Friday, April 13, 2007

My Letter to "Council" regarding "Accountability"

When I first started this blog, my intentions were to tell my story, but I have been hesitating to do so. My reasons for hesitating, Haldimand County is in the news again, and of course it is not positive. I have thought long and hard about whether to delete this blog, just let go of what I think is an injustice, and get on with my life! As many, many people before me have done!

As my story is very important to me, it is not of any importance to others that I have asked for help, or direction. It does however show how dirty people can be if they want to get back at you, or get rid of you because you can be "verbal". As in the past I have had some issues with Certain Council Members, and should have been pro-active at the time, but my heart has always got in the way, and then when I did come to my senses, my time for action had run out!

Well I have decided that I will not be "Guilty" for adding more stress for Haldimand County. I will not be "Responsible" for the lack of "Morals" for Council Members of Haldimand County. I will not be responsible, or feel that I am responsible for requesting that Council be made "Accountable for their Actions, or their inactions". They are adults just like me, and have chosen to ignore "my" issues, yet there are Council Members who seem to believe that "their personal issues" are more important than mine. The trouble I have with this, is that Council Members should not be making decisions for Haldimand County on "Their Personal Feelings".

So I would like to start my story with my first letter that I wrote to Haldimand County Council and Haldimand County CAO, asking for a resolution.

February 8, 2007

Mayor Marie Trainer,
All Council Members of Haldimand County
CAO Mr. Bill Pearce

Please submit this letter to the above mentioned for Council on Monday
February 12th, 2007.

In November of 2005, I pursed a Libel/Slander lawsuit against The Regional News This Week, and reporter Mr. Bill Jackson. On January 30th, 2006 the Judge made his decision in my favour.

While on the stand and under Oath, Mr. Jackson told the Judge that his information was the truth and from credible sources, he revealed his sources and named Councilors Ashbaugh, Dalimonte, Sloat, and Patterson.

It is obvious that the above Council Members motive was one of a malicious nature, and used Mr. Jackson and The Regional News This Week as their personal device to publicly sully my reputation.

Council Members are paid by public tax dollars, and should never be involved in this type of activity. A resolution to this matter is necessary.

Donna Pitcher

The above letter that I sent to Council, was discussed behind closed doors on February 12th 2007. The response I received by "e-mail". Council has given no further direction to this Matter". Well you can only imagine how I feel about that!

I do have a serious problem with this!! Firstly I am not accusing anyone of anything that they have not done. This letter was based on a Court document, and is public information. Councillors Buck Sloat and Tony Dalimonte are currently on Council, and as you can see their names were "clearly stated" in my letter, YET they were "FULLY INVOLVED" with the discussions behind closed doors and in the direction that Council has taken!

Did they Bully fellow Council Members? Did they sway Councils decision? I cannot say for sure, but what I can say is that I truly believed that they should never have been involved with this "Direction", as they are the ones that were involved!

I could have sued Haldimand County in 2006 for a great deal of money, I chose not too! My reasons; "this is not about money" This is about public officials being "ACCOUNTABLE". I will get into more detail at a later time of what steps I have taken, including a second letter to Council, that I had the same response back as the first letter.

Two local papers have also been given all my information regarding these matters, but do not want to get involved! I am very fortunate that I have very close friends and family that have supported me, without them I would have given up a long time ago!

As I have said before I love Politics, and I truly believe that there are good politicians out there. But my faith in the system is being challenged. "We all have the right to be heard".


  1. I find this deplorable! Our Council needs to smarten up! Keep writing to them Donna, insist that they do something. Maybe some people out there can demand that they do something. What else is Council doing? If the press here don't want to write a story, maybe you can go to a big paper like the spectator. I remember a little bit about the article that was written about you, but could you update me on what it said again? I enjoyed talking to you when you came to my door, and I did Vote for you.

  2. Like Christine Donna, I too met you during the election campaign, You only talked about positive things. I can say that there was one person who was very pushy, I won't name him. Sue their butts off!!!! Oh by the way I voted for you as well.