Friday, October 19, 2007

Haldimand "I would like to Introduce you to an Amazing Woman"

I would like to introduce you to an amazing woman that I met a few months back. We have had many heartfelt conversations and she is certainly in my eyes "a very brave woman". She is passionate, caring, trusting and has done what most people on these types of boards never do, she is announcing who she is!

Judy operates a site that anyone can go on and "Have their Say". As we are in times of uncertainty here in Haldimand, it is nice to have a solid avenue to vent. I asked Judy to write a little bit about herself, so that I could assist in promoting this amazing site. I know that it was hard for Judy to write about herself, and that is why it took her a bit of time, Thanks Judy;

Hello Haldimands Unheard Voice

I have been a resident of the County of Haldimand for 40 yrs, all my life I have chose to live here raise my children here & grow my business here.

The events of the past 20 months have lead me to go out into my community even further and start dialogue with the residents.

I have come across some of the most tugging at your heart stories, that I couldn't help but try in the smallest way to help those people have a voice even it is a small voice.

I started a forum for people to sign up anonymously to be able to tell their stories, vent their frustrations, get the latest news & sometimes just laugh.

We sometimes aren't strong enough to face the public & that is okay, we get our strength from supporting each other in the whether it is in Caledonia or across Ontario.

Our posters are free to express their opinions & discuss the issues that are constantly on our minds these days.

The Occupation & Land Claims up & down the Grand are a problem for the Well being, Security, Safety & Economy for all who are effected.

Have your voice heard & support one another,

All welcome to Join

Chick66 (Judy Laszlo) Administrator - have your say Caledonia


  1. I didn't have the pleasure of meeting Judy in person until we met at Argyle downtown to spend several days together holding up protest signs.

    She is an amazing lady who cares about her community to the point that she put herself and her name out there to encourage others to get involved.

    A lot of respect is due this lady who is not afraid to speak out.

    Also her board is an excellent vehicle for people to get together and voice their opinions without being shouted down.

    Thank you Judy and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks donna, I joined what a great site!

  3. I think we should really should consider what is really the issue.I hear over and over that there is problems with air, ground, water pollution, cities like toronto having problems with their garbage and sludge, (no where to put it), too many vehicles on the road, problems with decrepit infrastructure, agricultural lands being gobbled up for a couple of reasons, one, to make a small group of developers mighty wealthy, two a band aid solution to municipalities bank accounts (a municipality is like a multi headed monster which keeps growing another head, it cannot live within its means, it has to continue to reach out to the community, it has to keep digging in, and as they dig in, they dig in for themselves too, if they really cared, they would do the job as a caring giving person to the community, not for themselves, but we know we wont see that, they are a greedy bunch of hypocrites),They are in a clique who look after each other, look who runs the community, its the businesses and the local government, they sleep together,) three too many immigrants coming into the country, heres the biggy, (monitoring your use of) electricity, the more they build the more they use, and them not making as many to keep up with the demand, we all suffer.

    Doug, you talk about selling smokes as being illegal, let me see you take a bunch of yellow bands and not be charged with selling smokes illegally, you can and would. There is a lot of rules to sell "legal" cigarettes, so get off your high horse and find out what you can do to remedy the situation, dont make it worse.

    thank you

  4. Very interesting analogy you have written.

    I take it that you are alluding to the fact that there are environmental issues that are much more pressing then the lack of revenue coming from developments in the County of Haldimand. I would like to ask were you where 20 yrs ago when major environmental issues where fought and won by people uniting and fighting against the system.

    The Planning strategies of the County where implemented 40 yrs ago not yesterday so the gobbling up of farmland is not happening as you seem to imply.

    As for your comment about wealthy developers that again is not the case. After all cost are paid out from the pocket of the developer & the site taking from 5 to 10 yrs to develop & sell lots to builders the profit margin again isn't much to write home about.

    I am suspect as to why you would cluster all these different issues into one post?

    Are you trying to discredit what I am trying to do in my community, alluding to a hidden agenda that you may think I am up to? Simply really just ask. The answer would be NO a big fat NO. I have lived here all my life & have tried to benefit my community to the best of my ability. The "greedy bunch of hypocrites" was a nice touch also the clique that you speak of.

    The rest of the County of Haldimand realizes that without growth within the Planned Town Expansions alot of the infrastructure that you are talking about would not be able to be kept up or implemented due to no new revenue. Unless of course you are willing to pay more taxes.

    I would say that if you are not interested in involving yourself to help this community, don't hinder it by speaking nonsense about the people that do.

    On a last note, you missed Doug's point and that is that it is illegal to sell cigarettes to non natives. Unfortunately until people realize that they will keep putting up these smokes shops now on property that they have no business putting them on.

  5. oh where oh were do i start

    Lets work back words,
    You say, the information i have been reading in the papers has never said anything about "it is illegal to sell cigarettes to non natives," it has been to the fact that someone has put up a couple of smoke shacks on lands that are in so called "haldimand control" but are only in that situation because the government is so slowwwwwww in giving it back to the reserve, it is in a gray area as the bureaucrats would say. Doug is trying to push his own agenda, trying to get his own 15 minutes of fame. If he wants action from the police, buy up a few cases of yellow bands and sell them from his truck. He will get action.

    You talk about 20 and 40 years ago, where were you 200 years ago when the land was being stolen from the original people.

    If these developers are not making much, why are they living such a higher life then the working stiff.

    You ask why I cluster all these "different" issues into one post.
    It all comes together, like a spiders web. Just like the complex issues of the lands that is in dispute.

    If i come and rent a room from you in your home, and in time i slowly take over your home, eventually i have control over your home, dont pay you rent, you live in one room, and i put in rules of how you should live in the home. I dig up your bag yard and do what ever, pollute your air, land, water.
    How do you think you will feel after awhile?
    You or those of you in the community, complain about living in a harsh situation, for 500 odd days. Try living that way for 200 years, 200 x 365 = 73,000 days. Hmmm looks like you have some catching up to do.
    Discredit you, sure. Have you even tried to understand what the other side has faced. If you say you have, you havent looked hard enough.

    Well its bed time, good night

    chat with you tomorrow.

  6. "You or those of you in the community, complain about living in a harsh situation, for 500 odd days. Try living that way for 200 years, 200 x 365 = 73,000 days. Hmmm looks like you have some catching up to do."

    I don't believe many of us lived "200" years ago, but anyway, it seems that we are paying for the sins of our fathers? "You talk about 20 and 40 years ago, where were you 200 years ago when the land was being stolen from the original people." The answer to this is obvious!

    Thanks for your comments, I hope that you have signed up to Judy's forum!

  7. Well take it from somone who has been in the fight up front and in there face, I was spokes person for the sludge group in the Pelham area, its not about dumping this crap or there's its our goverment who loads up on you and I and sits back and see who will complain, we did and we got heard, but took two years of pickets and town meetings, not to mention alot of in your face public lashing of all involved, to date no one has been charged on that site dispite several orders to clean up, no bankrupt and the site piled 35ft high with garbage wood, who will pay to clean it up? now on to another rant, Haldiman Hydro what's up with these guys? there attitude sucks, rates are high and to get them to do anything is like pulling teeth, my next door guy just got his hydro shut off, 3 kids him disabled, fighting an insurance company and after making arangements to pay they click it off any way, what an out rage!! took me several calls to get them to come out and test my hydro, and still no answer why I pay 600 mth in hydro!! and I do hydro work, !!

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