Friday, May 23, 2008

Haldimand "Another Government Official plays the Silence Game".

Scanning through the news on the web I found a very interesting editorial posted in the Brantford Expositor about our MP Diane Finley.

This article is a must for all to read. It seems that since Diane Finley was elected here in Haldimand County, her position has changed or her job description has changed.

Regardless I went to several debates in support of Diane Finley and I heard first hand all the "wonderful" things that she was going to do for Haldimand if elected.

I only have one question for Diane Finley....What has happened to you?

Ducking questions

Posted 1 day ago

Haldimand-Norfolk MP Diane Finley is an unusual politician. She refuses to talk to the media about two great issues in her riding - the decline of the tobacco industry and native affairs.

Recently, she refused to be interviewed by the Toronto Star. Her reason - as expressed through a spokesman in her office - is that issues involving agriculture and native affairs are not her responsibility.

"The minister is only the local MP and not the lead on either file," wrote spokesman Timothy Veil.

Only the local MP? Agriculture and native affairs not her responsibility?

Scores of former growers in Norfolk are in desperate financial shape because of the decline of the tobacco industry. Are these people no longer a concern to Finley? Has she nothing to say?
Tobacco growers seemed important to Finley in the last two elections.

She defeated veteran Liberal MP Bob Speller in the 2004 election, partly on her promise that the Conservative party would do more to help tobacco growers leave the industry.

Finley's riding is home to Caledonia and the two-year-old native land claims dispute. As MP, does she have nothing to say?

Why should constituents bother to express their views or bring their problems to Finley if she ducks issues on which she is not the lead?

Finley's boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is no friend of the media. He has gone further than any previous prime minister to tighten control over communication between Conservatives and reporters.

But Finley has hit a new low in thumbing her nose at the media. If she doesn't take questions about agriculture and native affairs, which issues will she talk about?

Finley is the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Must newspapers and the radio stations in her riding limit their questions to citizenship and immigration?

Does the no-talk rule apply to all Conservative MPs?

Must the media direct all questions to the prime minister and appropriate cabinet ministers?

If Finley no longer wants to do her job as MP, including speaking to the media, the voters of Haldimand-Norfolk at the next election will choose someone who does.


  1. Steven Harper thought he was a pretty smart fella for putting Finley into the Immigration portfolio. If you are planning on introducing contentious immigration legislation, make sure your Minister of Immigration comes from a riding where an immigrant is considered to be someone who moved here from Hamilton. Smart move.
    But what the brilliant Mr. Harper didn't forsee was the victims of the native occupation and disgruntled tobacco farmers in Haldimand Norfolk turning on her. Harper needs Ontario voters in the next election. My bet is he should give up on regaining this seat, and focus on other winnable seats.
    Bye bye Diane, I'd say it was a slice, but I'd be lying.

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I certainly agree with you.

    Diane Finley has let a lot of people down in Haldimand/Norfolk. And one thing I know for sure is that they will not forget this when an election rolls around.

    I personally voted for Diane Finley and I will not be voting for her in the next election. I am hearing this on the street as well.

    I will agree that Diane Finley is done!

  3. It is true Diane Finley has been silent reguarding native/Haldimand concerns.We will soon see if she is a only takes a fool to open their mouth to prove what one is.Just to keep the record straight it was under our previous Liberal representitive that this native/Haldimand problem developed if he cared for Native/Haldimand issue he should have had something to say to us,... he was there after all,...and now someone else has to fix,after the fact his errors,or neglect!It should also be noted that the first municipal government of Haldimand ignored all historic understandings and agreements with our neighbours and was drunk with greed and power, to shatter the long standing harmony between between us as a local communty.Issues on the federal level, will, and should be delt with on that platform where this issue of native / federal agreements was made in the first place ...Just to see who is paying attention out there,who gave $1,000,000;00 for the Calidonia benevilent,..received the approval of their development on fedral regestered desputed land,(the now occupation site) and was granted the contract to build the Calidonia arena...which went to buget cost over ride of more than...(must I tell you)$1,000,000 and !!!!if that was not a big enough pig at the trough the @#*&%@!! poor good developers suck over $20,000,000 of provincial funds for lost income for a development they did not build!NOW...WHO SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABLE!.Diane Finley?...Shake your head.

  4. Whether Diane Finley was there from the beginning of this issue has no bearing on what is happening today.

    Government keeps on going (just like the bunny) whether the same party is voted in or a different party is voted out.

    The current government is the one that is responsible to the people. Let's stop the blame game and just work on cleaning up the mess that is hitting all of us straight in the face.

    Diane Finley is presently our MP and whether she likes it or not it is her responsiblity to speak on our behalf.

  5. The poster that spoke of the first Haldimand Council is correct. This is where the whole problem started. If an inquiry were done today into Haldimand Council's doings in 2001 all would be revealed.

    The following councillors that are currently on council were part of this and they certainly do not want to be exposed.

    Councillor Boyko, Councillor Delimonte, Councillor Ricker

    I may be incorrect on this but the council in 2001 was.

    Lorraine Bergstrand, Councillor Boyko, Councillor Ashbough, Councillor Paterson, Councillor Delimonte, Councillor Ricker,Councillor Morshfelder.

  6. Blogger who named past and present of council is correct,...the first council also dismantel our area policing to OPP...think... !!!why.Federal ,provincial, municpal policing to some degree is directed by its level government.When the terriorest of the day kidnapped members of the federal government (were in the 70s now)the federal government of the day called marshal law ..which brought the arm military to the street corners.(now lets get to 2008)the provincial government of our day stands behind the upperwash inquiry to only keep the peace reguardless public property damage,obstuction of a municipal highway.The same weekend staff of Haldimand County (planning department) directed a county bylaw officer to a tax paying business for a minor bylaw infraction when hwy #6 was blocked to the determent of area business,and residents.My point is if staff of this county can direct a bylaw officer,can our public elect council direct the bylaw officer to anywhere anyone blocks our municipal hwy and fine and remove them(with the OPP there to keep the peace...god help us),or do dedect descrimination here .WAS the county planning department have more power than the provincial government who said they do not direct policing...mmm?

  7. Just curious, has anyone heard from the Hennings boys lately? Where is Henco now conducting their business? Are they still in business? Why have some of our "original" councillors decided to no longer be involved? Whay is so much council business conducted behind closed doors? Huh? Eh? Just curious!

  8. Ask your councilor how many law suit this county has against us,after all we have such brillant legal advise, that may answer your close door question.

  9. Thanks for your comments.

    Some are really quite interesting, and very informative.

    I will agree with the poster that spoke of the council that was in power in 2001. And the three councillors that are currently on council is correct. Does make you wonder doesn't it. How much these three must know.

    I have asked the Mayor on more than one occassion as to how many law suites are filed against Haldimand answer is always I don't know and I can't tell you as this information is confidential.

    As far as the poster that said the 2001 council dismantled our police force and put in the OPP is also correct. I know for a fact that Councillor Boyko did vote against contracting the OPP.