Monday, April 16, 2007

"Haldimand County Council to Review Policing"

Well I went to Council this afternoon to see what was going on with the Policing Issues. I picked up the report "Framework for Review of Policing Service Delivery", submitted by Karen General, General Manager Corporate Services. The report is very detailed and well done. What I liked the most was the "PUBLIC INPUT" section. Karen goes into great detail regarding informing the Public, and how vital it is to do so. Some of the Methods; community surveys, questionnaires, public information sessions, website, media releases, and a "Referendum".

The report also says that there will be extensive media, police personnel, community and Provincial interest in the process. In order to demonstrate that the openness and consultation embodied on the Act is addressed, Council must be seen as unbiased and impartial to safeguard the integrity and fairness of the process. That is a powerful Statement!!

We need to get involved, we could be looking at another "Haldimand County Hydro OOPS" that cost us alot of money for Council's "look and see", this Review would cost the taxpayers a great deal of money, for a "look and see". If I am not mistaken the contract is up around September 2008, we need to give the OPP a one year notice. That would mean that the County would have to do a lot of work in a very short period of time! As was stated today, this venture was not included in the budget for 2007, is that not the budget that they just finished a few weeks ago?

As Mayor Trainer said today that she and a few other Council Members promised people during the election campaign that they would look into an option for policing, I would think that the best option would be for everyone to "Grow Up", act like "Adults" and "work it out"! The question would be for me, what difference would there be if we had a force of our own, or used a force such as Hamilton's, "Who would police Caledonia"? I think the answer would be the OPP.

Please don't leave this up to Haldimand County Council to decide, write letters, call your Council Members, Phone the Mayor! We cannot bear this Cost!

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  1. "Council must be seen as unbiased and impartial?" Are they joking!! All the whining that Trainer, Sloat and Grice have already done from the beginning, and in their campaigns publicly stating that we have "two tier justice" is proof in the pudding, that they cannot be anything but biased and partial!! They have helped spread fear, and racisim.