Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Haldimand "Forensic Audit"

I haven't written anything for a while, as I have been on the streets of Dunnville collecting signatures for the petition that I started last week. This petition is once again asking Municipal Affairs to do a Forensic Audit of the Corporation of Haldimand County.

You won't need a coffee today, this is quick and sweet.

A very unusual thing happened on the holiday Monday. I found out today that a short dark haired women (unknown) picked up the petitions that were on the counter of the "Coffee and More" in Dunnville. This was not me or anyone on my behalf. So who would do such a thing, as to steal these petitions? We will never know. As of today the petitions are back at the coffee shop, taped to the counter, and will not be given to "anyone" but myself. So whoever did this will not get away with it again! It seems that someone is a bit nervous out there that we may accomplish this task.

I will be going to Caledonia the next couple of days and walk the streets there to collect signatures. There are many people out there that have petitions, so please ask around. We need the support if we are going to make this happen.

The following are some places that you can sign the petition in the Dunnville area;

Ramsey's Men's Wear, Dunnville

Mary Lou's Bulk Foods, Dunnville

Coffee and More Donuts, Dunnville (by the high school)

Harrison's Store, Rainham Rd and Haldimand Road 50

Thanks for your support Donna.


  1. I think a forensic audit is a wonderful idea.

    What is Mayor Trainer's reaction to this idea ?

    Is she supportive or has she tried to discourage you ? I'm very curious as to Trainer's response to your idea as you seem to have clear and numerous contacts with her.

  2. I hope you have had the opportunity to sign the petition.

    Mayor Trainer and council are certainly aware that I have started this petition.

    As far as her personal opinion, you will have to call her yourself and ask that question, 318-5932, as if I state how I "think" she feels that would be just hearsay.

    My contacts with the Mayor are usually very short and brief.

    I hope that answers your questions.

  3. Anonymous...I agree that a forensic audit would be a good thing. I would also be interested how the Mayor would feel about it. We may all be very surprised to what it reveals.