Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Haldimand "Kudos to those who Dare"

Kudos to all out there who get involved! Kudos to those that publicly voice their opinions, and their concerns! Kudos to those who stay the course! Kudos to those that believe we can make a difference!

I am very passionate when it comes to supporting individuals that choose to get involved, especially, when the involvement is of a public nature. This could be speaking before your local council, or writing a letter to the editor. Most people don't get involved, but they will support "You". It is not that they don't want to be involved, it is because it is risky business to be publicly verbal. I know this for a fact!

I will give you an example; In 2004 Haldimand County Council and Staff decided to sell our Hydro Utility without informing the public. Although according to legislation, this process was to be a "public" process, council proceeded with most decisions behind closed doors. Myself and others banded together to fight to save our Utility. We were given one shot to be heard. Eleven amazing people chose to be heard at a public meeting held by council.

My point is that the eleven people that spoke that night stayed the course, our belief was that it was a bad business deal, and we never swayed from the reasons why we fought! We never made it personal! We never once thought of the consequences of being publicly verbal! We all gave a tremendous amount of our personal time, but the end result was worth the effort.

Many of the people that were involved in the Hydro Issue knew each other, some didn't particularly like one another, but that was put aside, as we all had a common goal. This was a valuable experience for me, as it proved to me that there are individuals that can set aside personal feelings to deal with business. This is the attitude that is needed to be successful.

We may not always agree with what someone has to say, or what they stand for, but what we are guilty of is not getting all the information before making a judgement. I can't totally blame the individual for this, as we deal with the facts or information that is passed on to us, whether it is via a public meeting or the press. Too often we are fed partial information, and we are forced to read between the lines. This is dangerous, as we are sometimes mislead. I have been guilty of this myself.

Now to my main point. Caledonia has been the focus for a lot of people in the last year or so, many have been praised and many have been crucified for their efforts and their public involvement. Whether it be Gary Mchale, Mark Vandermaas, Merlyn Kinrade, Toby Barrett, Tim Hudak, Caledonia residents, or anybody that has been verbal, we all have a common goal! Being passionate in voicing our opinions, staying the course, and not giving up.

"Kudos to all those who Dare" You do make a difference!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    This is an overdue thank you for speaking out on a 'hot topic.' It's pretty sad that talking about the Rule of Law, equality before the law, preserving Constitutional rights, and respecting the decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada are considered 'hot' topics, but there it is.

    The only reason topics are 'hot' is because few people have the courage to speak the truth. History, however, never suffers cowards and liars lightly. The truth may hurt, but hurtful truth is always preferable to lies. At least the truth can be debated, dealt with, resolved.

    I have always believed that the truth, like cream, always rises to the top. And so it has. Six months ago one could not use the words "native" and "criminal" or "terrorist" in the same sentence. I remember all the disgusting "racist/white supremacist" allegations made against me when I first began writing about the "DCE Criminals," when I spoke about "Landclaim Terror" when presenting The Ipperwash Papers (www.ipperwashpapers.ca) at Queen's Park. Afterwards, I was threatened by a native who said he was going to "kick my white ass to the ground."

    It was all worth it, though. Today, I am pleased to report that last night, Steve Paiken on The Agenda (TVO) exposed the Landclaim Terrorists for what they were, and helped mainstream natives distance themselves from the thugs in their midst at the same time. Please see the links just posted today at www.caledoniawakeupcall.com, especially the one labelled, "Are warriors terrorists."

    Steve Paiken talked about how CSIS has classified the Mohawk Warriors as a terrorist group, and got one of the criminals behind the Deseronto attack to admit that he favours the use of violence. He looked exactly what he was - a disgusting criminal sociopath.

    Wow. Now that Landclaim Terror has finally been acknowledged and discussed by one of the finest TV journalists in the business, the real debate on stamping it out can begin.

    Despite the worst efforts of the Ipperwash Inquiry, the OPP and the disgusting work of Landclaim Terror deniers, the truth will triumph. Of that there can be no doubt.

    Thank you, Donna, for being a part of that truth.

    I noticed that the title of your post includes the words, "Kudos to those who Dare." You may have heard of the British Special Air Service (SAS), some of the most feared commandos in the world. Their motto is "WHO DARES WINS." So, you're in good company!

    Mark Vandermaas, Editor

    P.S. A very reliable source tells us that that researchers for The Agenda had been reading The Ipperwash Papers for quite some time prior to last night's show. Another reliable source tells me that Bob Runciman, former Solicitor General of Ontario is also a reader.