Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Haldimand "McGuinty vs Tory"

Well what a day I had today! I don’t know where to begin. So I will start with my stop in Hamilton.

I drove to Hamilton just after lunch to check out the McGuinty due on Upper Ottawa Street. I was not prepared with a sign, as I was just given heads up that he was going to be there. I had no idea what I was going to do when I got there, but I went anyway. Fortunately for me I ran into "two wonderful women" from Caledonia there. They were nice enough to share one of their signs with me. So I stood at the side of the road waving my sign while people honked as they drove by, I felt like I had done this before! A reporter from Quebec interviewed me, but I don’t think much will come of that!

Then I was off to Simcoe for the Toby/Tory due. One of the people that I met there today was Mike Q. the builder from Brantford. He had been to the McGuinty due as well…There was news coverage on CHCH TV, but I only got the last bit of the story. Apparently CHCH TV was threatened if they aired this clip that they would basically be banned from covering McGuinty’s campaign???? If anyone has more information on this and can elaborate, please do so in the comments.

The due today started off with a barbecue. I volunteered with the food table and had the chance to talk to a lot of people. It was quit enjoyable! It was also nice to see familiar faces from Dunnville, Hagersville and Caledonia there today.

John Tory showed up just before 6:00pm and a few hundred of us listened to his speech. I have never been to this type of event, and I can say that I was very impressed with John Tory’s down to earth attitude. I could go on and on about what he said, but I’m only going to touch on one thing that he said today that "I cannot get out of my mind".

"What message would we be sending to Mr. McGuinty if he was re-elected"?

"Well this is what I believe that message would be"

(1) It’s okay that 1 million people in Ontario still don’t have a family doctor, it was okay in 2003, and it will be okay in 2011!

(2) It’s okay that you have so far promised 27 Billion dollars, that you won’t keep, we won’t mind, you did it before!

(3) It’s okay that you turn your backs on us if you don’t want to deal with an issue that is too hot, we’ll let you ignore it, that’s what you have done in Haldimand/Norfolk!

(4) It’s okay we won’t ever make you "accountable" Mr. McGuinty!

(5) It’s okay with us that you have already given away over 32 Million dollars of our hard earned money without documentation, go-ahead give some more away we have more to give!

(6) It’s okay raise our taxes again, we can afford it we will just have to get a second job!

(7) It’s okay we are not asking you to be "open", "transparent" or "honest".

(8) And my Favorite one "It’s okay to lie, we accept that 100%!

Is this what we really want? If it’s not, then we all have a duty on October 10th, 2007! We have the power to stop this insanity!


  1. People are sadly mistaken if they think the Conservatives will do anything different in the handling of Caledonia, Brantford etc.

    John Tory, with all of his tough talk, will cave in like a house of cards the day he steps into the Premier's Office if elected.

    Don't buy into his cheap rhetoric because it will only make you doubly disappointed when you realize his words were hollow all along.

    What is his position on all issues anyhow? I'm still waiting to hear?

  2. I heard that Toby Barrett declined the debate night at McKinnon Park tonight hosted by Cable 14. So it has been cancelled. Any explanation why?

  3. John Tory's bio in the PC website says this:

    "In 1999, he was cited as one of the ten most influential people in Canadian sports in the 20th century."

    What??????????.....says who!!!

    oh, wait a second, what's this I just found? I thought Tory says he is in the top 10 of influential people in Canadian Sports in the 20th Century??????

    (Can somebody ask him where and how he can make this outlandish claim?)

    Official says CFL may fold soon

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; 10/18/1996; 64 words;

    The Canadian Football League could be playing its last few weeks of games, according to league chairman John Tory. "There's no point about being unrealistic about this in public anymore," Tory said. "We are extremely close to folding." Tory said none of the nine teams in the league would make a...........

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Anonymous regarding the debate that was cancelled tonight. I just spoke with Daniel at Toby's campaign office in Simcoe, (Daniel is Toby's scheduler for events etc.)they were just informed yesterday of the "debate" tonight, as this was last minute, Toby was already booked. I am sure that the other candidates were booked as well.

    Cable 14 will air another debate, with better notice to all candidates. I will update this information when it comes available.

  5. The first comment was interesting to say the least Donna.

    Obviously that person has ample funds in their bank account!

    You are right that if he is re-elected we have just said okay to all of the above, and this is not acceptable in my eyes.