Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Local Reporter Comments "What Price for Integrity"?

I must say "kudos" to Bill Jackson of the Regional News this Week. Bill's comment is a "must read for everyone", he hits the nail on the head.

I enjoyed reading this comment, and can only hope that more of this will come our way. I don't like to be negative, but the news in Haldimand County the last year or so has been scarce, at least when it comes to politics, at least when it comes to "don't rock the boat" attitude.

Maybe there is a problem for smaller newspapers taking the pressure from politicians on what they write or don't write. An example of this would be maybe, just maybe, if a reporter was to write something not so positive about an elected official, maybe that elected offical won't give them an interview, or information. Who knows for sure.

There has been a lot of sugar coating, in the press regarding Council "getting it together". I disagree! Council may only be taking things behind closed doors, for us not to see. In my case, my issue was discussed behind closed doors, and has simply gone away as far as Council is concerned. But as I have said before, I will get into more detail later.

As Bill said in his comment "After all, ethical issues have taken centre stage here in Haldimand recently just as much as anywhere else".

I truly believe that Elected Officals must be ethical, moral and responsible in their positions, and when they are asked to be "Accountable" for their actions, WE MUST NEVER LET THEM CONVINCE US THAT WE ARE ASKING FOR TOO MUCH!!!!!

We pay them, We elect them, and We expect them to do what they promised us they would do.


  1. Thanks Donna, I read Bill's comments this week. He said it all. Have you given him any information on your story that you are talking about in regards to the council members being involved? Or is there a problem because you sued them? You are probably right when it comes to the local paper issue. I too live in Haldimand, and there are not that many reporters or papers here. I look forward to hearing others comments on this.
    Thanks Tom

  2. I have to agree with Bill Jackson for the first time. (I do not think he is an objective reporter). He has hit the nail on the head. Ou elected representatives are not obligated to take responsibility for their actions by not having an integrity Commisioner or Ombudsman. Residents, who have concerns or complaints, are talking to a brick wall. We, as residents, should demand that such a person be put in place to look after our behalfs as Council has clearly shown already (they only needed 3 months)that they only look after themselves!

  3. To answer your question, Yes I have given all the information To Bill Jackson at the Regional News. We will see if they are interested.

  4. Wilrik, regarding the Integrity Commissioner. I asked Mayor Trainer if Haldimand is looking into this, her response, No, not at the moment. The Province has given so much power to the Municipalities, but in doing this they have also taken away our tools as "stakeholders" to hold our Elected Officials "accountable". Our Council just seems to close the doors, and we have no way of opening those doors, so we go on "deafs ear".