Monday, April 9, 2007

Let's find out if anyone is interested.

Well here it goes. I feel that I am an unheard Voice.

If you are interested in Local Politics, have been involved in local Politics in any way, and are frustrated because your Voice is not "heard", then this is the place to vent.

If there is interest out there, I will write my story. As I always have much to say. I would like to keep this "Respectful". I am new to this "Blog" concept, but find it very interesting.

I will add more information as I go along with you, including of course my story. So if you have ever written that Letter to the Editor that was passed over, this is the place to be heard.

Donna Pitcher


  1. I found you by chance, what story have you to tell? I will watch your blog for responses, I'm sure it will be interesting.

  2. I too am interested in the story you have to tell. Please let you're voice be heard and I am sure many will offer their own opinions.


  3. I am very interested in your story too. Winning a libel case against a newspaper is pretty significant! Congratulations!

  4. Hi Donna,

    I like the approach. We have absolutely the wrong representation at our County office (again). I ran in the last election to get myself out there and meet new people. I knew I only had a slim chance of winning, but my goal was to have fun and meet people. Instead i find myself "black listed" with Haldimand County Council. They are supposed to be objective, but agian we are dealing with people who only think about themselves! Please check out my blog:
    I have related stories to Donna's experiences!

  5. It is frustrating to watch our representatives direct our supposed wishes without asking what the public wishes are.The mentality that ones elected representive think they have the right to decide when to inform us on major issues!They to often decide this behind closed doors,remember hydro issue?...nuclear,policing now, they are not going to ask us,unless we make them!

  6. hi donna good to know someone has the guts to say things as they really are. i for one think our elected council should respond to all letters, not just the ones THEY think are important. im happy to hear you won your suit against OUR local newspaper. some councillors think they are GOD and have the right to slander or do whatever they see fit. keep up the good work. maybe the next election will rid our county of the GODS that are left- i see a few of them got taken off their clouds this past election.