Thursday, October 18, 2007

Haldimand "The Government Speaks"

I originally posted the following as a comment on my last article. I felt that many are wanting some answers to some very simple questions, so I felt that this needed to be an article of it's own.

The following is a statement from Murray Coolican.


Lands Resolution Side Table Meeting – Oct 17, 2007

Recently, there have been a number of statements in the media by representatives of the Haudenosaunee Development Institute that have caused concern for homeowners, residents, developers and municipal leaders.

The establishment of Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Development Institute has the potential to help further dialogue amongst parties.

Ontario is responsible for land use matters in the province and has an effective system in place to exercise its jurisdiction. Ontario stands by its land title system and its authority, in co-operation with the municipalities, to make land-planning decisions and for municipalities to provide building permits for development.

Ontario recognizes that municipal governments in the Haldimand Tract and the provincial government need to continue to work on mechanisms to consult the Six Nations community about land use decisions and development activity in the area. However, consultation does not mean a veto over development. Nor does consultation require developers to pay licensing fees or taxes to the Haudenosaunee Development Institute.

It has always been Ontario’s position that private property owners have valid titles to their properties even if there are disagreements between the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations and Canada about the surrenders of land in the past.

Any attempt by the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations to extract concessions or payments from private landowners as a condition for allowing development to continue on private property has no basis in Ontario's land use planning system.

Ontario and the federal government have both made it clear at the negotiation table that any settlement of Haudenosaunee/Six Nations’ grievances will not deprive landowners of their ownership of their land.

Assertions of jurisdiction need to be dealt with at the negotiations table as they have everything to do with the responsible resolution of land claims.

The federal government and the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations with the support of the province must work together on advancing our mutual interests and resolving differences.

Ontario does not dispossess property owners to achieve land claim settlements. There is a long-standing policy not to expropriate private property to settle land claims. Canada has the same policy.


  1. Well, when someone sells land they don't actually own, they do have to stand behind their land titles. They have to pay the landowners for their damages. You are right, the landowners shouldn't be paying. The government should. They are the ones who sold land after stealing it from the Indians.

    But, when you receive stolen property, even if you don't know it is stolen, you don't just get to keep it.

    If I steal television out of your house and sell it, do you think you should get it back? Do you think the person who bought it ought to go after the thief? Or do you think that it is your tough luck your television got stolen and you shouldn't get it back.

  2. From the notes printed above:

    Ontario recognizes that municipal governments in the Haldimand Tract and the provincial government need to continue to work on mechanisms to consult the Six Nations community about land use decisions and development activity in the area.

    What does this statement say to you?

    To me that statement suggests exactly what it says - that The Corporation of Haldimand County (and other municipal governments in the tract) and the Provincial government need to consult with Six Nations on development.

    Six Nations doesn't have veto power over development - that seems to be the clear position of the government. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why builders/developers are so afraid to speak to Six Nations.

    I am a firm believer in communication. Although the two sides may not like what the other has to say - it sure beats pretending that Six Nations doesn't exist and risk loosing everything while feigning "But I didn't know" or "the government didn't tell me".

    I am sick and tired of listening to the builders and developers of this area talk about "the extortionists on Six Nations". But when you ask some of them if they have ever spoken to the Confederacy or Band Council directly they say either "no", or "I'm not talking to them", or "why should I have to get their permission?", or "why should I?" and so on and so forth.

    They seem to be much happier complaining about all of the money that they are not making and all of the trades who are not working, than trying to actually find a way that may just set the ground work for a resolution to this mess.

    Nobody is asking the builders, developers, Haldimand Council or the Provincial Government to just cave in and give Six Nations whatever they want. Nobody expects "appeasement" to be the only answer - but that works both ways.

    What has been very eye-opening for me through this whole ordeal, is just how many people demand that the townsfolk of Caledonia unite behind their developers and builders, demand that the residents back some ill conceived plan to March on the DCE, demand that anyone who doesn't live in "the zone" mind their own business and then condemn those same people for not doing anything to help.

    Then there are those who "fear monger" with "you won't be able to afford your taxes", "you won't be able to sell your house", "you are going to end up living on leased land", "the government has abandoned you", "you are going to be kicked out of your home", "you are going to have to hand title to your deed over to Six Nations" - but they are the first people to criticize ANYONE who realizes that Six Nations is not some mythical invisible entity.

    Instead, they counter with "bring in the army", "arrest the terrorists", "equality under the law", "the police are useless - don't trust them and don't let them come to your house if you call them for help"....etc. etc. etc.

    What is any of that doing to help? How is any of that going to bring about any form of resolution? I'll tell you what I think - It won't.

    I think that it is high time that people started working with the tools that we have and the cards that we've been dealt and FIND a way to move these issues forward for the betterment of everyone. And that needs to start with our councilors and mayor recognizing that this situation IS their responsibility in partnership with the community, provincial government, federal government and leadership of Six Nations, instead of acting like a bunch of spoiled 4 year olds who didn’t get the toy that they wanted for Christmas and complaining that they aren’t allowed at negotiations. So be it. It doesn’t mean that they cannot constructively and effectively work to improve the environment of this County and it’s relationship with Six Nations.

    They all need to start doing the jobs that they were elected to do. If they are unable or unwilling to do so – then they need to resign immediately and let those who can make that effort to do so in their place.

  3. Wow Donna! Just WOW !!!!

    I can't believe that you never bothered to take the time to answer my comment on the other topic of your forum, but you managed to find the time to start a whole new topic about my comments.

    What are your thoughts regarding my remarks about Haldimand Council an their responsibility to acknowledge their role and duty to represent all of the constituents on Haldimand County, and not just a select few as seems to be the case?

    What are your thoughts about Haldimand Council making this a better environment for the people who live and/or work here?

    What are your thoughts about Haldimand County building or establishing a relationship with the communities and municipalities that surround them? These areas are Hamilton, Norfolk, Brant, Niagara, Six Nations and the Mississaugas of New Credit.

    Share the pain and share the gain.

    P.S. I do believe that it was you who alluded to Haldimand not wasting any more time trying to replace the current police force that we have. Something along the lines of it being unrealistic to replace the OPP.

    And by the way; on the off chance you haven't noticed yet, Haldimand County leaks information all the time Donna, all the time.

  4. "I can't believe that you never bothered to take the time to answer my comment on the other topic of your forum, but you managed to find the time to start a whole new topic about my comments".

    I am truly sorry that I did not answer you sooner, but I don't believe in commenting when my mind is not in the right place. What I mean by that is none of my answers to your questions are of the positive nature, so here it goes.

    I do not believe that council is doing a very good job period! They do not represent all of the constituents in Haldimand County.

    If you read the history of my blog you will see exactly how I feel about council. In particular read the one one about why I sued!

    Let me tell you of the brief conversation that I had with Councillor Grice at the Caledonia Debate (Provincial)a couple of weeks ago. I spoke to him about how disrespectful council members are to the general public. I also asked him why when I am at council that he doesn't speak to me, he really didn't answer me, but was more than willing to speak to me when none of the other council members were around. He did mention something about one of the council members making a remark "that bitch is here again", was he talking about me? I really didn't care, but at the same time it must have been about me or why would he have bothered? Do I believe for one moment that the next council meeting I go to Grice will speak to me, HE will Not!, I can almost guarantee you that!

    As far as Haldimand Council building relationships, how could I even think that they are capable of doing that? They can't even communicate with the tax paying residents of Haldimand County. They can't even communicate with each other! If a resident doesn't agree and puts up a bit of a fuss, or wants to be heard, they shut the door, and simply ignore you! If you take the time to read some of my earlier posts (my letters to council) you will understand. This is proof that they can not and are not willing to build good relationships.

    I am fully aware of the problem that Haldimand County has in leaking information. There is truly a lack of confidentiality in this County.

    I can say for a fact that Haldimand County leaks information. About a week after the "resolution" to intercept the Mayor's office correspondence, I received in the mail, two letters that Council received from their Lawyer. I have no idea who sent them to me, regardless I have them and will be using them to quash the "resolution" when I go to see the Justice of the Peace.

    I hope I answered all of your questions. Thanks again for your thoughts!


  5. Donna< I would question hard who sent those letters to you. If I had to guess, IMHO, I would say Trainer. I cannot see anyone else sending them to you.
    Let me ask you this who has the most to gain by sending them to you?
    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. IMHO.

  6. I will not assume any one person. It would be foolish.

    My point was that I know this County has a problem with confidentiality. That was one of the reasons that I still believe it is wrong that an e-mail or letter that is sent to the Mayor's office is shared! It in my opinion this procedure opens up this county for "third party liability" libel slander cases.

    Regardless I have the letters and I will use them in the courts.