Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Haldimand County Council " Who are you Kidding?

When I was on the campaign trail in 2006, the issue that was talked about the most was Caledonia. Of course many others campaigning had all the answers and made alot of "huge" promises! Many were promising to get rid of the OPP.

In fact at the Ward 2 debate, Councilor Sloat told the audience that he had already been involved in talks with Chief Mullen with the Hamilton Police Department, and they will take on Haldimand County. Did this come out in the press? No! Now maybe it is just me, but I can't understand for the life of me why not, this seemed to be vital information, that the public had a right to know!! The next morning I called Mayor Trainer to ask if in fact these talks have been going on, and she was totally unaware of what Councilor Sloat was talking about. Was this a "lie" by Councilor Sloat?

If in fact Council Members in 2006 felt that this issue of the OPP was so important, they had the opportunity before the election to put this question on the "Election Ballot" Did they? NO! The reason? If in fact a question is on the "Election Ballot" the public's voice is heard and Council has "No Choice" but to proceed in the direction of the vote! So in saying that, do I believe for one moment that Haldimand County will hold a "Referendum?". NO!

Well back to my point. Haldimand County Council has "deferred the policing report" that was done by staff until mid May 2007. Who are they "Kidding". They are only trying to fool the public, making us think that they are doing what they promised. Do they really think that we are that gullable?

The fact is that this Elected Council has no time before September of 2007 to do anything, except make it look like they are doing something. Council has had plenty of time in the last year, so why have they waited so long? As I have said earlier, Haldimand has to give the OPP a one year heads up if they are not going to re-new. Well the contract comes up around September 2008. So according to my math, they have no time to even ask "US" the public what we think, let alone do studies etc...... and waste taxpayer money.

Were these indivuals that are now in power knocking on the same doors as I was? If they were they have forgotten what the public wants, respect, honesty, and not to waste our money! Well it is newspaper day today, and as always we do look forward to what is happening here in Haldimand County.

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  1. Council defers everything Donna. We are not all as stupid as they think we are. I hope you run in the next election. I live in Ward 2, and I am sorry to say that I voted for the wrong person.