Monday, November 3, 2008

Haldimand "Too Soon to Say No?"

Here is an editorial from the Brantford Expositor. It is an interesting read, raises a lot of questions, and gives you the opportunity to be involved.

I say it is "not to soon" to get involved, in fact this is when we should be getting involved!

As far as the "poll" that was done earlier, there seems to me some controversy as to how it was worded. It was not a clear "Yes or No" question and answer. I for one do not know one person who was involved in this poll. Do You?

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Too soon to say No

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No one knows for sure if Nanticoke is the right place to build two nuclear reactors. We will have a better idea after privately owned Bruce Power completes an environmental assessment of the site on Lake Erie, east of Port Dover, in two or three years.

At first glance, the property near Ontario Hydro's coalfired power plant has advantages of geography and local support. And the province has launched a $26-billion program to advance nuclear power as dirty coal-fired plants shut down.

So, why is Energy Minister George Smitherman so dead set against looking at Nanticoke? On Friday, he made it clear that the province has no interest in nuclear Nanticoke. "It doesn't enjoy the support, encouragement (or) approval, tacit or otherwise of the government of Ontario."

Give Smitherman credit. He doesn't mince words. We just don't get it when Smitherman says, "It's a speculative move on the part of a private company designed to put pressure on downstream government policy."

Sounds like Smitherman is saying "don't confuse us with facts." What's the matter with Bruce Power making a case (or not) for Nanticoke?

The McGuinty government is committed to creating more nuclear power as it phases out air-polluting coalfired generating plants. The province will refurbish its "fleet" of nuclear stations, including construction of two reactors at Darlington, east of Toronto.

Let's hear the case for Nanticoke. Bruce Power has an option to buy 600 acres in an industrial park from U. S. Steel Canada Inc.

The property, which is close to major cities in Southern Ontario, can easily connect to the power grid now linked to the Nanticoke coal-fired plant, which will close by 2014, putting 600 people out of work.

A nuclear facility would cost about $4 billion and take four years to build. It would create about 1,200 permanent jobs and pump $150 million a year into the economies of Haldimand and Norfolk.

An Ipsos-Reid survey this year found more than 60 per cent of residents in Haldimand and Norfolk support a nuclear plant at Nanticoke. The project also has the backing of federal Human Resources Minister Diane Finley, MP for Haldimand-Norfolk, and the counties of Haldimand and Norfolk.

Smitherman is jumping the gun in saying no to Nanticoke. Let's wait for the environmental assessment, then see if it's worth pursuing.

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  1. I live in Dunnville Donna and have not found anyone in the area that I know that was involved in this poll.

    I would like some more information on this poll and when it was taken and who paid for it.

  2. Whooee! That poll was just a sham bought and paid for by Bruce. Even reputable pollsters will be able to deliver the desired results if they frame the questions accordingly.

    As I recall, the actual question was asking about residents' opinions with regard to looking into the possibility of a nuke plant -- NOT the actual construction of a plant. Of course, most people queried would want to appear open-minded enough that they would allow a feasibility study.

    Now, the Expositor is saying that the poll respondents were in favour of construction. That question, unless I'm mistaken, was never asked. This sort of misrepresentation is exactly what Bruce bought and paid for with the Ipsos poll.

    I've mentioned the possibility of a nuke plant to many area residents; dozens, at least. I have yet to hear one person tell me in person that they are in favour of a nuke plant.


  3. We should have been given the right to say no to this at an earlier date. Our council has started a process that we will have a very hard time stopping. Shame on them all, we will remember your actions in 2010!