Friday, October 26, 2007

Haldimand "Do we Really have By-Laws".

Wednesday October 24th edition of the Regional News, Bill Jackson did a report called "By-laws to follow proper procedure, says Councillor". This article is about the illegal smoke shops on Hwy #6 just outside of Caledonia on land that belongs to Six Nations, but is "not" part of the Reserve. Now according to Councillor Sloat, these illegal smoke shops "wouldn't" be subject to Haldimand by-laws! So the obvious is that nothing has been done by council according to Sloat's statement.

Interestingly enough, last Saturday beside "Doug's Smoke Shop" (October 20th) Councillor Grice stated the county "is doing" something about the illegal smoke shops. He wouldn't exactly say what, but basically told us that it was in the works, and individuals have been notified. When we asked him if this notice was in writing, he was evasive....and said...hmmm.....! Grice explained to us that Haldimand County's by-law would enforce the "building" on the property only as it is in the jurisdiction of Haldimand County. The County has no authority or control over the selling of illegal cigarettes. The RCMP is responsible for "illegal cigarette sales", not the OPP.

So which one of these Councillor's is telling the truth? Or maybe the question should be, which Councillor is willing to tell the "public" the truth?

Now another interesting statement that Sloat made in regards to County by-law's is "It's not necessarily something that I totally agree with, but again it's the system and it's the way it is." What Councillor Sloat is referring to is the procedure of notification to the property owner that is in violation, and the fact that the property owner is given the opportunity to right their wrongs. What I find profound about Sloat's statement is that the "County" makes up their own by-laws, and is required by "Law" to enforce their by-laws!

So my question is; If the County is not enforcing their own "by-laws" are they not "breaking" the law?

So it looks like Doug Fleming should be preparing himself for a long haul, as it looks like he will not be visited by any by-law officer from Haldimand County in the near future.

My advise to Doug; buy more cigarettes, and make yourself a "Profit"!


  1. I do believe Donna that Councilors like Sloat think we are all stupid.

    He is a fool, and a wannabee Mayor.

  2. I believe that Grice is telling the truth, I was there as well and listened to what he had to say, he seemed sincere.

    Sloat on the other hand cannot be trusted as far as you can throw him, and that is the truth. I think he has been the major cause of problems in this county for the last four years.