Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Haldimand "Welcome to the New Age"

I am a law-abiding citizen and find it absolutely "Criminal" that our Government and the OPP are condoning violence. I am sure that they would boldly disagree with my personal opinion, but their recent actions have proven me correct.

I find today that I feel helpless and dispirited for the road we are going down. When I started my blog in May of this year, it was because I had issues with our local council here in Haldimand County, I now find myself involved in much bigger issues that no level of government can get right. It seemed simple to me at the time when I got involved; all we needed to do was to ensure that there is "One Law for All".

Well that is easier said then done! Now that the Ipperwash Report is final, all "Hell" seems to be breaking loose, just read the papers! We are "ALL" being Threatened! I am not a person that enjoys being negative, but how can one not help but see that we are in "serious trouble" here!

Headlines in the News in the Last couple of days are enough to blow your mind. Even when you think that you have followed the issues closely, and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, it gets even worse! Here are some articles that I found alarming. Although there are many out there, these are the ones that stirred me to write about our current state of affairs.

"Native violence becomes blameless-Ipperwash report effectively legitimizes illegal protests". Published by the National Post Saturday June 02, 2007. An excerpt from this article; "So the police badly mishandled the occupation, yes. But had this particular group of natives not taken it into their heads to break the law, defy their band council, and seize the provincial park, they would never have come into conflict with the police. Yet throughout this report, Judge Linden takes the existence of this and other such native occupations as a given.

"Provincial apology nice, but not enough: Maracle". Published by the Belleville Intelligencer, Friday June 01, 2007. An excerpt from this article; With a national day of protest planned for June 29, there are a lot of similarities between now and when George was killed, Brant said. "It’s ironic that Dudley was killed in 1995 and it was during contentious times, and now it’s re-emerging at a time when there’s a crisis again".

"Aboriginal leaders say Ipperwash report will encourage planned day of protest". Published by the Canadian Press Saturday June 02, 2007. An excerpt from this article; "Aboriginal leaders across the country say the release of the Ipperwash report has cemented their resolve to use a diverse array of methods this summer to raise awareness about outstanding land claims, racism and poverty faced by the First Nations communities.

"Passing the buck". Published by the Simcoe Reformer Monday May 28th, 2007. An excerpt from this article; "Anytime our federal and provincial leaders are put to the test, the discussion degenerates into an endless round of finger-pointing".

"OPP officers issue statement on Aboriginal protests". Published by Soo Today, Tuesday June 05, 2007. This is a news release from Karl Walsh, president of the OPPA. An excerpt from this article; "As the national chief, he should publicly denounce any future activities by protesters who threaten to breach the peace or are counter-productive to a peaceful demonstration, including intimidation of private citizens, destruction of public or private property or attacks on members of the public or police officers".

Well I can give thanks to many levels of government today for the mess that we are in! There is no time left for passing the buck, there is no time left for ignoring legitimate land claims, there is no time left for ignoring third-party injustices, there is no time left for condoning lawlessness, there is no time left for excuses!

So now that all levels of government have been bitten on the "ass", what will they do next?


  1. Dear Donna,
    There is indeed doom and gloom in the future with aboriginal issues. However for years before , during, and after the death of Dudley George, the residents of Ipperwash could not even get the media to print anything negative about the native actions during the occupations for fear of being called racists or not being Politically Correct. What has happened in Canada is that an honest person cannot tell the absolute truth if it may place a minority in an unpleasant characterization. In the Inquiry Justice Linden didn't have to consider native violence in occupations and land claims because what residents were allowed to say in a public consultation of ninety minutes was not transcribed officially into submissions to the Inquiry. What they did print about the meeting was deliberately sanitized. It should have been the most important testimony leading up to and including the death of Dudley George and the years of hell after his death. The good news about all of this is that more mainstream Canadians are talking about the ommissions of the Inquiry.
    They are talking about the racism and terrorism of the natives. The media now recognizes what we mean by two-tier justice and also how cowardly our elected politicians are to preserve the basis of Democracy--The Rule-Of-Law. It comes down to the ME complex. No Politician wants to do the right thing because if a Native is killed again, the political career goes the way of the dinosaur and his wife and family become targets. No way will anyone at Queen's Park or the House of Commons walk in your shoes or mine when native terrorism is the everyday scenario on their turf
    Sadly the safety of the whole Country is up for grabs, deaths have already occurred in land disputes, an nothing has changed the Government's or the OPP position. What has happened to facing the real truth and learning from it???? Where have all the honest Politicians gone???? What great law of Peace is driving the natives to committ such atrocities??? How many victims will it take for someone to pull the plug on these outrageous threats???? Why does the government not have to obey the laws of the land???? We need more talk and more answers before there is civil war. The future of Canada depends on it.

    Respectfully Submitted
    Mary-Lou LaPratte

  2. Thanks for the comment Mary-Lou. I am pleased that you are reading my articles.

    I, like yourself am not afraid of saying how I truly feel. I was raised to be an honest person, to tell the truth, and to respect my fellow man. I was not raised in a religous home, but I was raised in a home that as my Mother still says today "treat others as you would have them treat you". If we use this as a "foundation" how could we possilby go wrong. I do not profess to know all religions, but I can almost be sure that "every" religion is somewhat based on that statement.

    I try to educate myself on all sides of an issue, and I understand the frustrations and anger that one feels when their Voice is Unheard! But I have never taken to violence or hatred!

    I have talked recently about the liberal use of the word "racist". A wise thing for "all" of us to do is re-educate ourselves on what it truly really means to be a "racist". Somewhere down this winding road we are on, the meaning has been tossed in the ditch!

    I would like to try and answer some of your questions with my personal opinions if I dare.

    What has happened to facing the real truth and learning from it????

    We are facing the truth, the problem is that some have yet to learn how to stop blaming everyone else, until we stop trying to find who is to blame we cannot learn from "our" mistakes.

    Where have all the honest Politicians gone????

    I do believe that there are honest politicians out there, we just don't have the right ones in "Power".

    What great law of Peace is driving the natives to committ such atrocities???

    I have done alot of research on "The Great Law", and I can say with confidence that the majority of people who live under this belief do not support the atrocities of the minority.

    How many victims will it take for someone to pull the plug on these outrageous threats????

    I am praying like many others that our Governments and Law enforcement agencies will re-educate themselves on what it means to "break the law", and not be in fear of "enforcing that law".

    Why does the government not have to obey the laws of the land????

    I must say that this one is difficult, as I find myself saying that they are no different than you or I, they must obey the "laws of the land".

    "But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an excercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs"....THE QUR'AN 42

    Truly yours, Donna

  3. This is an excellent article. It should be in the newspaper.

    Quite frankly everyone involved in the burning of the power station should now be arrested as accomplices including those like Janie Jamieson who publicly adimitted it was people from Six Nations. I had read some time back that the stated objective of the Reserve Indians in this country is to bankrupt and destroy the country. I’m not sure where I read it but it was said.

    I agree with your comment about the RCMP but I also think the army needs to be here. If I was the Mayor I would declare a state of emergency for June 29 based on the comments coming from Six Nations and force McGuinty to refuse to accommodate it. That way if something happens on June 29 then it will be squarely on McGuinty’s shoulders.

    Don’t let the kissy, kissy stuff from Six Nations fool you for a minute. If they really wanted to restore peace with Haldimand County it would have been done by now. These people are hell bent on destroying Haldimand County. The sad part is that they are doing it with the assistance of the OPP and the government.

    These governments will continue on this insane path until residents get so fed up they will take the matter into their own hands and someone will get hurt. Then the OPP and the government will step in and cry poor Six Nations people. Look what those nasty residents have done.

    This country will not survive this terrorism unless someone wakes up real soon.