Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Haldimand "Should we be Concerned"?

How often have you heard the statement "if I had only known", maybe I could have done something?

The Internet is a wonderful tool; you can access multiple News reports with the flick of your finger in your comfy chair while drinking a coffee, but is it information overload? I believe that it is, but what I like to do is read all the news articles and choose the ones that relate closer to home.

The following are some articles that I read today with interest and would like to share my thoughts, although lately I do believe that I chose my site name well, so have a coffee and enjoy!
The following article was published in the Toronto Star on June 20th, 2007; you can access the complete article on

Fantino: 'We believe that terrorists are planning all the time to frustrate our security, to attack our infrastructure.'

"Of course it's a concern," Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day told reporters of the video aired Monday on ABC News. "We've always said that Canada is not immune to threats of terrorism." Admitting no security system is 100 per cent fail-safe, Day said the ability for the alleged terrorists to cross our border is "limited."

"Canadians can sleep well at night knowing that we have very effective security capabilities," he said.

"This is really no news to us, because we always plan for the worst and hope for the best," OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino said. "We believe that terrorists are planning all the time to frustrate our security, to attack our infrastructure."

"David Harris, director of the international and terrorist intelligence program at Insignis Strategic Research in Ottawa, cautioned that the threats could be valid".

The following article was published in the Winnipeg Press June 19th, 2007; you can access the complete article at

RCMP & First Nations peace protocol signed

"We are looking forward and planning for a peaceful event and we have every reason to believe that will be so and we will deal with exceptions for what they are -- exceptions,’’ Fantino said.

The following article was posted today on Voice of Canada

Letter to Minister of Public Safety, Stockwell Day

Dear Mr. Minister:

On June 08, your office was contacted by a Mr. Gary McHale who had obtained video footage of terror threats made by Mohawk Warrior Shawn Brant, a man who claims to have been paid by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty to travel to native reserves in order to encourage natives to attack/disrupt Canadian infrastructure.

Mr. Brant has made it clear by his statements that he has no regard for the suffering of innocent citizens:

"I don’t give a rat’s ass whether I create victims or what the white man thinks of me…"

"Not until every home has suffered like we have suffered will I stop."

Recently, you have made public statements regarding the terror threats by Taliban fighters, yet you have so far remained silent regarding the internal threats posed by Mr. Brant and OCAP.

I would respectfully like to know whether your department is aware of the words and actions of Mr. Brant, and whether or not you intend to act to prevent him from carrying out his threats?

Mark Vandermaas, Editor Voice of Canada

On June 13th, 2007 I wrote an article called "Frustrated in Haldimand County", I sent this to just about every official I could find. The following are the "only" responses that I have received to date.

One hour after I sent this story I received an e-mail from Dave Mclean OPP Haldimand County, this was his response;

Donna I understand your frustration. We are aware of this article in the Brantford Paper. The Hydro incident is still under investigation.
D.G. Mclean

On June 18th, 2007 Haldimand County Mayor Marie Trainer responded to my e-mail and forwarded my article to the following individuals; Julian Fantino, Monte Kwinter, Jim Prentice, David Ramsey, Ronald Doering. Barbara McDougall, Chris Maher, John Nolan. The body of the Mayor’s email stated the following; "Apparently Janie Jamieson admitted they knocked out the community’s hydro".

Well I guess that I should feel hopeful that at least I had two responses, shouldn't I?

We should not have to live everyday in fear of what "might happen". June 29th is certainly on the minds of a lot of people that I personally know.

The one factor is that we don’t seem to be privy to what is "going" to happen, or if "anything is going to happen. So we are forced to feel hostage in our own community.

One person I know is wondering whether her husband should stay home from work that day. She is concerned that if he goes to work and can’t get over the river because a bridge is blocked, how will he be compensated for the loss of a day’s pay, they cannot afford to loose? Or what happens if he is caught in the crossfire if violence breaks out? Will his employer believe him if he can’t get to work? These feelings are coming from an ordinary everyday person like you and I, "9" days before June 29th.

I just wonder how many people in Haldimand feel the same way. I have tried to reassure her that everything will be peaceful that day, the problem is I am not really telling her the truth, because I don’t know what will happen on June 29th. I can only pray that June 29th will be a day of "peaceful " demonstrations.

We read in the news recently that there are "international threats" from the Taliban against Canada, but officials have reassured us that we don’t need to worry they have everything under control!

We have been threatened from "individuals" within our own Province that apparently we don’t need to worry about either, after all we live in Canada and we are a "peaceful nation".

We may be a peaceful Nation, but the problem that I see is that terrorist threats are not from "Peaceful People".


  1. The fear of what might happen this Canada Day long weekend is far from limited to Haldimand Donna.

    Sitting in any restaurant or coffee shop in Port Dover which is "the" place to celebrate Canada Day for many, you will hear the words June 29th over and over again. Simply because it is within the limits of the so called "Plank Rd" (highway 6) many are now making alternate plans for the long weekend.

    Sadly in this case, "if only I had known" is growing new meanings.

    If only I had known, I could have been labeled an interloping outsider juvenile whacko by my Government and police force.

    If only I had known, I could cower in fear during the weeks leading up to a day where perhaps nothing anywhere near me will happen.

    If only I had known, my elected officials would pretend that they have control over this situation when in fact we know they do not, and if only I had known, I would be prevented by the OPP from doing anything about it.

    Keep up the good work Donna. The sad answer to your question of should Haldimand be concerned is yes. The good news is, what we do now will help ensure that future generations of Canadians can live free of the threat of homegrown Terrorism. For that I am more than willing to fight!

  2. Re: June 29th fears - this was posted as being on the 'native board' after Nelson said he would call off his rail blockade.


    This doesn't surprise me. He caved last year about this time. Kinda makes the feds not want to take First Nations issues seriously, now doesn't it......


    We have a grand surprise for the country on June 29 - HUGE! We might just take it forward for a week or two - maybe even a month! Logistics. Intelligence. Reconnaissance. Timing and planning.

    The OPP are building up in Napanee for our extravaganza. What fools! Dogs don't shihit in their own backyards......



    No one seems to have reacted to this threat! What do you think of it?

  3. Yes the 29th of June is coming. I intend to go about my activities exactly as I would on any other day. If we change our plans, and cower in a corner because some group or individual might do something then the threatening group have already won. I listen to and respect decisions made by peaceful and lawful negotiations. Other decisions made by the rule of terror are not recognized by me, and should not be by others. Go forth with your normal activities and lives folks, to bow to threats is to allow the terrorists to win, wether this occurs in Canada or anywhere else in the world!

  4. The radical factions of the first nations are using this date to promote intimidation and fear. The unfortunate part of this type of conduct is that the entire first nations people will be held in a less than positive light if the protests are not peaceful.
    I would advise that the majority of the first nations people want peaceful resolutions to land claims and want to live peacfully with their neighbours. They love this country, its freedoms, its prosperity. "This is the greatest country in the world." All of us working together will keep it so. Terrorisit activities although it get attention for a time is in the end an attack on the terrorists themselves and all who associate with them. "I believe in the greater good of all people."

  5. Thanks for your comment Jeff! I want to make a comment on the following statement that you made;

    "The good news is, what we do now will help ensure that future generations of Canadians can live free of the threat of homegrown Terrorism. For that I am more than willing to fight"!

    I know "many" agree with that Jeff!

    Anonymous said "All of us working together will keep it so". Imagine the power we would have if we "all" worked together!

    In the shadow, your words are wise, Thank-You!

    Thanks again everyone for your valuable words.

  6. Any of us who know the reclamation people well just laugh when we hear people catastrophizing in fear. They are no threat to you! The only people who have felt threatened are those who have been rude to them. You get what you give.

    Nobody is in any danger! What a bunch of hogwash!