Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Haldimand "Some Politicians are just Politically Drunk"

When I was in Dunnville the other day having a chat with a friend about politics, he said something to me that has not left my mind since. It actually makes a lot of sense when you look at what is happening all around us in the world of politics.

I am always asking questions in regards to why do "Politicians" do what they do. Or another phrase I like to use is that they "talk the talk, but don't walk the walk". Sometimes I will ask why has that person changed their position now that they are elected? Regardless we all have our own opinions on politics, whether it is "local", "provincial" or "federal".

So back to what my point is here.

When we were talking about local politics this person said to me that his father once said to him when he was elected as a town council member, not to get "Politically Drunk".

So I spent a bit of time last night googling "Politically Drunk" and a couple of websites and blogs had articles posted about the "abuse" of certain politicians. Most of these were in regards to money issues.

So I thought of what some of our "local" politicians have done and said in the past and I have come to the conclusion that some are in deed "Politically Drunk".

Here in Haldimand County our council members don't make a huge amount of money, but what they do have is the "power" over the "people". In my opinion this is what is seems like. They are elected on a few promises and then they seem to forget what they have promised to the people.

Now most of you haven't spent time sitting at a council meeting and actually why would you? I have spent many a time in the council chambers. At most there is one resident who goes to all council meetings, a few press, staff and unless there is a delegation that is it that attends.

All council members know who I am but for a few because I ran in the last election, am vocal on local issues and write a blog, I am not worth the ground that they walk on. This makes me feel very uncomfortable, but I go anyway. As a "resident" of this county I deserve to be treated "respectfully" but some cannot get past their "personal" vendetta towards me. So do I believe that some on our council are "Politically Drunk"? Yes I do, as over time I have stopped going to council meetings. Is this right? No.

I will give you one example of what happened the last time I attended Council. Minister Michael Bryant was here speaking to council about the native issues. Our council was given about an hour to directly ask questions to Bryant. Once council warmed up the questions were very good and Councillor Sloat made an excellent statement. As I have said many times I call it as I see it. When the press were talking to some residents, Sloat was standing there and I thought here is my opportunity to say to Sloat that his statement said it all...well...Sloat in front of a few people looked and me and said "I can't talk to you" and turned his back and walked away. Too bad he did that as I had more than a few questions from the people that heard what he said to me. They couldn't believe that an elected official could be that "disrespectful" to a resident.

Our council recently admitted that they are still doing business behind closed doors. Our council has been their own judge and jury. Our council has passed bylaws that supersede other bylaws. Our council recently denied a resident of Cayuga her right to speak. Our council has basically decided without our say that a Nuclear Plant should come to Nanticoke. Has Haldimand County Council become "Politically Drunk"?

When McGuinty was re-elected he promised all Ontarions that his government would be more "transparent and accountable" to the people. Legislation was passed in January of this year to make our "local council" more "transparent and accountable" to the people.

I believe that McGuinty at the time was in deed "Politically Drunk".

Maybe it is time that McGuinty look into legislation that would make a "politician" responsible to the people if they become "Politically Drunk".

Well that is my opinion, what about you, do you know someone that is "Politically Drunk"?


  1. Well Donna you have certainly outdone yourself this time. Well done!

    I am a resident of Ward 2 and I can honestly say that Councillor Sloat is Politically Drunk on his power he thinks he has over the little guy. I have called him a few times and he doesn't even have the courtesy to return my phone calls. Is he that busy? No. He like many other politicians should never have entered the world of politics. I understand and have heard that he does not speak to people that are not in full support of what he does or what he thinks is right.

    I like your friend's father and I haven't even met him, must be a very wise man.

  2. Donna all of Haldimand Council is as you say politically drunk. You hit the nail on the head. I just hope everyone remembers this in the next election.

  3. Minister Bryant is politically drunk. Just watch his u-tube video.

    Why was he the one that announced the new money for healthcare that is going to six nations, is he now the health minister?

  4. I vote for McGuinty on this one, he is more than drunk, he is destroying this province.

  5. Thanks for your comments.

    I certainly agree with the poster on McGuinty, I think he takes the cake!