Thursday, September 20, 2007

Haldimand "My Personal Point Of View"

Well after the events of yesterday unfolded in front of “My” eyes, whether on the radio or the TV, for me personally I was over whelmed with feelings of sadness. When I watched the news last night it was like a scene right out of a movie, and I was left with feeling that this can not be happening where I Live!

First I would love to share with you a few readings out of a book that I have called Sacred Moments;

"The Virtue of Humility"

Man is not intended to see through the eyes of another, hear through another’s ears nor comprehend with another’s brain. Each human creature has individual endowment, power and responsibility in the creative plan of God.

"The virtue of Acceptance"

If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn…
If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient…
If children live with encouragement, they learn to be confident…
If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate…
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves…

I have said many times on my blog that I have stayed away from taking sides in the Land Claims issues in Haldimand County. We have “All” lived with this one way or another in the past 19 months. Some are very strong on their stand; others are not really sure what their stand is. Regardless we all have a different way of expressing our personal point of views.

I have certainly expressed my personal views publicly, whether it be standing on a “Bridge” for 3 days, writing a blog, or starting a “Petition on-line” to Dalton McGuinty, I have certainly paid the price for all of the above. I have often wondered why I do the things I do, and often say, I really don’t make a difference in the big picture, and say to myself “Give it Up”, but I keep going back for more!

I am very fortunate that I have very close friends and a very close family that have always “supported” me on “anything” that I have done. In saying that I am sure that sometimes they really wonder what the hell I am doing, but they have always been there for me. I am truly blessed for this.

I for one understand the “Passion” that one feels when they are involved in fighting for something, no matter how “big or small”! I also “Respect” anyone who has that passion, and seems to be willing to put their life on hold for what they believe in. Sometimes our “Passion” drives us to go over the line, (I have also been guilty of crossing the line) and we loose site of what the real issues are. So we need to take a breath, a break, and re-focus our efforts. The respectful thing I believe for all of us to remember is we need to “Agree to Disagree” with each other.

The Land Claims issue (in my opinion) seems to now have about “8” sides, and in “My” personal opinion, this issue cannot be resolved when there are that many sides. I also feel very strongly against using “Violence” to make your point, no matter what side you take a stand on.

My personal opinion is that most of us are “Ignorant” to either cultural differences or the interpretation of the Law or the understanding of the issue itself! I am personally guilty of this as well! (“Thank Goodness my comments are turned off”!)

I have stated all along that the solution to the current crisis is the “Responsibility” of “All” levels of “Government”. I say “Crisis” because of the constant “Passing the Buck” and the lack of “Accountability” and the lack of “Responsibility” of “All” Levels of Government. The time is up; this has gone on too long for “All” of us.

Wouldn’t it be admirable if we “All” started focusing on the “Government” and not on each other! We are all “Neighbours” who are mad at one level of the government or another, for one reason or another, whether you are a resident, a protester, a builder etc..etc..

We are “All” “Responsible” for our “Actions” and our “Inaction’s”.