Saturday, September 8, 2007

Haldimand "Meet Toby Barrett and John Tory"

Well we are once again on the doorstep of a Provincial Election.

In my opinion this is a very important election, an election that could be a turning point for those of us that live in Haldimand/Norfolk. Our current "Premier Elect" has all but turned a blind eye to many critical issues that we face, and I can almost say with certainty, our current "Premier Elect" won’t be visiting us any time soon!

The proof is in the pudding as McGuinty in the last couple of months has been to Hamilton (a mere 20 minutes away from say "Caledonia") I believe "3" times, promising if "re-elected" millions of dollars in various "funding" ventures to the city of Hamilton. My question to our Premier, is Hamilton more important to you because their population is approx. 503,000 compared to Haldimand/Norfolk that has a population of approx., 110,000?

The way I look at things is that this current government is not the least bit worried about how we vote in Haldimand/Norfolk, as they believe that we cannot make a difference in the "Big" picture. Well my opinion is, they are wrong! "We can make a difference" by doing "one" simple thing. HAVE YOUR SAY AND VOTE!

Now for many of you out there, you have already made your decision as to who is going to get your vote on October 10th. For some out there, you are unsure, and will probably not decide until October 10th. For others, your faith and confidence in Politicians is all but gone, and you have already decided "not to vote". This is where I have concerns, please don’t give up, as if you do, and certain politicians depend on you to "give up", they actually win, don’t forget, their supporters make up the percentage of the votes that get them elected or re-elected!

Let’s put a real "spin" on this election, we need more than 56% of the people to decide how this province will run for the next "4" years. Get out and Vote, tell your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers to Vote! Together we can make "History", let’s get at least 80% of Haldimand/Norfolk out to vote! Imagine the message that would be sent!

So I challenge "you all" to take some time and come out to meet Toby Barrett and John Tory, this is your opportunity to get those answers right from the "horses mouth", no pun intended!

Wednesday September 12th, 2007 @ 6:00pm
Toby Barrett’s Campaign Headquarters
64 Queensway West (Hwy #3) Simcoe


  1. Thanks Donna for that info. We will try to get there!

  2. What has Toby Barrett done for Haldimand County except show up and where is the action to getting things done. Even when his party was in power, I cannot see what he has done for us. As far as going to the horses mouth, been there done that many times.He has been at the helm of Haldimand, Norfolk for a very long time and what has he accomplished.I say it is time for big change and sooner rather than later.

  3. I'd like to hear both Toby Barrett and John Tory comment on Gary's new march on Oct.8 where he says he wants to march "through" the Douglas Creek Estates.

    I also wonder what Gary's followers such as Lisa Parent and Donna Pitcher think about this march.

  4. If you go on Wednesday that is a perfect time for you to ask both them your question. It is always wiser to ask the person directly, instead of assuming what they are thinking.

    As far as your statement that I am a follower of "anyone", you have obviously not read my site

  5. Why then do you and Lisa Parent seem to be so close to McHale? And who exactly runs the "Help Funding Society" that seems to be asking for financial donations from the public?

    You're both posting here under your names so there's no reason not to answer here also.

    I have already planned on asking Barrett and Tory to comment publicly on McHale's march. I'm asking you two (Pitcher and Parent) right here on this blog as to whether you support Gary's march onto the DCE on Oct. 8 or at any time.

  6. Anonymous close is a relative term. Yes when the marches and rallies were taking place I was at them all and video-taped many of them.

    Yes I was involved in starting HELP Funding Society. The reason I was involved for was to raise funding to help the residents of Caledonia and to support politically oriented activities to ensure we had a voice. Since that didn't happen HELP Funding Society never actually came into being. I cancelled it before it ever got started.

    Do I know Gary McHale. Yes, casually as many people in Caledonia do. I have never been to his home in fact I don't know even how to get there. Am I involved with activities of Gary McHale today? No!

    Do I support Caledonia Wake Up Call? Yes to a point. When the postings on CWUC support "Rule of Law", Equality and promote non-violent activities I support CWUC.

    Do I support his ideas. I support some of his ideas with regard to "Rule of Law", equality for everyone and non-violence.

    Do I support all of his approaches in dealing with Caledonia. No! Like most people I believe there is a time and place for everything and sometimes Gary McHale does what he thinks is good for us. I don't support his approach to many activities just like most people of Caledonia.

    I do not support a March onto DCE at any time. I find that approach divisive. I would support a rally removed from DCE. I would not support a March onto DCE on October 8 or any other time. I won't be there for personal reasons that have nothing to do with the proposed March.

    To make a long story short I'm not connected to Gary McHale, HELP Funding Society does not exist for any funding activities, and I would appreciate that you stop the posts on this blog alluding to that fact.

  7. Anonymous I forgot to tell you that HELP Funding Society is not asking for money on its official site.

    Don't be suggesting it is please.

  8. Lisa thanks for your comments and your honesty. You certainly did not have to go into detail, as the subject of this article was not about anyone's affiliation to Gary Mchale!

    Anonymous thanks for posting your comments, a little off topic, but never the less, interesting.

    I would like to answer a few of your questions, the first one would be to your comment "You're both posting here under your names so there's no reason not to answer here also". This is my Blog, so I post here all the time. Lisa Parent also reads my blog, as you do, and posts her comments. That does not give you the right to ask for Lisa's personal opinion, as Gary Mchale, nor Lisa Parent, were the subject matter of this article!

    As this is my blog, I usually pick the subject matter, and if I choose to write about Gary Mchale, and my personal opinion of him, I will do just that!

    Secondly, your comment "as to whether I support Gary's march onto the DCE on Oct. 8th". You seem to be much closer to Gary Mchale than I am, as I was under the understanding that his March was slated for September 30th.

  9. anonymous....I believe some people have written Toby B. about the his thoughts of McHale and the Oct. 8/07 March but he has not replied to them on that matter as of yet.

  10. Donna,

    Mr. McHale changed the date of his march to Thanksgiving Monday. Regardless of his chosen date, his plans and actions are contrary to the wishes of the vast majority of people, like myself, who live in Caledonia. He gives no consideration to the residents of this town who have to live with the erosion that he leaves in his wake.

    It is your choice with whom you associate. I would suggest that you understand that many people question your credibility because of your close association with McHale, Vandermaas and Parkinson. It is undeniable. It is, however, your credibility, and it is your choice as to how you spend it.

    I have already sent word to John Tory and Toby Barrett expressing my disgust with this next round of media grandstanding.

    Although I agree in principle with their party platform in the upcoming provincial election, I will give serious consideration to rewarding them with my vote if they do not publicly express where they stand regarding Mr. McHale's plans with this next march through the DCE. (We shall see if they have anything to say about it on Wednesday.)

    This situation in Caledonia is not a game. Those that would exploit what this town has had to go through in some selfish effort to make an impact on the upcoming provincial election - should be taking their grievances to Queen's Park, NOT the former Douglas Creek Estates. Queen's Park is the appropriate venue to utilize in targetting Premier McGuinty and his Liberal government.

    Caledonia/DCE as a venue to support such a campaign is irresponsible, and only serves to further target the residents and businesses of this town. If you cannot see that, then there is little that can be said about your intentions as well.

    Donna, you have been asked a question on your blog by another poster; Do you or do you not support Gary McHale's planned march through the DCE on October 8, 2007? Failing to answer that question, will speak volumns about you.

    Thank you for your time.


  11. Thanks Pat for your comments.

    I will clear things up here for anyone that is interested!

    I do "NOT" support the March through DCE on October 8th, 2007.

    If I was in support of this March I would have used my blog to promote such a venture.

    I would also like to say again that I have met Gary Mchale, Mark Vandermaas, and Jeff Parkinson. Does that give "anyone" the right to assume that I am a "groupie"? I have always voiced my own opinion, and just because I have met some people doesn't mean that I voice theirs.

    I agree that what is going on in Caledonia is "not a game". I am a proud resident of Haldimand County and truly care what happens here.

    If Gary Mchale's intentions are "real", and from my understanding he is fighting "two tier justice", he needs to take his fight directly to the "government".

    Marching on DCE will only cause "havoc", that is my "personal" opinion!

    I will be there on Wednesday, please seek me out, and we can have a chat.

  12. Thank you to Lisa for answering my basic questions.

    It clarifies things as far as your involvement with McHale.

    Also, I won't ask you about your personal reasons for not attending this next march, if it is indeed attempted by McHale. They are, as you say, personal reasons and I respect that.

    thank you

  13. Thank you Donna, for taking the time to reply to my comments.

    I agree with you 100% that the issues of "two-tier" are best addressed at the government's doorstep. Continued upheaval created in the belief that Caledonia is the best (or only) place to make a point is truly misguided in my opinion.

    I would also like to thank you for taking a stand regarding the proposed plans of one Gary McHale regarding his plans for October 8, 2007. Like you, I am a proud resident of Haldimand County. The residents and businesses who are making every effort to recover from this nation wide issue of land claims,(legitimate or illegitimate) do not need the added negativity created by the antics of one individual attempting to push their personal agenda.

    I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you on Wednesday should the opportunity present itself.



  14. I agree Donna, it will cause havoc. Residents of Caledonia are already massing an effort to let authorities no that He isn't welcome and that he has little support. I hope that the O.P.P. finally arrest him for his intent to incite trouble in a town that has seen enough of it.

  15. Yes god forbid that Caledonia should stand up for itself instead of trying to "heal" when the wound is still gaping open and being stabbed at by Natives.

    Let's all rally around keeping McHale, Vandermaas, and Parkinson out of town instead of trying to get the illegal occupiers out.

  16. Just so everyone knows, Toby Barrett speak out against Marching on DCE a year ago but he still was a guest speaker on Oct. 15.

    The only question to ask now is how to make sure Caledonia becomes part of the election debate.

    We can sit and do nothing or...

    Gary McHale

  17. I agree! We should never let anyone into town who wants to peacefully exercise their rights in defiance of vioolent criminals in order to help us. Hell, no! LEt's tar and feather them, run em out of town and then go back to living with no rights, no safety and no voice. Yeah, sign me up.

    Get real people. the outsiders aren't the problem, the criminals are.

  18. Nice to see that Gary's 3 followers found this forum! LOL!

  19. This is for you Mr Mchale.

    As much as you have a right to march, as much as you, I and others have had civil liberties rubbed in our faces, as much as those on the DCE and those who support their actions are and have been allowed to do so with little if any law enforcment or fear of it, as much as all these things are known and still fresh in a lot of peoples minds, we do not need you to exercise your rights to do this, it will do nothing other than attract criminals and thugs to the DCE which in turn will result in turmoil and more heart ache for the residents who live here.

    Yes we know you are right in that point, we also know that to date we have not nor can we rely on the government, OPP etc to do the lawful duty.

    What we need is your energy applied in a manner that wont hurt us any more, do the march, do it in another area, leave the DCE alone, again we know what will happen, so do you, why go down that road again ?.

    This is not a game, my family and friends live here, some right up against it, we are trying to fight back, useing our heads and minds, not marches onto DCE, please you are not the root cause we know that, but Caledonia dosnt need to be the sacrifical lamb again.

    Take it away from my town, you really care about us ?, do this for us then please.


    Citizen of Caledonia

  20. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Thanks for your comments Gary. The opportunity is right in front of us on Wednesday September 12th at 6:00pm!

    Behind the John Tory bus, will be a bus load of "press" from Toronto. This would be a great opportunity to get some answers, and hit the news. This would make sure that Caledonia becomes part of the election debate.

  21. Thanks for your comment, citizen from Caledonia.

    Your words are very wise.

    We must have posted at the same time, as I just posted below you a comment.

    We have a great opportunity on September 12th!

  22. Currently on 'Have your say Caledonia" which most of its members are from Caledonia the poll show 58% support for having a March.

    That is more than any Prime Minister has ever received in an elections. This is not to say I am a PM but if the Government of Canada can be elected with much least support than 58% than I am sure we can have a March because the Citizens in Caledonia want one.

    Not all Citizens support a March but not all Citizens want Toby Barrett or Harper to represent them but they do.

    Let us not hold me (Gary McHale) up to highest standards than we would hold Toby or Harper.

    They were voted in when the majority voted against them. More than 50% voted against Harper and against Toby. In fact, 64% of Canadians voted against Harper and he is still Prime Minister.

    Let us remember that most people live in fear… especially the fear of the unknown.

    Whatever happens Wednesday with Toby and Tory will be great because the media will cover it but then Caledonia as an election issue will be forgotten about the next day.

    A March gives one month of media hype which will end the day before people vote.

    You can live in fear… or take control and force a change. Those who live in fear never effective change anything.

    Gary McHale

  23. Fear is people liking you Gary creating it.

  24. You're a piece of work McHale.

    You are leaning on a poll from a website that is clearly slanted towards anti-native sentiment and whose moderators have banned pretty much anyone who has argued in favour of the native poisition?

    You sir, make me want to vomit.

    You are all about money, money, money and will manipulate anyone who is stupid enough to give it to you.

    Neighbour's board did a wonderful job the past few months in exposing you for what you really are and the word is getting out.

  25. Thanks for all the comments, quite a few are certainly a bit off topic.

    I would like to say to everyone, that this article was to promote Wednesday's meet Toby and Tory.

    I have no idea what some of the you are talking about re; other sites on the internet. It seems a few of you have a beef with each other, and that is certainly none of my business.

    But in saying that, I would appreciate posters to my blog, post respectfully. Please keep your battles with each other on the other respected sites.

    Gary, I have not a clue as to the "poll" you are speaking of either. Again please keep to the topic on hand.

    As a blogger, I have no control over who posts on my site. I can only delete a comment, or have "no comments" to my blog.

    Please Respect my site, and I know at least one poster here has a site of his own, please use your "own" site to vent with people.

  26. I for one Donna underderstand you post and will be in Simcoe tomorrow to question Toby and John Tory as you asked.

    I have no idea why Mr. McHale is cluttering your blog with his own agenda when clearly the opportunity for everyone is to be in Simcoe tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work.

  27. I hear you Donna and I thought the conversation was over. That is until McHale came in here to barge his way onto your blog.

    He must have been banned from some websites and has lost his voice.

  28. Hello Donna

    Interesting website that you have. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have a question for Mr. John Tory and Mr. toby Barrett. How do they feel about Mr. McHale attempting to hijack the election coverage by trying to tie in the campaign to his marches on DCE in a quest to generate cash.

    We will see if Mr. Barrett supports confrontation and a march thru DCE. Mr. McHale probably doesn't have any intention of going on the DCE as with his Oct. 2006 march, but he obviously is just trying to create media buzz. I doubt that the media will be sucked in again. The election coverage will take precedent.

    I agree with 'citizen of Caledonia' that many residents in the area don't need this type of negative event at or near their place of residence where for many months now they have been enjoying peaceful living. We have seen houses coming down and that is a real step forward. These houses were at one time the source of aggravation with many noise complaints due to protestors boisterous activities throughout the night. I am glad that those activities are over. Thanks to all those that made that happen. Obviously some good people at Six Nations recognized the problems that these houses represented and acted accordingly to lower the tensions.

    Many residents who border the DCE have been enjoying their pools this summer. One resident even had an in-ground pool installed in his back yard this year. It was nice to see.

    Also, it was nice to hear that used home sales are doing nicely in Caledonia especially in some areas near the southwest corner of Caledonia. I predict that if this trend continues all house values will soon return to normal.


  29. I hope that Toby and Tory can answer those questions.
    If they say they do not support the March to DCE, McHale will certainly have a hissy fit.
    It they do support McHale be the slightest chance, they might as well say good by to Caledonia PC support.
    I understand they have not responded to those questions by e mail to date as requested.

  30. anonymous...I agree McHale has come to this blog to get his word out. I heard that he has been banned on another site.
    Hopefully Donna, do what is right where McHale is concerned.

    I will be there on Wednesday September 12 to hear the answers tp the above questions.

  31. I will definitely be there to ask Toby and Tory questions and it's a great opportunity to get some attention on Caledonia.

    It is however almost a month away from the election and the coverage we can get from this is destined to be short lived.

    If we avoid and damn the McHale led march on October 8th, what's the alternative plan to put Caledonia back in the headlines immediately before people vote?

    I don't prefer my town being home to any large confrontational event, but I like the part where media come to Caledonia 2 days before the election. If someone can please explain what event they are going to hold as an alternative to McHales that's also going to bring the media to town, I'd like very much to attend.

  32. Sorry it took so long to respond back. I do like to have the last say.

    I hope the few people that made comments on this post did in fact come out to meet Toby and Tory. I also hope that your questions were answered. Tory stuck around and made sure he spoke to "everyone" who wanted to speak to him.

    I have not heard of any other events that are going to take place in Caledonia just before the election.

    I am willing to post for anyone that is planning an event and needs to get the word out.

    Thanks again everyone for your comments