Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Haldimand and Beyond" "Let my Voice be Heard"

Well this is not my usual story, you won't need a pot of coffee for this one! This is a simple request, and I'm hopeful that we all have the time for this one. This simple gesture is very, very "POWERFUL".

"One Voice" can go unheard, but the voices of many can not go "Unheard".

It is time to put a stop to unequal justice in Ontario. Mr. John Tory said it well in his speech to the Ontario Association of Police Services Board Convention in Owen Sound recently. "THERE MUST BE ONE LAW FOR ALL".

We are asking for this to be "implemented immediately"! We don't have the luxury of waiting for an election to come to our doorstep!

All you need to do is copy and paste this message and send it to Mr. Toby Barrett toby.barrett@pc.ola.org . I called Toby Barrett's office this morning to ask if there was one e-mail address that we could use to send this message to all M.P.P.'s in Ontario, well not so easily done. So if we use Toby's e-mail I can assure you he will pass our message on!

We will be heard, Donna


  1. I do not live anywhere near Caledonia, but I am outraged that the Ontario Provincial Police allow Aboriginal terrorists to make life miserable for the residents of that town.
    I am absolutely positive that no other cultural group in Canada would be permitted to carry out such acts of terrorism, so what is all the negligence to punish native terrorists?
    I am looking forward to the Aboriginal terrorists conducting their promised attacks on the June 29th weekend, so our pathetically incompetent government will have no alternative but to call in the military. In regards to Mr.Fantino; it is unfortunate that the conditions of his employment are to be a puppet, and kiss the rear end of Mr.McGuinty. I think both of these men should be released from their positions, and the sooner the better.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    I hope that you forwarded this message "Let my Voice be Heard" to Toby Barrett. Please feel free to e-mail this to as many people as you wish.

    We need to all be concerned, not just people who live in Caledonia/Haldimand.

    Thanks Donna