Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Haldimand "Keep Both Hands on the Wheel"

When is enough......enough?

What has happened to the "Driver" being "Responsible"?

We already have laws in place, that one can find in the "Highway Traffic Act" and the "Criminal Code" of Canada that deals with people who are driving "carelessly".

Just six months ago, when asked if Ontario should ban cellphone use while driving, McGuinty said:

"There are provisions right now, to be found in the Highway Traffic Act ...or the Criminal Code that allow for prosecutions for people who are driving carelessly. So, unless and until I get different advice from the people who work our roads, and look to their safety, we will maintain our position," he said.

So Premier McGuinty "Who" and "What" has changed your stand?

McGuinty said he has asked Transportation Minister Jim Bradley to look at some form of "next-generation legislation" that would cover existing electronic devices like cellphones and future gadgets.

Now McGuinty hasn’t just stopped there, he is looking into what he calls "Next Generation Legislation", what the hell is this? Well I would call this a "Blanket Legislation", just fill in the "Blanks" when necessary, after the "Legislation" is in place.

I would advise Premier McGuinty while he is at it why not legislate this;

Legislate and remove the following;

Coffee cup holders from vehicles……….
All Road Signs…………….

Well this list could go on and on, I think you get my point.

In my opinion there are far more pressing issues that this current Premier should be concerned about in Ontario. Although Ministers do need something to do, the government should not be waisting time "Legislating" something that is already "Law"!

The bottom line for me is that we have "Leaders" that say one thing and six months later they have "flopped", oh wait a minute has "McGuinty" himself not "accused" others of doing what he is considering? "Flopping".


  1. Donna McGuinty is just making it look like he is doing something. This entire scenario is ridiculous. If you have ever listened to Q107 you will appreciate my stand that McGuinty is the "Tool Of the Day"

  2. Donna.. this is just knee jerk reaction by foolish politians... for decades truck drivers have talked on CBs ,shifting gears, and maybe smoking a cigar at the same time ... and I for one can drive with them on the 401 safely...they may even be changing a radio channel at the same time.

  3. Not to speak of the people on highways shaving, putting on makeup, reading newspapers, etc. all while driving.


  4. Thanks for your comments.

    I do believe that McGuinty is "Politically Drunk".

    This is a blog that I am working on at the moment and it seems to make sense to me why politicians do what they do.

  5. Here is a comment by Toby Barrett in regards to this issue;

    Posted by Michael Badawoy on 2008/5/27 7:20:00 (375 reads)
    CD98.9 Norfolks News Centre

    A new ban may soon be in place preventing motorists from using electronics while driving. Premier McGuinty is in favour of the law and has asked Transportation Minister Jim Bradley to look at legislation broad enough to cover all electronic devices that have yet to be invented. Haldimand Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett says the Conservative Party has introduced similar legislation half a dozen times already. Barrett also suggests that the complete ban on electronic devices behind the wheel is an unrealistic approach.