't be passed until fall, if all parties can agree, and then it is anybody's guess how long it will take to get it up and running ... months to a year ... there is the selection process, etc.

    It is good news. But makes no difference to Six Nations Confederacy's current negotiations right now. Where it may make a difference, I am guessing, is the Plank Road Claim if there is no resolution of it for three years, as required for the Tribunal. I think it would be a good one for that, perhaps.

  10. In response to your first comment g, I am disturbed to think that a reporter would outright lie about an issue as serious as this.

    Janie Jamieson has spoken to the press on many an occasion, and I would think that she is fully aware that this reporter (if what you have stated is the truth) interviews under false pretenses, why would she even speak to her?

    If in fact you are correct, I would expect tomorrow a retraction from this reporter and newspaper,an apology, and I would hope she gets fired! I would expect a comment by her employer to be put directly on my site! I will in return update my article.

    The burning of this Hydro station last year was a serious crime!

    Newspapers have an obligation to the public to be as truthful as possible.

    This type of reporting in unacceptable!


  11. It would be hard to say she "outright lied". She says it is "correct" but something doesn't smell right. I doubt there will be a retraction.

    There should be a clarification coming from the police, I would think.

  12. I have received some 'unusual' emails from Canadians 4 Aboriginal Rights and/or

    VOICEOFCANADA: "So, you’re saying it’s OK to blockade roads; burn bridges and a power station; assault old people and police and a camera crew; take $20M worth of land by force; terrorize residents?"

    CKIDDONLINE@YAHOO.CA: "First of all, let's clarify: They are not taking $20m worth of land, they are reclaiming the entire Haldimand Tract, which is worth much more than that. They are reclaiming it by legally asserting aboriginal rights, in accord with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Constitution.

    "The violence of the OPP on April 20 was met with resistance. After retaking the land, Six Nations people secured themselves from further attack behind barricades. When the local mob built up to a dangerous frenzy, the power went out. No on knows to this day who did that.

    "They are unarmed. They do not go looking for trouble, but the elderly couple who tried to run one of them down were not innocent. The cameraman's assault on a Six Nations youth started that melee.

    "There are no criminals there. There are people legally asserting their aboriginal rights. You are just another racist troublemaker, Mark Vandermaas."

    So...who's biased and who's not? You be the judge.

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor
    Lead Investigator - The Ipperwash Papers

    P.S. I may not publish the garbage some people send me, but I do save it. You never know when it will come in handy.

  13. You small minded,small brained morons just don't get it,do you? I wouldn't believe anything you Cali racists and your fat friends have to say.Get a life you're such a bunch of losers.

  14. My response to ...small minded......racist........losers.

    I have said this before, I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinions, and in saying this I will not delete your comment.

    I will not answer to your nasty slurs......but I would like you to explain the part of your comment where you state "just don't get it". I am willing to here your story.

    I would only request if you do respond with a comment, be respectful and please use your "real name" as I do.


  15. Ahhhh...the personal insults - last resort of the un-informed and/or guilty who've been caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are incapable of articulating a cogent argument.

    Hey, they even threw out the 'racist' card. Yawn. That's the best you've got, Anonymous???

    Funny how all the creeps accusing other people of being 'racists' hide behind screen names. I wonder why that is? Are they ashamed of what they're saying? Could it be that they don't have any evidence, and they don't want to be sued???

    I suppose I'd walk around with a bag over my head too if I was trying to justify the actions of criminals and terrorists, especially since the native media and 6 Nations Police are now turning against them. Check out the current issue of the Turtle Island News ( for some interesting stories.

    Mark Vandermaas

  16. Hey that still reads pretty well for the truth. Thanks for the rerun voc.

  17. What is it about land rights that Haldimand County can't understand?


    Develop differently.

  18. Elizabeth HutchisonJune 15, 2007 at 4:44 AM

    Let the comments by Anonymous re: Cali Racists be a wake-up-call for everyone! It is important to remember; never, never mix your medications and alcohol! Elizabeth Hutchison

  19. FYI: The clarification from Canadian Press below. Note that Janie did clarify this issue with Puxley at the time, even verifying the date of the 'hydro stoppage' as April 18. Puxley wrote it the way she wanted it anyway, ignoring that verification. She refused to consider a correction, maintaining that the article the way it was written was "correct". It took a contact with her bosses to get them to issue a correction. Once they understood, they agreed it was necessary.

    (CP) — In a June 12 story about reaction to a federal proposal to revamp how land claims are handled, The Canadian Press reported that Six Nations protesters in Caledonia, Ont., had — among other things — knocked out the community's electricity supply during their ongoing occupation of a housing development on disputed land.

    In an interview for the story, Six Nations spokeswoman Janie Jamieson said the occupiers successfully "had hydro stopped" as part of their ongoing protest. Jamieson later said she was referring to the group's successful effort to prevent Ontario utility Hydro One from working along a section of disputed land, and not to an incident of vandalism that saw the town's power supply cut off temporarily.

  20. In response to the note above, I believe that the telling point is in the sentence: "Jamieson later said she was referring to the group's successful effort to prevent Ontario utility Hydro One..." So, the issue was only clarified AFTER the story was published.

    Having worked for the Associated Press, I can also say - with some experience - that if Ms Jamieson had made this clear in the initial interview that was almost certainly recorded, then there would have not been a clarification; there would have been a clear apology.

  21. Thank's Ed and "g", I will look into this, like I said before if this is fact that this release came from CP. I will print an apology to Janie Jamieson.

    When I went on the site of the Brantford Expositor, it didn't say (CP). I called the Expositor and the lady on the phone told me that the article was not from CP.

    I will however confirm this. I will have to e-mail CP, as they only go back 7 days.