Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Haldimand "Welcome our new CAO".

I was very impressed with this week’s article in the Chronicle, by Karen Best. For the entire story visit For those of you that don’t receive this paper, the following are some excerpts that I found very interesting;

"Before he was formally on the job, Don Doyle planned to speak to Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino about policing in Haldimand County. Prior to a Toronto business golf function last week, the soon-to-be CAO said he would leave knowing where the OPP stands on policing the ongoing First Nation’s issue in the county".

I personally find this statement by Doyle as very "profound", as the soon-to-be CAO is certain that he is going to receive information that this county has been unable to achieve in the past. What would be interesting is what conversation would have taken place between Fantino and Doyle, as what legal information would Doyle actually been privy to receive from Fantino, as his position as CAO of Haldimand County does not start until October 2, 2007?

"In an interview with the Chronicle, he was open about his reasons for pursuing a career change. Toronto is a big machine that moves very slowly and is difficult to influence said Boyle".

Haldimand County is a much smaller "machine" than Toronto, but I am sure that we do not move and faster here than Toronto. Haldimand is also a very difficult place to influence as well, just ask some of the residents that live here.

"Attracted by Haldimand County’s spirit and the challenge of the First Nations issue, Boyle is preparing for his new job through research on the Internet including reading about the Six Nations and Haldimand County issues in the Chronicle".

No "pun" against the Chronicle, but newspapers don’t always state all the facts, neither does the Internet!

"As an outsider, Boyle was immediately impressed with the county’s potential in quality of life and eco-tourism. He envisioned linking all towns together in a trail network and stronger promotion of county assets outside the community".

I am interested in what he meant by "county assets outside the community"!

"After reviewing the county’s budget and reserve balance statements, he concluded the county was financially healthy".

I recall during budget deliberations in March, that Councilor Boyko had asked Karen General and Bill Pearce if Haldimand County was "financially viable? Staff said that they would do a report and come back in six months with the answer. I am not aware of any such report ever coming back to council. Councilor Boyko with his years experience, obviously asked that question because he had serious concerns, Boyle who has not even started his position yet, has confirmed that our "finances are just fine"!

"Over his career, he has had only two bad days but he can no longer remember what happened on them".

I am glad that Boyle seems to be a very positive individual, we certainly welcome that kind of attitude.

"Recently Boyle began searching for other opportunities. He applied for the St. Catherine’s CAO job but, when advised of the same vacancy in Haldimand, he withdrew his application and applied to the County".

This also goes to say for Boyle, that he must also be a very optimistic individual as well, most people would not have "pulled" an application unless they were optimistic of their chances at getting a position. We also welcome his optimism.

Don Doyle comes to us from Toronto, with a background in recreation. From 1995 to present Doyle has worked in the Parks and Recreation sector for the City of Toronto.

I would like to extend my welcome to Don Doyle, Haldimand County’s new Chief Administrative Officer. We could certainly use an individual with your talents and qualities in Haldimand County.


  1. Yes, welcome to the new CAO.
    Being from out of town, I'm sure he will be effective because he doesn't have any old relationships in Haldimand he has to worry about.

    No past favours to repay.

    His first big test will be to legally shut McHale out of Caledonia and I'm sure he's working on that right now especially if he's trying to open a good dialogue with Fantino and do what's best for Caledonia and Haldimand.

    I suspect the new CAO will have something to say about Gary's march soon.

  2. 10 questions Don Boyle will be asking himself after his first week on the job:

    1. Where did they find the over 9000 people that voted for this current mayor?

    2. How can I make this municipal government respected again by the Provincial and Federal government.

    3. With no real leadership, how can I get council to look at the promoting the good of the entire county, not just their own ward.

    4. How can I get council and the mayor to play nice with each other.

    5. How can I deal with the police services contract, when surrounding municipalities won't touch policing in Haldimand Policing with a ten foot pole?

    6. With all development in Haldimand County at a standstill, how are we going to make up for the loss of development charges?

    7. Is Gary McHale secretly working for the Provincial government, to keep the local residents divided enough that they won't organize and go after the Province?

    8. Is there any future for Haldimand County?

    9. Is the job in St. Catherines still available?

    10. What community outside of Haldimand County will I live?

  3. John Andrews...who ever you are, you just hit the nail on the head...10 times.

    Welcome to Haldimand County Mr. Boyle! Many are looking forward to seeing where a new and fresh perspective will lead Haldimand County. Good luck!

  4. Well John Andrews, "KUDO'S" to you, "fantastic" list of questions.

    I just hope that this County was really honest with this man, on what he was getting into here.

    Thanks all for your comments.