Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Haldimand "This is a Provincial Issue"

"We" the residents of Ontario should be demanding McGuinty and his government, be made accountable for this huge "price tag". These are "Our" hard earned tax dollars being spent. Maybe this is one of the reasons that McGuinty cannot scrap the "Health Tax", he did say that they need the money!

One thing that I just can’t understand is that McGuinty keeps telling us that the Native Land Claims in Haldimand is a "Federal Issue", well the way I see it from the figures below, this is most certainly a "Provincial Issue"!

At the all candidates night last night in Dunnville, both Lorraine Bergstrand (Liberal candidate) and Jan Watson (NDP candidate) still state that the Land Claims is a "Federal Issue", how can they state this, when again the tax dollars that have been spent are from the Provincial Kitty. I think they both need an education on what is really going on!

Toby Barrett on the other hand has stated on more than one occasion that the Land Claims issue here in Haldimand is the responsibility of "ALL" levels of government

Oct 02, 2007 10:53 ET

Alliance Estimates $290 Million Price Tag on Caledonia

While tensions continue to mount in the 579 day-old land dispute in Caledonia so do the rising costs. The Caledonia Citizens Alliance estimates that close to $290 million tax dollars have been spent on this ongoing battle and occupation with no end in sight.

These costs include: the purchase of the Douglas Creek Estates along with related expenses, $22.7 million; costs to assist businesses, the local municipality and residents $2.1 million, provincial staffing including wages for David Peterson and Jane Stewart, $3.3 million; policing, $145 million; and, all associated Hydro One costs such as replacement of the incomplete transmission line, $116 million.

"We are concerned that the Premier has been hiding many of the associated costs of this dispute from the Ontario taxpayers," says Ken Hewitt, spokesperson for the Alliance.

"McGuinty's accounting fails to take into consideration the astronomical OPP and Hydro costs that are a direct result of this crisis in Caledonia," continued Mr. Hewitt.

The Ontario Government has not yet released what it calls "other ongoing costs" and claims they are yet to be determined. Frank Stoneman, a local business owner and volunteer with the Alliance expressed his concerns, "This lack of information and accountability from the Provincial Government disturbs me. $290 million is $30 million more than the budget for the Ministry of the Environment in 2006.

It's a great deal of our hard-earned money."The land dispute began on February 28, 2006 over the Douglas Creek Estates property, a 40 hectare parcel of land that was being developed into homes. The Province of Ontario bought the land from the local developer and has been negotiating with the natives for the last nineteen months. Six Nations natives continue to occupy the site which boarders on a local subdivision and elementary school.

The Alliance expects Mr. McGuinty to come clean to the taxpayers with regard to the actual costs related to the situation in Caledonia.

Thanks to Ken Hewitt from the Caledonia Citizens Alliance for allowing me to post this article.
Please visit www.caledoniacitizensalliance.com


  1. I wonder if this man McGuinty even knows how much it has cost so far for Caledonia. He has people on the ground that are advising him but what kind of advice is he getting. He has never once stepped foot inside our community to see for himself that there is more than $290 Million in cost from this situation.

    There is the human cost that will never have a price put on it. As they say in the hockey commercial peace of mind, security, guarantee of ones property and friendship are priceless.

  2. This question should be asked to all candidates on Oct 4th, expecially Lorraine Bergstrand!

    Hopefully a lot of people come out to the all candidates night;

    Thursday October 4th, 2007
    7:00pm Caledonia Legion

  3. How does 116 million dollars figure into the cost of the occupation?

    That money was budgetted long before the OPP raid.

    145 million for policing?

    There is no way the CCA could have that information. That would fall under the 'freedom of Information Act' and even then, the request for information could be turned down.

    Please don't mis-understand me, I believe the expenses are astronomical, but exaggerations are not helping anything and only hurt credability.

  4. Those figures by the CCA are total hogwash.

    They have no business throwing numbers out that they hav no idea of.

    This hurts Ken Hewitt's credibility even further in my eyes. He changes his views almost every day it seems anyhow.

    It's a waste of time listening to him spout off now.

  5. I agree these figures are hogwash!