Monday, May 7, 2007

Haldimand "FLICK OFF"

It is definitely a time for change come October 2007, and I personally look forward to marking the ballot for change! What were they thinking when they endorsed the name "FLICK OFF"?

Please take the time to visit the big movement "FLICK OFF". At, I am beginning to understand why things aren’t getting done in this province. I agree that we have serious issues with the environment, but "FLICK OFF"?

I spent a lot of time on this Website, and couldn’t help but make a few comments. Please take the time to visit this site. The following are some excerpts that I must say I couldn’t believe I was reading. Are You Ready?

ARE WE FLICKED? Well…Yeah. Global warming is affecting biodiversity, food systems, economies, human and animal like, and our living habits. This is why everyday folk have to commit to change. Kyoto was fun for a while, but let’s face it, government and big business aren’t racing to meet their targets.

The Ontario Government is in partnership with a few companies, (you can check them out on the Website) but this site is a government site. So obviously this statement was made by one of the partners. I am getting a little confused, maybe it’s all the flicking that I have been doing.

SPREAD THE WORD; "FLICK OFF" is about action, You need to tell your friends, tell your parents, tell co-workers, bosses, employees, their kids, your kids, your MP, the PM, the grocer, the baker, the "candlestick- maker, just kidding"-tell them all to "FLICK OFF"!

They have got to be kidding! This is actually a Government site that you and I pay for! You bet that I will be sending a letter or two!

THE WORK CONFLICT ; there is a good chance you don’t work in an office. (That’s too bad-they’re really fun) But for those of you in offices, you probably have the easiest chance to get going with your new "FLICK OFF" maneuvers.

The office can be your best forum for change. But wherever you work, these tips are valid. So long as you contribute to society, trust us! There’ll always be a way for you to make your mark.

This is our government speaking to Us? Well I don't know about you, but I certainly have a new understanding of Government policy. The thing that frightens me the most is that "FLICK OFF" is actually targeted for the younger generation, as they are advertising a "FLICKER OF THE WEEK" contest.

I can only imagine how many people can’t wait to use their "FLICK OFF" maneuvers with their bosses and co-workers! Hopefully they don’t go too far and are brought up on charges of some sort! But I’m sure we don’t have to worry, we can make the Provincial Government "Accountable" for "our" actions when we all start "FLICKING OFF EACH OTHER".

"FLICK OFF" AT WORK; Teleconference, We’re in the age of the Internet. There are many creative ways to do your work without really "being at work". TelePresence and video conferencing will cut down on the pollutants you’d waft around commuting to and from your job. Come on, haven’t you always wanted to go to work in you pj’s?

RECYCLE AT WORK; It’s ridiculous that we even have to say this. There are so many shops, restaurants and other such workplaces that don’t recycle. If you’ve got a dumb workplace like that, couldn’t you please just take your soda can out with you at the end of the day so you can pitch it in the right place? Or just be ballsy and try to implement recycling. Start a petition. People love those…

What kind of message is this? I wonder how many out there actually get paychecks for working in their pj’s. I think a reality check is needed here. Our Government and their partners are actually calling workplaces "dumb"? Right now I am just about speechless!

But I will go on with more from the "FLICK OFF" program. Oh and the writing is on the wall …coming soon the official whistle blower "FLICK OFF HOTLINE". Where you can "FLICK OFF" whomever you want to the government, feel good about it, trust us, we are creating jobs!

The "FLICK OFF" online store will be opening soon. In the meantime, you can purchase "FLICK OFF GEAR" at the Roots store online. Our ACTION KIT is your first all-purpose-global-warming-crime-fighting tool. It's got ring bands; stickers; handouts you can toss at strangers; a book that teaches the basics on global warming; and even a stencil—so you can spread the word on the street. (Roots is one of the official partners of the "FLICK OFF" campaign.)

Yes you heard that right, the online store, ROOTS! The gear includes a stencil to use on the street?!!! Oh and don't forget to toss those handouts at strangers. I don't know about you but I can't wait to see all the graffiti! Is Our government actually promoting vandalism? Stencilling on the street, really, with what I ask, Chalk? Our Government and their partner’s are asking us all to "Join the Movement".

CANADA’S FIRST EVER FLICK-FEST, in the coming weeks, "FLICK OFF" will announce a nationwide challenge to see which community in Canada can cut their emissions the most per capita. The contest, starting soon, will last over the summer. The winner will be treated to a massive FLICK-FEST- a carbon-neutral music festival featuring awesome acts and maybe even a few surprises.

Wait a minute, I am a little confused now, I thought that this was a program from the "Ontario Government", and this is a Canada wide contest? I wonder what this will cost us? Maybe someone can enlighten me on what a carbon neutral music festival is. Well I had to go back and check the site again. Get real a "FLICK FEST"? I can't even say what I am thinking right now.

"The McGuinty Government is proud to be part of this coalition that empowers Ontarians to take Action". You can e-mail the "Flick off Team" at You can check out the other partners on the official Website.

I know I have ranted on about this issue, but it disturbs me that the McGuinty Government has ignored Caledonia residents, Haldimand County residents, Six Nations residents, Haldimand's recent policing issues, and all who have been involved.

Well Mr. McGuinty, I can tell you that a lot of us "ARE FLICKED OFF" and we will remember you in October 2007, when we "FLICK YOU OFF".


  1. The Ontario government is still providing FREE electricity yo the homes at the former DCE.

    Another summer of air conditioners running with the doors open is near.

    Cut The Power!

  2. Thanks for the comment Joey. I would believe that Haldimand County Hydro is sending the bills to the Province, as they do own the land. So in saying that, the Province would, or rather should be treated like any other customer. If the bill is not paid, you get cut off!

  3. Enough is enough it is time to cut all money to natives and stop all talks with them, until then they will keep doing what they are doing. If the government decides to do something do it now while warm weather is here in case the natives do something destructive again. I think it is time to drop the ball and get this over with

  4. How long are we going to pay for the death of Dudley George? This needs to be said. Dudley George was a strung out alcoholic, drug using, gun toting, out-of-control individual who chose the path of his life.He chose the path of his death. The following actions on all levels of government, actions directed at cover-up, blame and denial set this province on a decade of shame. A decade with no leadership when dealing with native criminals. Often, I have quoted Churchill, and will do so again: "A
    appeaser is someone who feeds the crocodile hoping he'll be eaten last". It is time we stop feeding the crcodile. Beth Hutchison

  5. Thanks for the comment Beth, Although I do have to say that your comment is a bit off topic. I am sorry that I seemed to have mislead you in what I was talking about.