Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Haldimand "Bruce Power Runs into Opposition in Alberta"

News for Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
Bruce Power runs into opposition
Written by Kevin Bernard and the Canadian Press

It is not going to be smooth sailing for Bruce Power, as the Lake Huron based company tries to expand into Alberta.

The NDP plans to table petitions in the Alberta legislature that bear the names of 25 hundred people opposed to nuclear power in the province.

Opponents of the plant say the government should release a promised report on nuclear power to kick-start public consultations.

The petitions were circulated in northwestern Alberta's Peace Country where Ontario-based Bruce Power is looking at two potential sites for a nuclear reactor.

Bruce Power spokesperson John Peevers, says provincial government and community support is crucial to their plans.

He says they won't proceed with the plant unless they have a willing host, both at the government and community level.

Bruce Power predicts a nuclear plant in the Peace River region would contribute 12 billion dollars to the province's economy during the construction period.

A preliminary report from Bruce Power also shows a nuclear plant would generate 27 hundred long term jobs.

Brenda Brochu, the President of the Peace River Environmental Society, and other opponents of the proposed project came to the Alberta legislature Monday to press their concerns.

Energy Minister Mel Knight says a panel looking at the nuclear question is still working on its report and he doesn't have it yet.


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  1. So Bruce Power has 2 EA's going on at the same time. One of them will be chosen, it will be up to who screams the loudest. Everyone needs to attend the open house and write those letters. What they are doing out west should be what we are doing here!