Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Haldimand "Your Help is needed on Domtar Hill"

I have been asked for my assistance by a resident of Caledonia, as my blog is named "Haldimands Unheard Voice" I am only too pleased to help out.

There are many "Unheard Voices in Haldimand", but with your help in a few very simple ways, our "Voices will be Heard".

(1) Please sign this on-line petition that I started last Friday,

(2) This Saturday, (September 22nd) Residents of Caledonia plan on lining the Domtar Hill, this is the main road that goes into Caledonia. I will update this when necessary.

Please meet at the Parking Lot behind the Post Office on Caithness Street at 12:00pm.

The walk will begin through town and proceed on to line the Domtar Hill on Both Sides (What an awesome site that will be, let's stand together Haldimand!)

Please bring a sign (all signs need to be Respectful!)

This is a "Peaceful Demonstration", walking and standing on the "Sidewalk".

There may be a possibility that parking could be provided at the Domtar site right on Hwy# 6, problem is no one knows who the contact person for that site is. If you have any information that can help us out, please advise. If we can park there, we won't need to walk.

Please come out and "Support" your County.


  1. Interesting....As I see it we have Conservative Representation at all levels of our gov't in Haldimand/ Norfolk.
    Trainer - PC, Municipal what has she done for our County.She shows up but what does she do to move this County ahead?

    Barrett - PC, Provincial, what has action has he done for Caledonia? He shows up but what does he do?

    Tory - PC Federal, His party is in power and what have they done for Caledonia?

    This adds up to me three PC who have done nothing to make this a better place in Haldimand County.

    It is time for change!

  2. Tory - PC Federal, His party is in power and what have they done for Caledonia?

    Mayor Trainer is the only one on Council who has done anything to support the people of the County and you're right she is Conservative. Interestingly the rest of Council all 6 of them are Liberals and you never see them when it comes to Haldimand.

    Toby Barrett is a Provincial Progressive Conservative and his party is the opposition not the party in power so it is difficult to get anything done since the Liberal McGuinty Government of Ontario is totally ignoring Haldimand.

    Wrong - John Tory happens to be the leader of the Provincial Progressive Conservative Party and is currently leader of the opposition. So he has had nothing to do with our problems.

    Daulton McGuinty is the Premier of the Province and is a LIBERAL...and you're right he has done nothing.

    The Federal Leader of the Conservative Party in power is Stephen Harper and you're right Diane Finley has done little for the County.

    It's important to have your facts straight if you want to attack someone.

  3. I stand corrected. I meant Finley not Tory.
    As far as Trainer, she shows up but does nothing. IMO.
    I am not attacking anyone, just simple facts.
    Where do you get your info about all the Councillors being Liberals? Have you asked them?
    I believe that the Councillors will work with whoever the powers may be come election time.

  4. Toby has been in for 12 yrs and in POWER for 8 of those yrs…all they did was destroy the education, healthcare and download to the Municipalities….also left 5.6 billion dollar deficit…why don’t they cry for Harper to come to Haldimand County….Diane Finley PC MP as well …man they should be ashamed.

  5. This post was asking for the residents of Haldimand County to work together in support of the "Residents" of Caledonia!

    Please pass this information on!

    "Let's Line the Domtar Hill"

  6. You're right Donna. This is about supporting Caledonia.

    It is time the people of this community stopped with the political grandstanding and got together for the benefit of the community.

    Only those of us living in Haldimand can truly affect the future of Haldimand.

    It serves no purpose to attack one another.

  7. I won't be supporting this cause. If anyone else was spearheading it I would support it.
    I do not trust anyone who has anything to do with McHale or Vandermaas.

  8. Is McHale, Vandermaas, Trainer, Parkinson ans Kinrade attending?

  9. This is great news !!!

    A gang of us from work have been passing around the hat to raise money for the march organizers of the October 8 rally but when I told them all about this one on Saturday they all agreed to send the money to your group instead because the sooner the better we say!! Hell, we're just a bunch of country hicks and if someone doesn't take this money off us soon, it's going disappear into the local hotel down here in Simcoe. Our guy that is counting the cash now said he figures between $1,000 and $2,000 bucks.

    I'll look for you people on Saturday to hand deliver it but you have to promise to buy yourselves a case of beer afterwards.for medicinal purposes of course whatever the hell that means.

    Looking forward to Saturday !

    Good Luck to ya'll down there in Caledonia

  10. If you are interested in who is attending this, you will have to ask them yourself. I have no idea who will be there.

    I posted this on behalf of a resident of Caledonia to help get out the word. Just posting for another "unheard voice", non pun intended! I will not be attending as I have other plans.

  11. Tell you what Donna Pitcher. If there is any chance that McHale, Vandermaas, Parkinson, or his uncle Merlyn are there, then I and at least 35-40 others will not be.

    We will have no part of their mission to target the aboriginal peoples who live in this community. They can keep their blatant views to themselves.

    They do not help Caledonia one bit. Hopefully, Joe Gualtieri realizes that many people will question his intentions if he continues to align himself with that crew. Bad Move Joe! Bad Move! If you want to help your family and Caledonia, then stay away from them! You do not need the hassle or the pain that they are capable of inflicting on you.

    Until I know 100% that McHale and his supporters will not be there on Saturday, count me and mine out entirely. I, and many others, absolutely refuse to share my space with that group and their ideals, attacks and outright lies against just about anybody.

    McHale has resorted to insulting the residents of this town once again in some ridiculous effort to try and impart guilt to gain support for himself. Somebody ought to tell that guy that it just doesn't work. Caledonia is a lot smarter and stronger than that.

  12. I sincerely do not know who is attending on Saturday.

    My understanding is that McHale is having a March in Caledonia on October 8th, I will not be attending that March.

    As I have stated in the past, I have met Gary, he posts "some" of my articles on his site.

    Please do not assume that I am involved with "any" group. I am NOT!

    I was asked by a "resident" in Caledonia to help pass on this information as it was very short notice, she has asked that I keep her name anonymous for the moment, that may change.

    Please come out and support our County, we need to unite, and send a strong message to all levels of government.

  13. That is an interesting comment you make about McHale yet, on your petition on one of you other blogs, your are the creator of the petition, you are the first to sign and then the McHales.It seems to be and correct me if I am wrong, that you have a direct link to McHales.It would seem that you sent it directly to them and the petition goes on to many other McHale supporters. One just has to look through the list to see who they are and they are not far on that list from the author of the petition.Just my humble observation and opinion.

  14. Forgot to add this to previous post from your petition.

    5. Merlyn Kinrade
    4. Pat.Hamilton
    3. Gary McHale
    2. Christine McHale
    1. Donna Pitcher

  15. Anonymous you can crucify me all you want, I am quite used to that.

    I don't see your point.

    Well there you go the "petition" is one of the articles that McHale decided to post. My petition is posted on a few other blogs out there as well.

    If you take the time to read the rest of my articles, maybe your questions will be answered to your satisfaction.

  16. I have worked with the organizer of the sign event at Domtar Hill on Saturday at 12:00 noon.

    As with Donna I will not be at the McHale event on October 8 as I have said previously.

    It was the intention of the organizer and I agreed that they did not want this to become the McHale show and we therefore intentionally did not invite McHale and friends. We wanted this event to be a Haldimand event that is pointed at motivating the governments of this country to get involved and resolve our problems.

    Like Donna said we have no control on who shows up at the event but since McHale is having his own event on October 8 I don't expect him at ours.

    You are presuming too much in your posts about people in this County with regard to their loyalties. People in this County are loyal to the County and only the County.

    What is planned for Saturday is for the people of Haldimand by the people of Haldimand end of story.

  17. Thank you both for the clarification.

  18. To Donna and Lisa;

    Thank you both for your clarification.

    To Donna;

    You are gutsy. For that you have some respect from me. You are vocal, and I will admit that I do not always agree with your views, but I respect the fact that you have the right to express them.

    To Lisa;

    You too, are a gutsy individual. I do not agree with much of your stance, but I also respect your right to express your views.

    To you both;

    I've heard that there is some fall out coming down on both of you because you are distancing yourselves from one Gary McHale. Don't worry about that, for you are not the first to experience this maliciousness - nor will you be the last.

    Those who understand this situation and its implications will support you both. Most importantly, we want you to know that there are others who can help with this if you feel that it is necessary.

    At the end of the day, you both are trying to help find an end to the problems and issues that plague Haldimand County just like so very many others. For that you have my thanks. But to be clear, it must be understood that those who would antagonize these situations with plans that could be harmful to the improvements that have been made (although they may be small) delay and set back the work and efforts of many, many people on all sides of these issues.

  19. I can only speak for myself here, but I really don't understand why all of a sudden I have people commenting on my site that keep bringing up others in the mix.

    If anyone really wants to know what I am all about I am not that difficult to find. Just look in the phone book! Try giving me a call before you crucify me for what you have "heard" about me, or what you think you know about me. Go to the source, that is what I do. Or just simply spend some time reading my blog, all the answers are there.

    I have never hidden the fact that I work with "No" organized "group". I have never hidden the fact that I will respectfully carry on a conversation with "Anyone" that chooses to speak with me.

    Please take the time to read my recent post "My personal view" you will notice that I turned off the comments, maybe that will further clarify things as well.

    And as always thanks for your comments.